Jvc kd-r871bt

JVC KD-R871BT Test

In terms of features, the device lands from JVC just under behind the Test winner from Naviskauto. The reason lies in the fact that the Naviskauto simply a larger Variety brings with it. Among other things, it is not possible with the JVC model, as with the Naviskauto, in addition to the car radio function also an integrated navigation device and a DVD player to use. However, this is not really bad in the end, because the Main focus of the test is on the Car radio in itself lies. Therefore, only one point deduction due to strong competition.

The handling

In terms of handling, however, the JVC KD-R871BT can not be beaten. All Control buttons itself clearly and clearly marked, so that the operation and handling for anyone understandable is. In addition, only the most important buttons are integrated in the hardware to keep Confusion at the user to avoid. A strong category of the JVC KD-R871BT, in which the model could make up valuable ground in the ranking.

The design

JVC’s product also does surprisingly well in design. Behind the test winner, the model lands on second place. Reason for this is a modern but typical Design for car radios. No special features but still timeless and elegant. This combination ultimately brings second place in this category as well. Also the Lighting makes the radio look good in the dark.

The price

At Price must be admitted that a particularly good ratio to performance present. With under 100 euros one receives thus a good product, with which one can hardly go wrong as a rule. However, one notices at small details from, why the product is just somewhat more favorably than the two Erstplatzierten. One saved possibly at places, which become noticeable in the long run also in the quality.

The size of the JVC KD-R871BT

In the test it becomes clear again and again that the Standard size with 1-DIN still one of the most popular is. Almost in any car can be installed radios of this size, which makes them flexible. The rectangular size was also chosen for JVC’s product. One remains therefore in this point well-tried faithful.

The performance

Finally, there is the performance. With a performance of 4 x 50 W is the product, as in the overall ranking, only in the midfield. In the end, it lacked too many small details to land at the top of our test. Is the budget however something low or are you looking for a practical car radio, so you don’t make a bad choice with the JVC radio.

Technical information:

Model: JVC KD-R871BT
Size: 1 DIN
outputs: 4 x 50W
Inputs: USB, AUX, Bluetooth
Case: black
lighting: blue

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