Lpg price current, from 2019 and after 2022: what will happen??

The LPG Price

LPG is known as autogas in German-speaking countries. It is a liquid gas that consists of fuels such as butane and propane and is used, among other things, in engines for vehicle use. It’s not for nothing that an LPG car is considered a cheaper alternative to conventional gasoline engines: the LPG price is only half that of gasoline. Read on to find out everything you need to know about the price of LPG: Current price, development and forecast. Also: LPG prices in Europe comparison!

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What is the LPG price currently? At gas stations?

According to Global Petrol Prices the average LPG price on 6.12.2021 0.87 euros per liter. You want the LPG price currently? Then it is best to check this website, because the LPG price and that of other fuels is published weekly: LPG Price current.

You are looking for the LPG filling station price? The LPG gas station price varies per liter depending on the gas station between 0,54 and 0,80 Euro. Especially on busy routes, prices are skyrocketing compared to those in the countryside or city centers. Search here the LPG station price in your area: LPG station price.

Although the LPG price has increased in recent years, the LPG price is currently still about half the price of gasoline and still significantly cheaper than that of diesel.

How has the LPG price evolved as of 2019?

The Tax benefit; introduced in 1994 for the environmentally friendly alternative fuel LPG, should actually expire in 2018. Meanwhile, it has been extended until the end of 2022, but with the special regulation that the benefit should decrease annually by 3 cents per liter:

So the LPG price has increased from 2019 with the increase in the tax rate to 9.74 cents per liter. In 2020, this was increased to 12.21 cents per gallon; in 2021, the tax rate was 17.15 cents per gallon; and in 2022, it is scheduled to increase to 19.65 cents. This means, the LPG price from 2019 has increased and will continue to increase.

Unlike LPG motorists, who will be affected by rising tax rates, motorists using CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) on the road are at an advantage: the current tax breaks for CNG have been extended until 2026 and a reduction is not due until 2024.

LPG price after 2022

The LPG price will continue to increase after 2022, as the tax rate will be 22.09 cents per liter of tax as of 2023, so an extra 409 € per ton of. Nevertheless, the LPG price remains comparatively low, so LPG continues to offer a good alternative to other CO2-rich fuels such as gasoline or diesel. For comparison, the energy tax per liter of diesel is 47.04 cents and that of gasoline is 65.45 cents (as of December 2021).

LPG is used not only for driving, but also in the home for heating and in gas stoves with propane for cooking. Find out more in the following article: LPG introduction.

LPG Price Europe

The LPG price in Europe comparison

The LPG price differs not only within Germany, but also from country to country. In a comparison of Europe it quickly becomes clear that countries in the south and west of Germany are more expensive, However, cheaper in Eastern Europe. There are several reasons for this:

  1. General price levelThe higher the general price level of the country, the higher the LPG price.
  2. LPG service station networkA less developed network of filling stations leads to a higher LPG price, as there is less competition among LPG stations.
  3. Taxes and subsidies for LPG: Although each country has access to the same natural gas prices, different taxes and subsidies affect the LPG price.

In view of this, it makes sense that Germany, with its well-developed LPG filling station network of around 7.000 LPG filling stations and a comparatively lower price level of €0.872 per liter, LPG prices are more favorable than, for example, Switzerland (€1.06/liter) or France (0.91 euro/liter) has.

Due to differences in LPG prices, it is worth comparing prices and searching for the cheapest LPG stations before traveling abroad. So you can save money already before but also during the trip. Learn more here: LPG Autogas: filling station nearby.

However, in Poland, one of the largest growth markets in the world for LPG, LPG prices are lower and amount to 0.73 cents per liter. Attached is an overview of average LPG prices in Europe comparison (as of December 2021, source: retail energy price data, globalpetrolprices.com, 2021)

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What is the LPG conversion price?

LPG conversion price

In the cost calculation of LPG plays a role not only the price of the fuel, but also the prices of a LPG conversion respectively the installation of a LPG system. Finally, a car is only operational with LPG if it is converted into an LPG car. The prerequisite is that it is a gasoline-powered car; diesel engines are generally not converted .

For a conversion and installation of the system, costs of between 1.500 and 3.500 Euro to calculate. This has to do on the one hand with the size and variant of the gas tank, but also with additional services, which can be installed depending upon need along. The cost usually also includes GSP/GAP testing, an emissions certificate, a fuel adapter, and a two-year warranty.

The installation is carried out by a qualified professional and can take up to three days. Therefore, at most, there will be additional costs for car rentals to tide you over. When converting a new vehicle, it is also recommended to add an Warranty insurance to be concluded, since damages in connection with the conversion are excluded by the vehicle manufacturer.

Avoid cheap remodeling Although cheap remodeling abroad is tempting, it is generally not recommended: Lack of permit documents or problems with service and maintenance are just some of the difficulties to be expected. Having the conversion done by a qualified professional not only provides a better service, but also reduces the likelihood of damage.

After converting the car into an LPG car come every two years Maintenance and inspection costs the gas system in addition. Serious manufacturers even recommend an annual inspection of the system. Costs of up to 150 euros must be expected.

LPG conversion price is worth it

All in all, the LPG conversion price is not to be taken lightly. Does a conversion pay off? Generally LPG car manufacturers and service stations give a mileage of about 4.500 kilometers, after which the conversion pays for itself. That is, if the converted vehicle is in a good condition, conversion pays off in the long term in any case.

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By the way: This is how the LPG price is composed

The LPG price, just like the gas price and electricity price, is composed of several components.

  1. This includes the purchase costs for the fuels butane and propane, which account for more than half of the price.
  2. With 25 percent an also important component of the LPG price are the state taxes.
  3. Not to forget Transport and storage costs of LPG and other costs such as those for sales and the profit margins of LPG suppliers, which account for around 13 and 7 percent of the LPG price respectively.
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