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Most car insurance policies have a term of one calendar year with a one-month notice period. You can find out whether this is the case with your insurance company from your insurance documents. If your insurance policy is one of the majority of policies that run on a calendar year basis, you can cancel your policy at the end of the year if you give notice by 30. November explain. This assumes that your cancellation must be received by your car insurance company on this day. As a rule, you are on the safe side if you give notice of termination by letter or fax and sign it yourself.

If necessary, you benefit from a special right of termination. This can entitle you to cancel your car insurance if, for example, the premiums were increased or you had a claim.

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Correct sequence: compare, conclude, cancel

In general, it is important to note that it is not only the price of car insurance that is important, but also the insurance coverage. This is after all the sense and purpose of the motor vehicle liability insurance obligation prevailing in Germany. A change of insurance therefore makes sense for two reasons: to save money or to benefit from better insurance services.

It is advisable to first compare insurances with each other, to obtain an offer and only when this has become agreeable, to cancel the old insurance. Even if some insurance companies allow you to cancel an already declared but perhaps hasty cancellation as a gesture of goodwill, insurance companies are usually not obligated to do so. If you follow the sequence “compare, take out, cancel”, you will ensure that you do not lose out on any benefits or premiums, but instead switch to exactly the car insurance that meets your expectations in terms of the conditions.

E-car Electric charging

Special features for electric vehicles

There are some special features for policyholders of electric vehicles. This is partly because damage to electric vehicles can in some cases lead to extremely high repair costs – the battery alone accounts for about a third of the vehicle’s value. Here a closer look at the conditions of the insurance is worthwhile.

Special insurance cover is usually required for electric cars, but also for hybrid vehicles. Partial or fully comprehensive insurance is even more advisable here. Under certain circumstances, an all-risk insurance for the battery may be advisable. Also worth mentioning is the coverage of fire damage caused by faulty batteries. Insurance against theft of charging cables and consequential damage to batteries due to animal bites or short circuits is also of interest. Protection against overvoltage damage caused by lightning strikes and insurance of the in-house wallbox can also be worthwhile.

Home Office

Save money with deductibles and home office

When changing insurance, some small things can save money. On the one hand, the deductibles can be varied depending on the claim. Usually, the deductibles are 300 euros in the comprehensive insurance and 150 euros in the partial cover insurance. If low deductibles are agreed, the insurance premium usually increases. The specific scope of insurance also generally has an impact on costs: an annual payment method lowers premiums, as does a certain amount of workshop coverage. In the case of the latter, however, you should make sure that the partner workshop of your insurance company is either located in a reasonable proximity or that your insurance coverage offers a pick-up and delivery service or a replacement vehicle.

Finally, it may also be worthwhile to check the mileage stated with the insurance company. Your driving profile may have decreased due to increased home office use – if you drive less, you pay less insurance premiums. car insurance

Drive with on the safe side

Find a cheap car insurance through MeinAuto.en. With us, you get full insurance coverage at the click of a button – easily and completely digitally. We offer you all-round protection for your new car including motor vehicle liability, partial and fully comprehensive insurance (0/300/500 € deductible).

And that’s not all: the tariff of our insurance offer is uniform and independent of individual characteristics such as profession, age, place of residence, no-claims class, etc. A fast and unbureaucratic claim settlement is guaranteed by our reliable insurance partner, the Westfalische Provinzial Versicherung AG. It offers comprehensive protection, even in cases of gross negligence (excluding: theft, alcohol and drug consumption).

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