martens vs. e-cars: this is how big the problem really is and the best solutions

He could be a cuddly fellow - if he wasn't so crazy about engine compartments and cables: the marten

Every driver who parks his vehicle outside is afraid of marten bites. Owners of electric cars should prevent the danger, because on these cars the repair often becomes particularly expensive. But there are solutions to the problem

In Germany, martens bite hundreds of thousands of times a year: The small predators love the narrow and winding spaces in the engine block and underbody of vehicles and like to bite through one or the other cable with their sharp teeth.

This is already extremely annoying with the combustion engine vehicle, costs in the repair however usually between 150 and 300 euro, is thus still verschmerzbar. The situation is different for electric cars, as the Allianz Center for Technology has found out. A high-voltage cable bitten by a marten could not be repaired today, according to the report. However, the replacement of the complete set of cables could take up to 7.This can cost up to 000 euros, which is often the equivalent of a total economic loss, especially in the case of cheaper and older electric cars.

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Many – though not all – insurers cover marten damage in their partial and fully comprehensive insurance policies. It is important, however, that the resulting consequential damage is also covered, which can often be much more expensive. Here, too, insurers offer different conditions: Allianz insurance, for example, covers consequential damages up to 10.000 euros, with HUK-COBURG consequential damages are even up to 20.000 euros covered. The insurance CosmosDirekt takes over in the basis tariff subsequent damages to 5.000 euros, in the comfort tariff even to an unlimited amount.

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The most important tips against marten bites

However, it is even better if you do not give the martens a chance to cause damage in the first place. tells you the most important tips against marten bites:

    Ultrasonic devices
    There are special devices that emit sounds in the ultrasonic range and thus keep martens away. However, these often do not provide lasting protection, as the sound can only spread to a limited extent in the angled car and the marten also gets used to the sounds.

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