Live blog | rottenburg: emergency services find missing senior woman dead in neckar river

Live blog | Rottenburg: emergency services find missing senior woman dead in Neckar river

18.12 p.m: According to state health office there were no new infections with the coronavirus in the district of Tubingen on Sunday. The seven-day incidence per 100.000 inhabitants in the district remained constant and is still at 5.2. One new covid case was registered in Reutlingen County and the seven-day incidence increased from 11.8 to 12.2.

Tuebingen district

  • New infections: 0
  • Total cases: 9450
  • 7-day incidence: 5,2 (0)
  • Fatalities: 183

Reutlingen district

  • New infections: 1
  • Total cases: 13.805
  • 7-day incidence: 12,2 (+0,4)
  • Fatalities: 270

Corona incidence in the country continues to rise

17.59 hrs: The number of new Corona infections in the southwest continued to rise on Sunday. According to the state health department, the seven-day incidence climbed statewide to 12.4. On Saturday, the value had been at 12.2. The health authorities have been registering an increase in the number of cases since the beginning of July. Meanwhile, 26 of the 44 urban and rural districts in the southwest are above an incidence of 10.

Ministry of Culture open to gender stars in schools

17.10 p.m: According to a report, the Ministry of Education and Cultural Affairs of Baden-Wurttemberg is leaving it up to schools to decide whether to allow gender symbols such as the asterisk in essays and exams. “It is good if students are sensitized to gender-equitable language in school, and the topic of gender equality is, after all, also anchored in the education plan,” said Minister of Culture Theresa Schopper (Green Party).

Peugeot sunk in Neckar river: major operation

13.9 pm: A large contingent of rescue workers deployed on Saturday afternoon, after a vehicle was spotted under the surface of the Neckar between Pliezhausen and Mittelstadt.

Attack on rescue workers

12.54 h: Lightly injured were employees of the rescue service, When they tried to take a 25-year-old man to a clinic in Mossingen early Sunday morning because of his drug use.

Start of vacations: ADAC expects many traffic jams

10.12: At the beginning of the summer vacations, motorists in the southwest have to expect heavy traffic and traffic jams. According to ADAC, the first vacation weekend could be one of the most congested weekends of the year. In Baden-Wurttemberg the vacations start on Thursday, Bavaria follows on Friday. Really crowded it could be on Saturday on the streets. However, the ADAC also expects heavy traffic on Friday and Sunday afternoon.

Kretschmann does not rule out compulsory vaccination

9.21 hrs: The vaccination campaign is losing momentum, while at the same time the delta variant is spreading faster and faster. The country faces a difficult autumn. Will the state oblige its citizens to take a shot? Baden-Wurttemberg’s Minister President Winfried Kretschmann considers compulsory vaccination conceivable in further fight against Corona crisis. “We are not planning to make vaccination compulsory. For all times, I can not rule out mandatory vaccination,” said the Green politician to the German Press Agency in Stuttgart.

More than a billion euros in debts in the hospitality industry

Sunday, 8.35 o’clock: Because of the Corona crisis, a mountain of debt of more than one billion euros has piled up in the southwest hospitality industry, according to the industry association. Many businesses had to take out loans to make ends meet, said Daniel Ohl, spokesman for the Baden-Wurttemberg Hotel and Restaurant Association, in Stuttgart.

Corona incidence in Baden-Wurttemberg climbs upward

Saturday, 20.05 Clock: The number of Corona new infections in the southwest has continued to rise on Saturday. According to the state health office, the seven-day incidence statewide was 12.2. Already since the beginning of July, the number of cases rises slightly. Meanwhile, 28 of the 44 urban and rural districts in the southwest are above an incidence of 10.

In the Dettinger Tale drove against a tree

19.35: The driver of an Opel Meriva crashed into a tree in Dettinger Tale on Saturday afternoon. According to witnesses, the man had probably coming from Dettingen in a curve shortly before Ofterdingen lost control of his vehicle and had run off the L385. The driver was apparently able to extricate himself from his car before emergency services arrived. Whether he was injured was not yet known on Saturday evening. Update: Police report from Sunday.

Image: Klaus Franke

Tubingen and Reutlingen counties: Incidences rise slightly

17.33 h: The state health office (LGA) has published Saturday’s corona figures. According to the report, 9450 people have been infected with the coronavirus in Kresi Tubingen during the pandemic, which is four more infections than on Friday. The number of people who have died in Tubingen County in connection with Covid-19 remains unchanged at 182. The seven-day incidence per 100.000 inhabitants rises in the district of Tubingen from 3.9 on Friday to 5.2 on Saturday.

Tubingen County

  • New infections: 4
  • Total cases: 9450
  • 7-day incidence: 5,2 (+1,3)
  • Fatalities: 183

In the district of Reutlingen until Saturday a total of 13.804 people infected with Sars-Cov-2. Five more than on Friday. The seven-day incidence in the Reutlingen district is reported by the LGA to be 11.8 on Saturday, compared to 10.8 on Friday. In Reutlingen County, 270 people have died so far in connection with Corona infection.

Reutlingen district

  • New infections: 5
  • Total cases: 13.804
  • 7-day incidence: 11,8 (+1)
  • Deaths: 270

Caught upside down in five meters

14.55 hrs: Trapped at a height of about five meters were three passengers of a ride in downtown Reutlingen on Friday evening. Against 20.30 o’clock the “Robotic Coaster” of the company BEC, which was set up on the forecourt of the town hall, suddenly stopped in an upside-down position due to a technical defect while it was running.

Missing woman found dead

14.39 a.m: What the emergency services had feared on the Neckar between Rottenburg and Bad Niedernau has now become a certainty. After an intensive search involving police helicopters, divers and dozens of firefighters, it was Senior woman, missing since morning in Bad Niedernau, found dead in Neckar river (see 13.11 and 9.35 o’clock as well as 80-year-old woman from Bad Niedernau found dead in the Neckar river).

Harassment and rioting in Tubingen city center

14.2 pm: The police was called out to several operations around the Lustnauer Tor in Tubingen early Saturday morning. Against 0.30 o’clock: A 16-year-old girl was sexually harassed in the Old Botanical Garden (Bota) and subsequently her companions were injured. Later, an unknown perpetrator destroyed a shop window at the Lustnauer Tor and finally, in the Muhlstrabe, a young man hit another with a bottle on the head.

Fire department searches the Neckar with divers

13.11 am: Meanwhile, the search for the missing senior citizen from Bad Niendernau (see 9.35 a.m.) on the Neckar between the Niedernau weir and the Rottenburg open-air swimming pool. Rescue workers search river and banks in several places. The fire department is deploying dozens of people, including boats and the divers from Reutlingen and Tubingen.

Heavy thunderstorms, hail and heavy rain in the southwest

11.30 o’clock: The people in the southwest must prepare themselves for strong thunderstorms and storms on the weekend. Thunderstorms, some of them severe, were brewing in the south of the country from late afternoon on Saturday, according to the German Weather Service. Meteorologists expect heavy gusts of up to 90 kilometers per hour. In addition, hailstones up to three centimeters in size and 30 to 40 liters of rain per square meter fall. In the evening, up to 60 liters of rain per square meter can fall in a few hours in the south and east of the country. In the night to Sunday it rains and thunders further. Highs of 23 degrees in the mountains and 29 degrees in the northeast of the country. On Sunday, meteorologists continue to expect many clouds, rain and thunderstorms.

Abi in Corona times

10.59 p.m: The certificates have been written, the parties celebrated: This year’s Tubingen high school graduates are through. This is the first class to go through high school entirely under pandemic conditions. The principals and principals of Tubingen’s five high schools are unanimously very satisfied with the average exam results. But where do this year’s high school graduates stand compared to pre-Corona years?

Marina Abramovic: Exhibition at the Tubingen Kunsthalle

10.01 a.m: Marina Abramovic was the star guest at the opening of the work show on Friday, which could become the spectacular art event of the year. As of today – after booking tickets online – you can visit the exhibition “Marina Abramovic. Visit “Jenes Selbst/Our Self” at the Tubingen Kunsthalle.

Helicopter over Rottenburg: police search for missing senior citizen

9.35 o’clock: Since Saturday morning an over 80-year-old woman from Bad Niedernau is missing. According to a police spokesman, the woman apparently left her home in Bad Niedernau during the night, which was noticed in the morning. The woman, who is about 5 feet 6 inches tall, has gray hair, is poor of foot, walks slightly stooped and is believed to be dressed in a nightgown and a light blue bathrobe. Police have been searching the area of the Neckar between Bad Niedernau and Rottenburg with a police helicopter since Saturday morning. The search is also to be continued with the help of a so-called mantrailer dog. Anyone who has seen the missing woman or has information about her whereabouts can contact the police in Rottenburg. Phone: 07472 / 98010

Gigantic demand for swimming courses

8.48 o’clock: After the corona-conditioned long closing of the indoor swimming pools the interest in swimming courses for children in Baden-Wuerttemberg is very high. “We are experiencing a gigantic run,” said the managing director of the Wurttemberg Swimming Association, Emanuel Vailakis. Even before the Corona pandemic, there had been waiting lists for courses in which the little ones are at least accustomed to the water. An immediate program of two million euros from the state will help to increase the supply and hire the necessary staff, he said.

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Delta hits younger generation in particular

8.06 o’clock: The Corona new infections take place almost exclusively with younger Germans. This is according to figures from the Robert Koch Institute. According to this, the seven-day incidence, i.e., the number of new infections per 100.000 inhabitants, was 12.2 in Germany, but only 2 among the over-65s, while young people between 15 and 24 years of age had 32. One reason is probably that the vaccination rate among younger people is lower than among older people. They also maintain more social contacts than older people. England shows what this can lead to. There incidence among young adults is 1155. In total, the value in Great Britain is 488. Berlin virologist Christian Drosten says this is why he is “increasingly concerned about vaccination progress” in Germany.

Government to join AI park vote

7.21 h: Heilbronn gets the nod. Can Tubingen and Ulm still have hope, though? An international jury appointed by Economics Minister Nicole Hoffmeister-Kraut (CDU) made a clear recommendation weeks ago for the location of an artificial intelligence innovation park funded by the state to the tune of 50 million euros: Eight of the ten jury members voted in favor of Heilbronn. Afterwards, there was long radio silence, but now the government wants to join the vote.

Atsui desu ne – it’s hot!

6.30 o’clock: Competitive sports and heat – Scenes like the 2017 Bundesliga Triathlon in Tubingen are also quite possible in Tokyo, where experts expect the hottest Olympic Games in history. The two Tubingen sports physicians Andreas Nieb and Christine Kopp are in the thick of the fight against the heat in Japan.

Live blog | Rottenburg: Emergency services find missing senior citizen dead in Neckar river

Total exhaustion after heat triathlon. Archive image: Ulmer

Significantly better protected

6.07 a.m.: Tubingen researchers investigated how Corona affects children. Result: They become infected less often, develop fewer symptoms and produce more antibodies.

Spotlight on the inconvenient

6.09 hrs: Serious topics were discussed at the Tubingen Summer Night Cinema on Thursday evening. Readers had clearly voted for the film “Spotlight”, which deals with sexual abuse and the reporting about it, in the SCHWaBISCHEN TAGBLATT’s film of choice. The foster daughter case from the Steinlach Valley also shows how difficult it is to report on sexualized violence. Deputy Tagblatt editor-in-chief Ulrich Janben and editor Jacqueline Schreil spoke about this in the pre.

Infections, incidences and mutants

6.00 hrs: Good morning from the online editorial office. Also on the weekend, we first look at the Corona figures from the previous day:

Tubingen district

  • New infections: 2
  • Total cases: 9446
  • 7-day incidence: 3,9 (-0,5)
  • Deaths: 183

Virus mutations Tubingen district

  • Alpha B.1.17 (UK): 2417
  • Beta B1.351 (SA): 4
  • Gamma P1 (Brazilian): 8
  • Delta B1.617.2 (Indian): 43

Reutlingen District

  • New infections: 11
  • Total cases: 13.799
  • 7-day incidence: 10,8 (+2,8)
  • Deaths: 270

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