List of highways and expressways in austria

The Austrian freeway and expressway network

High-ranking road network in Austria

Indication of toll obligation before on-ramps

This List of freeways and expressways in Austria Gives an overview of the high-level road network in Austria.

Operating length

With stand 1. January 2010 there were 1719 km in Austria Freeways and 466 km Expressways, of which about 288 km had highway cross-section. In addition, approximately 56 km of freeways and 226 km of expressways were under construction or. in planning.


Of the 182 tunnel systems with a total of 340.895 km of tunnel tubes, 174 km have two tubes. As an effective means of increasing traffic safety, several second tunnel tubes are currently being realized. By 2010, approximately 842 million. Euro was invested in improving safety facilities and expanding the tunnels. With state 1. January 2010, another 117.572 km of tunnels were under construction or in the planning stage.


According to Federal Highway Act the requirements for a Federal road A (freeway) and a Federal highway S (expressway) equal to. In addition to their numbering, highways and expressways have names with a regional reference (e.g., “freeway”). B. Inntal freeway and Semmering expressway), which are announced in addition to the respective road numbers during traffic announcements. These names are not found on the road signs, but they are generally known.

Internally, on the websites of Asfinag – unlike in the Federal Roads Act – the federal roads are also designated with the letter-number combination without spaces (for example A1 for the West Autobahn) [1] or with continuous two-digit numbers (for example A09 for the Pyhrn freeway) designated. [2]

Signposting of the exits

The designation of the freeway exits is according to the kilometer marking, Exit 72 is therefore not the 72. exit, but is located (approximately) at km 72 of the road in question. intersections between several freeways or. expressways will Node named, whereby in Austria no distinction is made between freeway junction, freeway triangle or freeway fork (diction and symbolism in Germany). The introduction of the designation “EXIT xx was introduced around the 1980s, later than in (West) Germany and much later than in the USA.

Around 1970, directional signs were generally located only on the right side of the lane. Overviews listed for orientation the names of 3 or 4 significant exits or destination cities and in each case the remaining stretch of highway in the format “xxx km” Carrying paper road maps was common practice at the time. Whoever travels from Salzburg to Wels (Messestadt, at that time 40.000 inhabitants) had to know the exit “Sattledt” (today exit 195) (2.000 Inw.) to take, in order not to approx. 30 km detour via exit Traun (in Haid, today exit 174) to have to make. That about 12 km after Sattledt one for “back to Wels” useful exit possibility from (parking lot in Allhaming (today developed as Exit 183 / Allhaming, parking lots shifted to the NE)) existed was known only to locals. The barrier of the service access road simply remained open there.

As a rule “400 m or “250 m before the beginning of the exit there was a signpost with the name of the exit and the distance between the exits. The largest sign was located at the beginning of the exit, a blunt rectangle but with a slanted right side, so that a corner with an angle of about 60° was formed at the top right. An arrow on the board running at an angle of 45° pointed to this corner. It was labeled, for example, with “AUSFAHRT Sattledt. Later, a sign “Exit>” was added at the dividing point Mounts.

In the 1980s, a small additional sign “EXIT xxx” was added placed on top of various exit signs.

In Austria, tolls have been compulsory on all freeways and expressways since 1997. The section of the Stockerau S5 expressway between the Jettsdorf junction and Krems an der Donau, which is currently not yet four-lane, is an exception [3] . The toll or. Vignette obligation is indicated by a corresponding sign directly at the slip roads to the freeway or expressway. expressway was announced.

Tolling up to 3.5 t

For motorcycles and vehicles under 3.5 tons GVW there is a freeway vignette, which is available as a 10-day, 2-month or annual vignette. In addition, there are six special toll routes, which are exempt from the vignette obligation. Here the fee is to be paid directly at the toll stations or in advance (Videomaut).

On 13. November 2019, the National Council decided to exempt certain highway sections from time-based tolls. This regulation comes into effect with 15. December 2019 in force and to be evaluated after one year. The following routes are affected:

  • A 1 Westautobahn: State border at Walserberg – junction Salzburg Nord
  • A 7 Muhlkreis freeway: bypass bridges of the VoEST bridge between the Hafenstrabe and Urfahr junctions
    valid from opening of the bypass bridges until completion of the new Danube bridge in Linz
  • A 12 Inntal freeway: state border at Kufstein – Kufstein-Sud junction
  • A 14 Rheintal/Walgau freeway: state border at Horbranz – Hohenems junction
  • A 26 Linz freeway (currently under construction)
    valid until overall completion (connection to the A 7 at the Linz/Hummelhof junction)[4]

Tolling over 3.5 t

2004 the truck toll was introduced in Austria, before that there was a separate truck vignette. Motor vehicles over 3.5 tons are now tolled by means of a GO-Box, depending on the distance travelled. The toll will be lifted using microwave technology, fully electronically and without interfering with the flow of traffic. In order to prevent toll evasion, there are transit bans for heavy goods vehicles on most of the lower-ranking roads parallel to freeways. Vignettes and GO-Boxes are available at gas stations, among other places.

Current road network


The current network of freeways and expressways consists of two sub-networks, which are not connected by an inner-Austrian freeway or expressway. The western subnetwork includes the Inntal freeway A 12, the Brenner freeway A 13, the Rheintal/Walgau freeway A 14 and the Arlberg expressway S 16.

The eastern subnetwork includes the remaining freeways and expressways. The only freeway connection between the two subnetworks is the Great German Corner and leads across German territory (coming from the west Inntal freeway A 12, border crossing Kufstein/Kiefersfelden, German federal freeway 93, triangle Inntal, German federal freeway 8, border crossing “Grober Walserberg”, further on west freeway A 1).


Roads designated as federal highway A, with the exception of the Drasenhofen bypass, are signposted as freeways under road traffic law. The cross-sections are equipped throughout with four or more grade-separated lanes and structurally separated directional lanes and comply with the guidelines and regulations for road construction. The Karawanken Tunnel (A 11) as well as some feeder lines such as the Landeck Tunnel (A 12) and the Citytunnel Bregenz (A 14) have two lanes without separation, as does the Drasenhofen bypass, which is part of the A 5 but classified as a motorway.

No. Designation Course of operation-
length status Total operating length 1.755 km
West freeway Vienna Auhof – St. Polten – Linz – Salzburg – state border at Walserberg (km 9 to 301) 292 km in operation
South Motorway Vienna Inzersdorf junction – Wiener Neustadt – Graz – Klagenfurt – Villach – state border at Thorl-Maglern 377 km in operation
Southeast highway Guntramsdorf junction – Eisenstadt junction 34 km in operation
Eisenstadt junction to state border at Klingenbach: no timetable
East Motorway Vienna Prater junction – Schwechat – state border at Nickelsdorf 66 km in operation
North Motorway Eibesbrunn junction – Wolkersdorf – Mistelbach – Poysdorf Nord + Drasenhofen bypass 54 km in operation
Drasenhofen bypass: two-lane motorway
Northeast freeway Bruckneudorf junction – national border at Kittsee 22 km in operation
Muhlkreis freeway Linz junction – Unterweitersdorf 29 km in operation
Innkreis freeway Voralpenkreuz junction – Wels – state border at Suben 77 km in operation
Pyhrn freeway Voralpenkreuz junction – Graz – state border at Spielfeld 230 km in operation
Tauern freeway Salzburg junction – Villach junction 194 km in operation
Karawanken freeway Villach junction – state border at Karawanken tunnel 21 km in operation
Karawanken tunnel: single-tube until 2026
Inntal freeway State border at Kufstein – Innsbruck – Zams 153 km in operation
Brenner freeway Node Innsbruck – national border at the Brenner Pass 35 km in operation
Rhine valley/Walgau freeway State border at Horbranz – Bregenz – Feldkirch – Bludenz-Montafon 61 km in operation
Vienna Outer Ring Motorway Steinhausl junction – Alland – Vosendorf junction 38 km in operation
Danube embankment freeway Vienna Kaisermuhlen junction – Korneuburg – Stockerau junction 34 km in operation
Freeway Sudosttangente Vienna Vienna Altmannsdorf – Vienna Hirschstetten 18 km in operation
Wels freeway Haid junction – Wels junction 20 km in operation
Linz expressway Linz Hummelhof junction – Linz Urfahr junction 0 km partly under construction, partly in planning


Since the Austrian road traffic regulations do not include a Expressway Depending on the state of development, the expressways are either signposted as freeways or motor roads.

The expressways S 1, S 2, S 6, S 10, S 33 and S 36 have the same status as a freeway, the expressways S 3, S 4, S 5 and S 31 are only partially so. A special case is the S 35, which, despite its freeway cross-section and permitted maximum speeds of up to 130 km/h, is only signposted as a car road due to the tight curve radii.

No. Designation Course Operation-
length state of development status Total length 486 km
Vienna Outer Ring
Vosendorf junction – Schwechat junction;
Vienna Subenbrunn – Eibesbrunn junction – Korneuburg junction
40 km Freeway cross-section in operation;
Schwechat junction – Subenbrunn junction: in planning
Viennese northern edge
Vienna Hirschstetten – Vienna Subenbrunn 7 km Freeway cross-section in operation
Stockerau junction – Hollabrunn-North 24 km Freeway cross-section (2.0 km) /
2+1 system& grade-separated
in operation;
Hollabrunn-Sud – Guntersdorf: completion in 2020
Mattersburg junction – Wiener Neustadt junction 19 km Freeway cross-section (2.5 km) /
four-lane& grade-separated (16.5 km)
in operation
Stockerau junction – Jettsdorf junction;
Jettsdorf junction – Krems
45 km Freeway cross-section (35.5 km) /
two-lane& grade-separated (9.5 km)
in operation;
full extension Jettsdorf – Krems: no time schedule
Semmering expressway junction Seebenstein – Bruck an der Mur – junction St. Michael 105 km Freeway cross section in operation
Riegersdorf junction – Furstenfeld – state border at Heiligenkreuz 0 km under construction
Marchfeld expressway Deutsch-Wagram junction – state border at Marchegg 0 km in planning
Unterweitersdorf – Freistadt-North 22 km Freeway cross-section in operation;
Freistadt-Nord – state border at Wullowitz: in planning
Arlberg expressway Zams – Arlberg road tunnel – Bludenz-Montafon 62 km two lanes resp.
2+1 system& grade-separated /
partly. Freeway cross section
in operation
Lake Constance expressway Lauterach junction – national border at Hochst 0 km no schedule
Burgenland expressway Eisenstadt-East – Mattersburg – Oberpullendorf-South 46 km freeway cross-section (13 km) /
four-lane& level-free (31 km)
in operation
Krems expressway Junction St. Polten – Traismauer junction – Jettsdorf junction 28 km Freeway cross-section in operation
Traisental expressway Schwadorf junction – Wilhelmsburg 0 km in planning
Brucker expressway Bruck an der Mur junction – Deutschfeistritz junction 36 km Freeway cross section in operation
Murtal expressway Node St. Michael – Knittelfeld – Judenburg-West junction 36 km Freeway cross section in operation;
Judenburg-West – St. Georgen ob Judenburg: in planning;
St. Georgen ob Judenburg – Scheifling: completion 2020 [5]
St.-Veit-North – Klagenfurt-North 18 km grade-separated /
four lanes (14 km)
in operation;
Scheifling – St. Veit north: no schedule

In addition to the expressways, there are also some freeways with a freeway cross-section that are under provincial administration and are therefore not part of the freeway and expressway network.

Earlier projects

Freeway projects

No. Designation Route Status A15 A20 A27 none none none
West freeway (extension) Vienna Auhof – Vienna Gaudenzdorf Plans discarded; today B 1
South freeway (extension) Vienna Inzersdorf junction – Vienna Matzleinsdorf junction planning discarded; today B 17
Sudost Autobahn (extension) Vienna Arsenal junction – Ebreichsdorf Plans discarded; A 3 linked to A 2 at Guntramsdorf
Muhlkreis freeway (extension) Unterweitersdorf – state border at Wullowitz currently in operation as S 10 resp. Planning
Bodensee freeway Connection St. Margrethen (Switzerland) – A 14 later planned as S 18
Wiener Gurtel freeway Danube Park junction – Gaudenzdorf – Matzleinsdorf – Landstrasse junction Plans discarded; today B 221
Wiener Aubenring expressway (extension) Vosendorf junction – Schwechat – Eibesbrunn – Korneuburg junction currently in operation as S 1 resp. Planning
Freeway southeast tangent Vienna (extension) Hirschstetten junction – Raasdorf junction plans discarded, instead construction of an access route to the S 1
Freeway northeast tangent Vienna Kaisermuhlen junction – Subenbrunn today part A 23 and S 2
Freeway connecting link
Vienna Hansson curve junction – Vienna Rothneusiedl junction plans discarded
Linz highway Linz Urfahr – Linz Urfahr junction plans discarded
Zillertal Motorway / “Alemagna Worgl – Venice Planning rejected
Neusiedler See freeway Eisenstadt junction – Neusiedl am See junction partly in operation as S 31; extension planned
Pre-Alpine Highway Voralpenkreuz junction – Steyr – Amstetten junction Planning rejected
Route 88 Vienna – Wroclaw today in operation with different routing as A 5 or. in planning

Expressway projects

No. Designation Route Status S9 S11 S12 S13 S14 S15 S17 S20 S21 S22 S23 S30 S32 S38 S39 S40 S41 S42 S43
Marchfeld expressway Junction Vienna Kaisermuhlen – Grob-Enzersdorf – State border at Engelhartstetten currently in planning as S 8 with different routing
Danube Canal Expressway Prater junction – Gurtel bridge – North bridge – Stammersdorf Plans discarded; today B-227- resp. A-22 feeder road
Waldviertel expressway Korneuburg junction – Stockerau – Horn – national border at Neu-Nagelberg plans discarded; Korneuburg – Stockerau as A 22, Stockerau – Hollabrunn as S 3, but with the designation Weinviertler Schnellstrabe, in operation today
Mattersburg expressway (extension) Mattersburg junction – Eisenstadt – Neusiedl am See – state border at Kittsee today partly as S 31 resp. A 6 in operation
Baden expressway Alland – Baden – Ebreichsdorf planning discarded; today B 210
Ennstal expressway Ennstal junction – Schladming – Selzthal junction Planning discarded; today B 320
Innviertel expressway Ried junction – state border at Braunau Plans rejected; today B 141 and B 148
Braunau expressway Braunau – Salzburg plans discarded; today B 147
Pinzgau expressway Pongau – Lofer junction Plans rejected; today B 311
Loferer expressway Worgl junction – national border at Unken Planning rejected; today B 178
Seefeld expressway Zirl – state border at Scharnitz plans discarded; today B 177
Fernpass expressway Imst – state border at Pinswang plans discarded; today B 179
Reschen expressway Knoten Oberinntal – state border at Reschenpass plans discarded; today B 180
Liechtenstein expressway Feldkirch junction – state border with Liechtenstein plans discarded; today L 191
Weinviertel expressway Vienna Stammersdorf – Wolkersdorf – Mistelbach – state border at Laa/Thaya today with different routing as A 5 in operation resp. in planning
Muhlviertel expressway Unterweitersdorf – state border at Wullowitz currently in operation as S 10 or. in planning
Strebersdorfer expressway Vienna Strebersdorf – Vienna Grobjedlersdorf plans discarded
Wiener Gurtel expressway Knoten Landstrabe – Gurtelbrucke Planning rejected; today B 221
Danube city expressway Kaisermuhlen junction – Kagran plans discarded; today B 3b
Burgenland expressway Oberpullendorf – state border at Rattersdorf plans discarded; instead a state road is built
Klingenbach expressway Eisenstadt junction – state border at Klingenbach today planned as extension of the A 3
Steyr expressway Enns – Steyr plans discarded; today B 309
Wels expressway Linz Leonding – Wels Plans discarded
Graz expressway Graz-East junction – Graz-Liebenau today A 2 feeder road
Lurnfeld expressway Lendorf – Spittal junction – Seeboden today A-10 feeder road
Salzburg expressway Salzburg-Centre – Salzburg-South plans discarded; today B 150
Pass Thurn expressway Going – Kitzbuhel Plans discarded
Wienerwald expressway Korneuburg – Wiental junction Plans discarded

Multi-lane sections

This paragraph contains freeway sections with more than four lanes. Not listed are one-sided slow lanes on gradients.

Eight-lane sections

Eight-lane A 2 near Modling

No. Designation Section
South freeway Vienna-Inzersdorf – Kottingbrunn junction
Freeway Sudosttangente Vienna Gurtel/Landstrabe – Vienna-Kaisermuhlen junction

Six-lane sections

Six-lane A 22 in Vienna

No. Designation Section
West Highway Steinhausl junction – Voralpenkreuz junction [6]
West Highway Salzburg-North – Salzburg junction
South Motorway Kottingbrunn – junction Seebenstein
South freeway Gleisdorf-West – Mooskirchen
East freeway Schwechat – Fischamend junction
North freeway junction Eibesbrunn – Wolkersdorf-South
Muhlkreis freeway Linz Salzburger Strabe – Linz-Hummelhof junction
Pyhrn freeway Deutschfeistritz junction – Graz-North
Pyhrn Motorway Graz-Webling – Graz-West junction
Brenner freeway Innsbruck south – Schonberg
Brenner freeway Matrei/Steinach – Gries am Brenner
Rhine valley/Walgau freeway Bregenz – Wolfurt/Lauterach
Vienna Outer Ring Motorway Brunn am Gebirge – Vosendorf junction
Danube bank freeway Vienna-Kaisermuhlen junction – Stockerau-East
Freeway Sudosttangente Vienna Altmannsdorf – Gurtel/Landstrabe
Freeway Sudosttangente Vienna Vienna-Kaisermuhlen junction – Vienna-Stadlau

Freeway junction

Steinhausl junction (A 1/A 21)

Also listed are intersections of freeways or. Expressways with feeder roads resp. former expressways.

Name Road 1 Road 2 / 3 Type
Bregenz A 14 A 14 feeder road Freeway triangle
Bruck on the Mur S 6 S 35 Freeway junction
Bruckneudorf A 4 A 6 Freeway junction
Deutsch-Wagram S 1 S 8 Freeway junction
Eibesbrunn A 5 S 1 Freeway junction
Eisenstadt A 3 S 31 Freeway junction
Graz-East A 2 A 2 Feeder road Freeway junction
Graz-West A 2 A 9 Freeway junction
Guntramsdorf A 2 A 3 Freeway junction
Haid A 1 A 25 Freeway junction
Innsbruck A 12 A 13 Freeway junction
Jettsdorf S 5 S 33 Freeway junction
Klagenfurt-North A 2 S 37 Freeway junction
Klagenfurt-West A 2 A 2 Feeder road Freeway junction
Korneuburg A 22 S 1 Freeway junction
Linz A 1 A 7 Freeway junction
Linz-Hummelhof A 7 A 26 Freeway junction
Mattersburg S 4 S 31 Freeway junction
Peggau-Deutschfeistritz A 9 S 35 Freeway junction
Pongau A 10 A 10 feeder road Freeway junction
Raasdorf S 1 S 1 feeder road Freeway junction
Riegersdorf A 2 S 7 Freeway junction
Salzburg A 1 A 10 Freeway junction
Schwadorf A 1 S 34 Freeway junction
Schwechat A 4 S 1 Freeway junction
Freeway junction in planning
Seebenstein A 2 S 6 Freeway junction
Spittal / Millstatter Lake A 10 A 10 feeder road Freeway junction
St. Michael A 9 S 6 / S 36 Freeway junction
St. Polten A 1 S 33 Freeway junction
Steinhausl A 1 A 21 Freeway junction
Stockerau A 22 / S 3 S 5 Freeway junction
Traismauer S 33 B 37 Freeway junction
Villach A 2 A 10 / A 11 Freeway junction
Pre-Alpine intersection A 1 A 8 / A 9 Freeway junction
Vosendorf A 2 A 21 / S 1 Freeway junction
Catfish A 8 A 25 Freeway junction
Vienna-Floridsdorf A 22 A 22 Feeder road Freeway junction
Vienna-Inzersdorf A 2 A 23 Freeway junction
Vienna-Kaisermuhlen A 22 A 23 Freeway junction
Vienna-Prater A 4 A 23 Freeway junction
Vienna-Subenbrunn S 1 S 2 Freeway interchange
Wiener Neustadt A 2 S 4 Freeway junction
under construction in planning

Freeway maintenance

The freeways and expressways are maintained by 44 freeway maintenance services, which are operated by Asfinag. An exception is the freeway maintenance depot Eibesbrunn, which is operated by the private operating company Bonaventura.

  • ASt – junction
  • HASt – half junction
  • BU – operation reversal
  • Kn. – Node

Traffic volume

The busiest road section in Austria on the A 23 near the Sankt Marx cemetery

The busiest highway and expressway sections in Austria in 2018 were: [9]

Rank Road Measuring point at km Vehicles / day (*)
1 A 23 St. Marx 00 9,1 186.188
2 A 23 Danube island A23 0 12,9 183.904
3 A 23 Tree lane A23 0 10,1 173.738
4 A 2 Biedermannsdorf 00 8,0 165.791
5 A 2 Schonbrunner Alley A2 00 3,2 159.090
6 A 2 ASt IZ Lower Austria South 0 11,7 148.954
7 A 23 Absberg Tunnel 00 7,0 142.898
8 A 23 Hansson curve 00 4,9 126.907
9 A 22 Brigittenau Bridge 00 4,1 110.963
10 A 1 Haid 172,7 110.235
14 A 4 Mannsworth 0 11,6 101.266
18 A 7 Bindermichl 00 4,7 0 93.004
23 A 12 Amras tunnel 0 74,2 0 83.404
25 S 1 Laxenburg road 00 2,4 0 80.963
41 A 10 Anif 00 4,9 0 70.825
54 A 9 Schachenwald-IBC interchange 191,1 0 65.851
63 A 14 Wolfurt-Lauterach 0 11,1 0 63.619
79 A 8 Krenglbach 0 17,7 0 57.524
81 A 21 Gschaid 00 1,4 0 55.826
90 A 13 Garberbach 00 5,3 0 51.245
102 S 2 Hermann Gebauer Street 00 4,6 0 47.679
128 A 3 Ebreichsdorf 00 9,1 0 39.941
132 A 5 Eibesbrunn 00 2,0 0 38.846
146 S 5 Zaina 00 5,5 0 34.936
157 S 33 Pottenbrunn 00 8,5 0 32.867
173 S 6 Natschbach 00 3,1 0 29.093
186 S 31 Wulkaprodersdorf 0 44,0 0 25.555
188 S 4 Wr. New town south 0 16,4 0 25.101
195 S 35 Ungersdorf 0 27,3 0 24.121
204 A 6 Potzneusiedl 00 4,1 0 22.230
206 S 36 Zmollach 00 1,9 0 22.067
226 A 11 St. Ulrich 00 1,4 0 16.495
227 S 16 Grins 00 6,5 0 16.113
229 S 3 Gollersdorf 0 13,9 0 15.230

Section Control

The sign at the beginning of a section control line

On the following sections of freeway, compliance with speed limits is monitored by means of permanently installed section control:

Country Road Designation Section Trip-
direction ordinance comment
Lower Austria A 2 South Motorway Change section 2015 km 73.0 – 67.0 Vienna BGBl. II No. 307/2015
Carinthia A 2 South Motorway Ehrentalberg tunnel 2013 km 317.1 – 320.6 both BGBl. II No. 339/2013
Upper Austria A 7 Muhlkreis freeway Hummelhof 2014 km 4,5 – 7,0 both BGBl. II No. 287/2014 including ramps of the junctions
Styria A 9 Pyhrn freeway Plabutsch tunnel km 174,6 – 184,9 both BGBl. II No. 321/2011
Vienna A 22 Danube bank freeway Kaisermuhlen Tunnel km 1.4 – 3.7 both BGBl. II No. 168/2007
Tyrol/Vorarlberg S 16 Arlberg expressway Arlberg road tunnel both since 6. December 2018 [10]

Currently (October 2017) 14 mobile systems are in use in the area of freeway construction sites. [11]

Immission Control Act – Air (IG-L)

Display of speed limit in an IG-L zone by means of traffic control equipment

On the basis of § 14 Immission Control Act – Air (IG-L), in so-called “remediation areas” for “motor vehicles as defined in § 2 para. 1 Z 1 KFG 1967 […] or for certain groups of motor vehicles […] speed limits and temporal and spatial restrictions on traffic are ordered.”Such “measures for motor vehicles” are legally implemented in the federal state by ordinance of the respective state governor.

From the time and space restrictions are excluded according to § 14 Abs. 2 ex-lege emergency vehicles and other specific vehicle groups. This applies primarily to vehicles used to secure and maintain government services or whose operation is predominantly in the public interest. [12] Further exempted are “vehicles with monovalent methane gas drive or exclusively electric drive as well as plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, which have a minimum range of 50 km with exclusively electric drive” (item 5) as well as “vehicles driven by holders of an identity card according to § 29b StVO 1960 themselves or used as passengers” (item 8).

The Speed limits according to § 14 IG-L basically applied to all [13] motor vehicles. Excluded are only “emergency vehicles according to § 2 para. 1 Z 25 StVO 1960 and vehicles of the public security service during journeys necessary for the proper performance of the service” . Since 23. November 2018 are additionally vehicles with pure electric drive or with hydrogen fuel cell technology, which according to § 49 para. 4 Z 5 KFG are marked and operated on freeways or expressways, except where sufficient attention is drawn to this fact by means of signs.

The indication of the maximum speed allowed in case of increased pollution according to IG-L is in most cases done automatically by traffic control systems (VBA) on freeways and expressways. The following is a list of the speed limits currently in force on freeway sections:

Country Road Sanitation area according to IG-L Speed-
restriction Legal basis
Upper Austria A 1 West freeway km 154.9 – 175.5 (Enns-Steyr junction to Haid junction) 100 km/h LGBl. No. 101/2008
Styria A 2 South freeway km 149,3 – 194,6 100 km/h (1) LGBl. No. 70/2009
Styria A 9 Pyhrn freeway km 165,9 – 214,7 100 km/h (1) LGBl. No. 70/2009
Salzburg A 10 Tauern freeway km 2.8 – 27.6 (Wals-Siezenheim to Golling) 100 km/h LGBl. No. 89/2008
Tyrol A 12 Inntal freeway km 0.0 – 91.9 (state border to Zirl)
km 131.2 – 145.5 (Karrosten to Zams)
100 km/h (2) LGBl. No. 145/2014
Tyrol A 13 Brenner freeway km 0.0 – 12.0 (Innsbruck to Schonberg im Stubaital)
including A 131-Westast
100 km/h (2) LGBl. No. 145/2014
Vorarlberg A 14 Rhine Valley/Walgau Motorway km 36.2 – 37.0 (Feldkirch) 100 km/h (2) LGBl. No. 34/2005

On the west freeway A 1 in the area of the municipality of Salzburg from/to the municipality of Wals-Siezenheim, between 20. February and 19. May 2014 for a period of three months a temporary restriction according to IG-L to 80 km/h decreed (Westautobahn Speed Limitation Ordinance) [14] to test the impact on air quality in this area. [15] [14]

Since the beginning of 2006 [16], according to § 1 IG-L, the entire provincial territory of Vienna (i.e. also outside the local area) is considered a remediation area and according to § 4 as Measures for traffic a speed limit of 50 km/h. Excludes in the urban area the freeways and motor roads, as well as parts of the roadways of B 1, B 7, B 8 and B 17.

See also


  • Federal Ministry for Buildings and Technology (ed.): Austrian highways. Completion of the 1000. Freeway kilometers. Vienna 1983.

Web links

    : Toll in Austria (English)

Individual references

    Map with traffic messagesList of webcamsBGBl. II no. 204/2010Federal Roads Toll Act 2002 (7/A), retrieved on 13. November 2019 S 36 Murtal expressway. Retrieved on 17. March 2018 . since 28. April 2018 ASFINAG Service Booklet – ASFINAG Motorway Maintenance Services – Regional Responsibilities (PDF; 6.58 MB; page 8 of 61) ( Memento of 4. May 2012 in the Internet Archive ) ASFINAG builds a new freeway maintenance facility in Bruck an der Leitha, on on 7. June 2018 Traffic statistics 2018 (zip) Asfinag. 21. March 2019. Retrieved on 16. april 2019. ASFINAG: Section control system in the Arlberg tunnel (S 16 Arlberg expressway) from 6. December active. In: APA-OTS. 5. December 2018 , retrieved on 5. December 2018 . Speed discipline through section control, retrieved on 5. May 2018 Cf. esp. in § 14 para. 2 Z. 1 except: “the vehicles referred to in §§ § 26 , § 26a para. 1 and 4 and § 27 StVO 1960, BGBl. No. 159, mentioned emergency vehicles, vehicles in public service, vehicles of road service, railroad maintenance, water and energy supply, sewer maintenance and garbage collection, as well as vehicles in use in disaster situations and vehicles of the fire department, rescue and ambulance service in the exercise of their duties” . Cf. On this subject, the initiative motion of the National Council, 782 of Supplements XXIV. GP – Government bill – preliminary sheet and explanatory notes (PDF; S. 8) to the (u. a.) New version of § 14 IG-L: “In Z 5 an exception for certain vehicles with modern alternative drive is defined. There is no ex-lege exemption from speed limits for vehicles with alternative drive, because the scope of application is very small, this would have a negative impact on road safety and would involve disproportionate effort and costs for control and evidence.”
  1. 12Westautobahn speed limit ordinance, LGBl. Salzburg 13/2014 (PDF) in RIS, retrieved on 17. March 2018. Cf. Speed limit of 80 on Salzburg city highway starts: “The much-discussed speed limit of 80 km/h on the Salzburg city highway comes into effect on 20. February in force for three months.” In:, 12. February 2014, retrieved on 4. August 2014. Monday begin IG-L measures for speed 50 restriction in Vienna. ” Zwtl.: Phase 2: Area-wide speed limit 50 from state border Vienna from 9.1.2006″ . In: Archive message of the city hall correspondence, 9. December 2005, retrieved on 4. August 2014.

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