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Every motorist is afraid of you: Marder. Indeed, a bite from you can be very expensive and also paralyze the car. Because when martens fight turf wars, it’s cables, seals and rubbers that get the short end of the stick. Stone martens bite almost everything that gets in their way in the engine compartment.
What you can do to Drive away martens from your car read this guide.

Drive away martens

Marantz become dangerous to any car when there are turf wars. And it’s not even hunger that drives the small rodents into the engine compartment. They are just curious and gnaw everything that comes in front of their snout. And these are often ignition cables and seals . The consequence can be expensive repairs and failures of the car.

Even if parts of the car are not nibbled, a marten visit is annoying, because you leave traces on the whole car. In addition, the car is “decorated” with excrement stains. All reason enough to Protect car from martens, and drive you away. The best solution is of course a garage as marten protection, because most Marten bites happen at night.

But not everyone has the possibility his car at night in a garage to put under. Therefore, another solution must be found to drive away martens.

In the meantime there are dozens of home remedies that are handed down, from dog hair to miracle cures to keep the martens from raging in the engine compartment. What is really true, and what actually helps against martens, we have found out for you.

Means against martens in the car

Below we have summarized the tips that are often crowned with success. However, it should be noted that none of these measures is a truly permanent solution. To this we come further down.

– regular engine washing helps to remove the scents left by martens, this reduces the chance of a destructive marten bite

– give Dog hair in a nylon stocking and hang it in the engine compartment

– one or more WC stones attach to a wire / rope and hang in the engine compartment

– Mardersprays from the trade, these sprays are distributed in the engine compartment and should emit a smell the martens do not like – marten spray order online

– With ultrasonic marten drive away, that goes quite well and the chance to drive away the martens with ultrasound permanently is good. For this purpose, a small device is stowed in the engine compartment and clipped to the battery. The device emits high-frequency sounds that drive away the marten. Meanwhile there are also battery-operated devices immediately and without wiring everywhere can be used.
Here you get an overview

– A tuft of cat hair and hang the engine compartment

– Often martens hate the smell of mothballs, so just place a few of them in the engine compartment and hope that your marten feels the same way.

Permanent solutions against martens

The above tips are more or less not permanently suitable to keep the marten away from the car. But also for the duration there are effective aids which we present to you now.

Wire mesh fence

Martens want real ground under their feet, they do not like to run over wire / wire mesh. We can make use of this. Simply build a wooden frame and stretch a piece of wire mesh / rabbit fence on it. You choose this size so that the frame fits directly under the front part of the car. From now on, no marten will go into the engine compartment and prefer the neighbor’s car. This tip is of course only effective if you always park the car in the same place. If necessary, only wire mesh fence without wooden frame, but it’s quite a fumble to put it under the car each time again.

Hard plaster tubes as cable protection / marten protection tubes

You have to invest some work if you want to use marten protection tubes. These must be pulled over all cables and wires that are at risk. But then you have a very good protection, because the hard plastic tubes / marten protection tubes are so hard that the teeth of the marten can not do anything against it.
Here you can also order online.

Electric shocks drive away martens reliably

The very best tip that helps against martens are Electric shocks. This sounds brutal but nothing happens to the marten. They get only a small electric shock on the nose which makes them look for the far away. The installation can be done by yourself, the supplied metal plates are attached to various locations in the engine compartment, connected with cables and then connected to the battery. For humans and domestic animals the electric shocks are of course also completely harmless.
Here you get to the overview of suitable sets.

Conclusion: As you can see, the favorites for marten defense are the electric shocks and the marten protection tubes. Only these things help really reliably and also durably. Invest the few euros for protection, because the first marten bite is guaranteed to be more expensive.

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