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In the golden autumn, the provinces of Quebec and Ontario show their most beautiful side, when the bright red of the maple trees, the golden yellow leaves of the birches and the vast plateaus of Quebec make the landscape shine as if in a riot of color. Always in the direction of the sea and St. Lorenz current, our tour guide shows us the national parks of Eastern Canada from Toronto to far beyond Montreal. The modern metropolitan areas are important historical sites of the colonial history of England and France, and of the Huron and Atikamekw Indian populations. They are the perfect contrast to the national parks that await us with black bear, moose, beaver, bald eagle, rugged cliffs, endless forests, tranquil lakes and high moors, immersing us in the myths and legends of the Atikamekw Indians. Especially the mighty Saint Lawrence Current, through which blue whales, killer whales and white beluga whales swim, characterizes this region like no other. Welcome to vibrant Eastern Canada!


Welcome to Canada!

First impressions of Toronto

Morning flight to Toronto and transfer to the city. Over dinner together, we discuss the trip ahead and get in the mood.

2 nights at the Holiday Inn Downtown, Toronto

Niagara Falls

short hike Niagara Gorge

Niagara Falls in Canada

One hour south of Toronto a place is waiting for us, which probably everybody knows. There have been a lot of reports about Niagara Falls, but you have to see them for yourself. go to the most famous natural wonder on earth. Whoever wants to goes on board the “Hornblower and goes to the roaring center of the falls, as many nature lovers have done since 1846. There is still time to explore the lively small town of Niagara Falls. Afterwards, we will take time for a short hike in the mile-long Niagara Gorge on the way back before heading back to Toronto. (F)

ca. 5 km I ca. 2 hrs.

Driving time: 2×140 km, 2x 1,5 hrs.

  • Breakfast

Metropolis Toronto

CN Tower – stroll through Chinatown and Kensington Market

CN Tower in Toronto - Canada

After breakfast, we set out to explore the bustling metropolis of the East and capital of the province of Ontario. During our tour, we climb the 553-meter CN Tower to enjoy a panoramic view of the country’s largest city. There is time for a stroll through Chinatown and Kensington Market, the European quarter with its many pretty and colorful wooden houses, before we continue north to the Algonquin National Park.

Travel time: 230 km, 2.5 hrs.

2 nights at Motel 6, Huntsville

  • Breakfast

Algonquin Provincial Park

Centennial Ridges Trail

Algonquin Provincial Park in Canada

Today we set off early for Algonquin Provincial Park. On the Centennial Ridges Trail we have good chances to see moose, beavers or even bears. Deep into Ontario’s wilderness today, with its dense forests, shimmering blue lakes and peaceful marshlands.

ca. 11 km I ca. 4 hrs.

Journey time: 2x 60 km, 2x 1 hour.

  • Breakfast

Off to Canada’s capital

Track and Tower Trail

Our short hike gives us panoramic views over large parts of the park, after we have mastered the small climb. We hike surrounded by dense forests, on the Track and Tower Trail. The road leads us partly along a long abandoned rail bed. Then it’s off to the capital of Canada – Ottawa.

ca. 7,5 km I ca. 3 hrs. I moderately difficult

Travel time: 340 km, 4 hrs.

2 nights at the Days Inn Downtown, Ottawa

  • Breakfast


City tour – Rideau Canal

Ottawa - Canada's capital

Our city tour brings us to all important sights of Ottawa. Among other things, we walk along the Rideau Canal and pay a visit to Parliament Hill. We have the afternoon at our free disposal. We recommend a visit to the Canadian National Museum with many Inuit and First Nations artifacts. Or you explore the illustrious capital by bike. The region in and around Ottawa has one of the largest networks of bike paths in North America.

  • Breakfast

Quebec – Welcome to the French Canadians

French speaking part of Canada

Quebec - Province in Canada

Our journey continues. We go to the French speaking part of Canada and pass numerous places of the early French settlers. We make the one or other stop and are today once a little slower with less program on the road. In the evening we reach our accommodation in Trois-Rivières.

Driving time: 310 km, 3,5 hrs.

1 night at Super 8, Trois-Rivières

  • Breakfast

Jacques Cartier National Park

Mountain plateau – Jacques-Cartier river – Lac Saint-Jean lake

Another national park in the Laurentian Mountains is the Jacques Cartier National Park. Here we find a vast mountain plateau, valleys carved by glaciers and, above all, vast forests in their magnificent autumn colors. Our hike leads us through deep valleys to the Jacques Cartier River. Afterwards we continue to the lake Lac Saint-Jean.

ca. 10 km I ca. 4,5 hrs.

driving time: 310 km, 3,5 hours.

2 nights at the Hotel Chicoutimi, Saguenay

  • Breakfast

Saguenay National Park

Hike to the Geant Lookout

Lake in Saguenay National Park

We imagine ourselves in a Norwegian fjord landscape. The majestic Saguenay Fjord is enclosed by two mountain massifs, is over 100 kilometers long and leads into the St. Lawrence Estuary. It was formed by glaciers that carved a deep valley so that seawater could enter the newly carved bay. With a depth of 275 meters, this fjord is in no way inferior to its Norwegian relatives. A hike brings us to Geant Lookout, where we can overlook the magnificent valley. Then make a short stop in the picturesque L’Anse-Saint-Jean directly on the fjord.

ca. 10 km I ca. 5 hrs.

  • Breakfast

Mighty St. St. Lawrence River& Tadoussac – hotspot of the whales

Hiking on Mont Adela Lessard – View of the confluence of the Saguenay Fjord and the St. Lawrence River

Whales at Tadoussac in Canada

We pass the whole Saguenay Fjord again and drive to Tadoussac, where we can go on a whale safari. The large marine mammals can be seen here until October and with a bit of luck we can spot the mighty fin whales and even blue whales, in addition to the most common beluga (optional). Alternatively, we lace up our hiking boots today and climb Mont Adela Lessard with the tour guide. The view from above to the confluence of the Saguenay Fjord and the St. Lawrence River is absolutely worth a picture.

Travel time: 130 km, 1.5 hrs.

1 night at Hotel Tadoussac, Tadoussac

  • Breakfast

Grands Jardins National Park

Hike to the top of Mont du Lac-des-Cygnes

In the Grands-Jardins National Park we hike to the top of Mont du Lac-des-Cygnes and enjoy the fabulous view. Subalpine mountain vegetation dominates the landscape here. Shortly before Quebec we stop at the Montmorency Falls. In the late afternoon we reach Quebec.

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