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LPG (Liquified Petroleum Gas) is a hydrocarbon, also known as a Liquid gas. These hydrocarbons are obtained during the extraction of natural gas and crude oil, as well as the processing of crude oil in refineries.

Is liquid gas no contradiction?

It is distinguished between Propane (molecular formula C3 H8) and Butane (molecular formula C4 H10) is differentiated. In fact, LPG or. LPG in normal state gaseous, but it liquefies at a relatively low pressure. How liquefied gas is compressed to 1/260 of its original gas volume. This makes it possible to store large amounts of energy as well as safe and at the same time easier storage in tanks and cylinders. In addition to its good CO2 balance, LPG is characterized by low emissions of air pollutants, such as particulate matter or nitrogen oxides.

What does the SCHARR CPC offer you??

With more than 50 years of experience in the liquefied petroleum gas trade, our company is distinguished both by a broad network of national and international refineries, storage facilities, as well as sea terminals from. This enables us to ensure a year-round, reliable and supra-regional supply.

you as a commercial or. Industrial operators or as wholesalers have the choice of a wide variety of transport routes:

  • Tanker
  • Rail tank car
  • Inland vessel

At the same time it can be used for individual pricing profit. We offer daily prices as well as formula based prices or even fixed price transactions over a longer period of time are possible.


Quality is our standard

propane is standardized by DIN 51622 and contains at least 95% propane and propene, whereby the proportion of propane must predominate. Here, the gas is characterized by low-pollutant and CO2-reduced Combustion from. Thus hardly any soot and fine dust is produced during combustion. In addition, the product pipeline and network independent available all year round.

What are the applications of propane?

Propane is an important and modern energy source with wide range of applications. It offers so many different possibilities in its application:

  • Heating
  • Cooking and grilling
  • Cooling
  • Fuel

On the one hand, propane can be used in the home (heating, cooking and grilling). On the other hand, it is the ideal energy source for commercial and industrial applications (drying, heating, process heat etc.). Propane gas is also a frequently used energy source in agriculture and is u. a. used as an additive for biogas injection plants.

One for all. All for one.

We are there for you!


Quality is our claim

Butane is standardized by the DIN 51622 and contains at least 95% butane and butene, with the butane content predominating. Just like propane, butane is characterized by a low pollutant and CO2-reduced combustion from. hardly any soot or fine dust is produced here either. Butane is not pipeline-bound and therefore available all year round.

What are the applications for butane?

Butane is an important and promising energy source with a wide range of uses. The product is mainly used as a feedstock in the chemical industry, especially in the petrochemical industry. Butane gas is also the ideal energy source for Commercial and industrial applications (drying, heating, process heat, etc).).


The alternative fuel

Autogas is a gas mixture and consists of propane and butane. The alternative fuel shines with high energy density and many other advantages. The quality of LPG is Europe-wide through the Standard EN 589 ensured.

LPG is a fuel which, thanks to its reduced emissions, can be used to power a vehicle Reduction of greenhouse gases and contributes to the improvement of air quality. Compared to gasoline-powered vehicles, LPG vehicles emit z. B. Up to 99% less particulate matter and ca. 21% less CO2 from. In addition, LPG contains 50 times less nitrogen oxides and ca. 23% less CO2 contained than in diesel vehicles.

Through a purchase from the factory or a vehicle conversion, the significantly lower fuel costs, as well as the high range are particularly attractive for frequent drivers. High availability is guaranteed by a filling station network of over 7.000 filling stations in Germany alone, as well as in over 30.000 filling stations in Europe.

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