Listening to Internet radio in the car – this is how it works!

An Internet radio offers limitless music enjoyment from around the world. But how can I also receive my favorite station from the Internet in the car??

Internet radio in the car

Listening to Internet radio in the car – this is how it works!

To make this possible, a number of functions Basic requirement:

  • AUX-enabled car radio
  • AUX cable
  • Internet radio app on the cell phone

If all this is in place, there’s nothing standing in the way of listening to Internet radio in the car.

If there is still an AUX-capable radio in the car, you can also buy these at a reasonable price. For under 50 euros, you can get a solid car radio with enough connections here.

How to listen to Internet radio in the car

First of all, make sure that a suitable app for Internet radio installed on the cell phone. In case no app has been installed yet, we have selected some radios and present them to make your choice easier.

This app contains more than 10.000 transmitter and is completely free of charge. Also large, well-known stations such as Antenne Bayern are included here. The app offers the function to save your favorite channels to access them quickly.

In contrast to other providers, this app offers relatively few stations to choose from. The constant commercial interruptions are also quite sobering.

Audials Radio Free
The Audials Radio app took first place by far in our comparison. With more than 63.000 available radio stations, the widest variety of stations is offered. The app is cost and ad-free. That is, you will not be disturbed by annoying ads.

The app is clearly laid out, offers a favorites function and a stable connection – everything you need to listen to Internet radio in your car in a relaxed and uncomplicated way.

Other alternatives for Internet radio apps: TuneIn, XiiaLive, PCRADIO, SKY.FM.

Connect the cell phone to the car radio

Once the appropriate app is installed and the station with your favorite music is selected, you’re ready to go.

Connect the cell phone to the car radio via AUX cable. If no cable is available, you can find them here*. Next, set the playback function of the radio to the AUX-In connection and start the app on your cell phone. Now you just need to select the appropriate station and the music will be received and played.

If your car radio has a Bluetooth function, the cell phone can also be connected via it alternatively. However, this increases the battery consumption considerably, which is why we advise the AUX cable.

Beware of data consumption

To operate without interruptions, so-called Lags, To be able to receive music, a stable reception is strongly recommended. In Germany, it is unfortunately the case that without data volume only little goes. Even if streaming music doesn’t consume much, it can cause significant interference. However, the Internet radio app TuneIn offers a function to reduce the data rate from 128 kbps to 64 kbps in order to keep data consumption low.

Depending on the use of the internet radio a data volume of 1GB per month Off to listen to music long enough without interference. For commuters with a long way to work or going on vacation will definitely require more data volume.

Conclusion: Listening to internet radio in the car is a nice additional complement to a usual internet radio at home. So you can also access all music genres during the car ride. In addition to an Internet radio capable car, steering wheel covers also make the ride more pleasant. They can be non-slip, give a lot of grip and complement the car visually very well. Learn more about steering wheel covers here!

Please take care of yourself and your passengers and choose the appropriate internet radio before and not during the drive!

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