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You are planning a vacation in Italy? A good choice, because anyone who has ever been somewhere in the boating country knows how beautiful this country is. And for all of you who haven’t made it to the land of pizza and amore yet, it’s high time you did!. To help you feel well-prepared for the upcoming vacation, in this article I share my best Italy Tips with you.

So you can simply save the tedious research and immediately pack your bags and go!

We now explain how to get to Italy, where exactly to go, which sights and beaches not to miss, and what to eat in the restaurants. Finally, I would like to give you a few etiquette tips for Italy on the way, are you with me?

The best Italy tips at a glance

Getting to Italy

Airplane over Rome

Plane over Rome

Before you set off full of anticipation, you should think about how to get there Getting to Italy should look. Because there are heaps of possibilities, according to your taste and budget. You are spoiled for choice between flight, car, train or bus.

Depending on the starting point, you can simply hop in your own car and chug off towards the south. This is worthwhile especially for those who start from southern Germany. The big advantage is, of course, that you are super flexible even on the spot and get to see some beautiful corners already on the way.

If you don’t want to waste time, you can of course just hop on the next plane to Italy and reach your destination in no time at all. In every corner of the boot country and certainly in the vicinity of your desired destination, you will find several airports.

A more environmentally friendly alternative is a Train journey to Italy. The railroad network is very well developed and with a little luck you can even find an uncomplicated direct connection. If you do your research in advance and plan early enough, you can even take advantage of some cheap savings or special offers.

Alternatively, there is certainly a long-distance bus provider that will take you to your destination slowly, but at an unbeatable price. For those who do not travel with their own car, a rental car is worth considering.

There are providers in every major city and at every airport. With a rental car you are noticeably more flexible and can arrange the Italy vacation completely at your will.

Best time to visit Italy

Summer in Venice

Summer in Vendig

As before every trip, you should also inform yourself about the weather and climate before your vacation in Italy. Logically, this information should be published in these months Italy Tips must not be missed. Many vacationers think that because Italy is located directly on the Mediterranean Sea, there is a guarantee of good weather. But unfortunately this is not the case.

Rather, it depends on which region you’re traveling to and what you have planned for your vacation so. Basically you can’t go wrong with a trip from May to September, because these months are considered the best time to travel to Italy.

Current weather map for Rome, Italy

If you are planning a pure beach or bathing vacation, you should aim for the summer months. But it is warm enough from May to October. Then the probability for heaps of sun is highest.

However, you should accept the fact that you will not be the few tourists who spend their summer vacation on Italy’s beaches. Who wants to avoid the large crowds, comes rather in the transition months. Then the prices for hotels and flights are also much cheaper.

All those who prefer to visit one (or more) of the beautiful Cities in Italy want to know, travel best in the spring or in the autumn to.

Then the temperatures for an extensive city trip are neither unbearably hot, nor too cold. In addition, there are fewer tourists in the country, so you can look forward to deserted streets, sights all to yourself and discounted hotel prices. For one Skiing vacation in Italy the winter months are the best time to visit Italy.

→ Learn more about the climate in Italy

Most beautiful destinations in Italy

South Tyrol

Lake Carezza in South Tyrol, Italy

Lake Carezza in South Tyrol, Italy

Who plans a vacation in Italy, must decide sooner or later for a destination. You are spoilt for choice between several top destinations in Italy. Whether you want to go to the Adriatic coast, to the mountains, to the city or to the sea – the choice is yours. The closest to Germany is the region of South Tyrol.

Since it borders Austria, both Italian and German are spoken here. The region is especially known for its fascinating mountain scenery, which attracts heaps of tourists to Italy in summer as well as in winter. In the summer months, of course, hiking what the stuff holds and now and then a hop in the lake ventured.

In winter the hiking boots are exchanged for skis and the slopes are made unsafe. On the list of South Tyrol tips you will find not only the most popular Italian ski resorts, but also exciting hiking regions and original mountain villages.

Lake Garda

Breathtaking views of Lake Garda, Italy

Breathtaking view of Lake Garda

Between the Alps and the Po Valley lies the well-known Lake Garda. The resorts around the largest lake in Italy attract thousands and thousands of tourists to the multifaceted region every year. No wonder, because the lake is embedded in a unique mountain panorama and surrounded by lush green nature.

The good thing is that in the beautiful towns and villages around the lake, everyone who feels like a little sightseeing will find what they are looking for. Those who prefer a little action don’t have to look far either, as the nearest amusement park is just a stone’s throw away.

Gardaland is the largest amusement park in Italy and really drives away any boredom. Alternatives are the “Movieland Park“, the water park “Canevaworld” or the safari park “Parco Natura Viva“. Either way, neither young nor old will be bored at Lake Garda.


Breathtaking landscapes of Tuscany

Breathtaking landscapes of Tuscany

You don’t want to miss out on culture, nature or beaches? Then you are welcome in Tuscany. This central Italian region is not only home to some of the most beautiful cities in Italy, such as the capital Florence, but also boasts miles of coastline as well as heaps of cypress and pine forests.

So you can first go sightseeing in the great artist towns, then take a stroll through the rolling hills and finally jump into the water at one of the many dream beaches. Don’t forget to taste one or two wines from the region.


Tropea in Calabria from the air

Tropea in Calabria from the air

The tip of Italy’s boot is the region of Calabria. Especially the lovebirds among you should now prick up their ears, because Calabria is the number 1 destination for newlyweds who want to spend their honeymoon in Italy. The wildly romantic villages invite you to a romantic vacation for two.

At the hidden bays, which are framed by green hills, you can spend a few lonely hours and jump undisturbed into the water and have a picnic at sunset.

But also for all others the southernmost region of Italy a trip worth. For example with a trip to the sleepy little village Chianalea di Scilla, which has earned the nickname “Venice of the South”. The sight of the small houses built on rocks is guaranteed to blow your mind.

A little more lively is the small town Pizzo to. There you can chug through the old town on a real Italian Piaggio and take a break every now and then in the restaurants and cafes and eat a few bites. The highlight is the exciting Cave church Piedigrotta, a small church carved by hand into the cliffs.


Sardinia, Italy

View of Sardinia at sunset

You think you can find white beaches, turquoise sea and 300 days of sun only in the Caribbean?? Wrongly thought, because exactly that expects you also on Sardinia. The second largest island in Italy is a true all-rounder among the top destinations in Italy.

Families really appreciate the child-friendly beaches with the super soft sand and the shallow entrance to the water and the calm waves. In the lively capital of the island, Cagliari, you can visit the exciting sights during the day and in the evening you can go to one bar after the other.

If you still haven’t had enough of walking, you can take a detour into the countryside and inspect the countless caves and nature parks of the Mediterranean island during a hike.

If you prefer to spend your time in the water, you can go diving off the Sardinian coast and see the colorful underwater world.


Coast of Sicily

Coast of Sicily

A top alternative to Sardinia is of course the bigger sister island Sicily. Spend a vacation on Italy’s largest island, relax carefree on the beach, take advantage of the wide range of leisure activities and learn all about the island’s enthralling history and culture. The probably most visited sight is and remains the Etna.

Etna with its four summit craters and a height of 3.350 m, is one of the most famous volcanoes in Italy. A guided volcano hike will bring you closer to this natural spectacle than you would ever think possible. Besides a pure summer vacation on the beach, city trips to the capital Palermo are also super recommendable.


View of Brindisi, Apulia

View of Brindisi, Puglia

Also in the south of Italy, you will find Apulia. The region forms the boot heel of Italy and was blessed with the location between the Adriatic Sea and the Ionian Sea.

Despite its beauty and diversity, this region has been largely spared from mass tourism. So you can look forward to a rather original Italy (almost) for you alone.

You will be spoilt for choice between heaps of exciting resorts, such as the.B. the capital Bari, the coastal city Monopoli, the vacation resort Polignano a Mare and the white town Ostuni.

In addition to the charming towns and cities, the region boasts countless dream beaches, magical caves and a fascinating natural landscape. The Gargano National Park is located in Apulia, for example, and is one of the largest national parks in Italy. Or you can do some island hopping on the Tremiti Islands (most beautiful unknown Italian islands), an archipelago consisting of five islands, with insanely beautiful beaches.

Cinque Terre

View of Vernazza, Cinque Terre

The last Italian region I would like to introduce to you is Cinque Terre. We are talking about a 12 kilometer long coastal strip on the Italian Riviera. It is a union of the five villages Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore.

You have surely seen a picture of the colorful houses built in terraces on steep slopes facing the sea. Those who spend a vacation in this magical region can look forward to an unforgettable beach vacation. Where you can find the most beautiful beaches in the region, I tell you in my Cinque Terre tips.

City trip in Italy

Colosseum in Rome

Colosseum in Rome

The Italian capital is paved with ancient buildings, historical monuments, and other exciting corners. What could be more suitable than an extensive city trip?? The highlights among the Rome sights are crystal clear of the Trevi Fountain, the Spanish Steps and of course the Colosseum.

The Eternal City is bubbling with cultural sites that invite you to take a trip back in time. Another plus are the countless authentic restaurants and cafes where you can take a breather and fill your belly with typical local delicacies. Rome is always worth a visit.


Florence in Tuscany

A less crowded, but no less beautiful alternative is the capital of Tuscany. Because you may hardly believe it, but Florence is home to even more cultural hotspots than Rome. Especially on an artistic level, hardly any other city can hold a candle to Florence.

No wonder that the entire old town of Florence has been declared a UNESCO cultural heritage site. For those who are interested in art, but also for everyone else, is certainly the world famous David of Michelangelo in the Galleria dell’Accademia or “The birth of Venus” by Botticelli in the Uffizi Gallery of interest.

Of course, the Florence Cathedral, the Palazzo Vecchio and the Ponte Vecchio are also among the most worth seeing corners of the city of artists. After so much sightseeing, you’ll surely long for some time in the countryside. Fortunately, Florence is an excellent starting point for a day trip into the surrounding countryside.


View of Venice -Canale Grande

Venice has also made it to the list of top vacation spots in Italy. The romantic town consists of a total of 120 islands, which are separated from each other by an incredible 175 canals. It is hardly surprising that Venice has 444 bridges that are connected to each other and take you from island to island.

Those who like sightseeing can hop from sight to sight in the floating city. You can choose for example the Bridge of Sighs, the Basilica of San Marco and the St. Mark’s Square and the Doge’s Palace. As you can imagine, Venice is the perfect destination for a vacation for two.

It doesn’t matter if you’re newly in love or married for decades – a Venice vacation brings a little togetherness to your everyday life.


Milan Cathedral, Italy

Milan Cathedral at sunrise

Also a wonderful destination for a city break and therefore part of this Italy Tips is the cultural and fashion city of Milan. The pompous city in Lombardy impresses with one or the other first-class art treasure, including the world-famous Renaissance painting “The Last Supper” by Leonardo Da Vinci.

Architectural masterpieces include the Castello Sforzesco, the Teatro alla Scala and of course the landmark of the city, the Milan Cathedral. If you want to take a look over the metropolis, you can catch a glimpse of the city from the Cathedral Terraces at the top of the Cathedral, and snap some unforgettable photos.

If the weather is good, you can even see as far as the Alps.


City trip Verona

Sunset over Verona, Italy

The upper Italian city of Verona makes Paris as a city of love powerful competition. The capital of the province of the same name is the venue of Shakespeare’s most famous love tragedy “Romeo and Juliet”. The picturesque squares, such as the Piazza delle Erbe, with their romantic restaurants and cafes, invite you to relax in the old town of Verona.

The cityscape is characterized by important monuments and buildings, which is why Verona has also been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Thanks to its perfect location, the city of the conceivable ideal for a day trip to Lake Garda. And you don’t have to go far from Verona to Milan and Venice either.


Rimini from the bird’s eye view

In your opinion, a city trip should not be without a little party and dance? Then welcome to Rimini! The city is located in the northeast of Italy, on the beautiful Adriatic coast and is known for its legendary party nights and its colorful party people.

While during the day you can make yourself comfortable on the sandy beach, in the evening it turns into a meeting point for exuberant parties until the wee hours of the morning. In my Rimini tips, you will find a list of the best clubs in town.

The Coast of Rimini is one of the most beautiful and varied areas in Italy. Especially the unbeatable leisure offer comes in handy when a little boredom announces itself. From beach volleyball and banana boat to water skiing and countless events, it’s all here.

But that’s not all, because also all those who long for a little culture and history, will find it in the Italian party city. simply stroll through the historic city center, ideally past Piazza Cavour.


Mondello beach in Palermo, Sicily

The fabulous Mondello beach in Palermo, Sicily

That Sicily is a top destination, we have already clarified. But did you know that Palermo, the capital of the island, is made for an exciting trip? Italy city trip is? The Sicilian metropolis is teeming with exciting buildings, monuments and entire neighborhoods with exciting stories.

Coupled with a postcard-worthy beach and a few nightlife districts, Palermo offers the perfect mix and is on par with Rome, Florence and other Italian cities. By the way, street food is very important in Palermo. The capital of the island is known and appreciated for its authentic street food cuisine.

So do not forget to try a few bites. The Ballarò Market is even one of the most popular sights in Palermo.


View of the old town of Naples

Last but not least, Naples. The southern Italian city is located in the Campania region and is considered a hotspot for art, culture and modernity. In addition, Naples is located directly on the sea and is therefore ideal to lie on the nearest beach and soak up tons of sun. But also on a cultural level, Naples is a real treasure trove.

The old town alone, often compared to a maze of alleys, squares and churches, is incredibly exciting, chaotic, but also simply beautiful.

More detailed info about the sights, you can find in my Naples tips. But that was by far not all. Naples is the perfect starting point for an excursion in the surrounding area. For example, to the only still active volcano in Europe, the Vesuvius. Or you can visit the ancient city of Pompeii and walk in the footsteps of the ancient Romans.

And if you’re looking for a bit of seclusion and tranquility, grab the next ferry to the vacation island of Capri.

Most beautiful beaches in Italy

Italy's most beautiful beach

Italy’s most beautiful beach

Italy is one of the most popular countries for a beach vacation in the whole Mediterranean Sea. No wonder, because there are infinitely many dream beaches, which fulfill you each desire. Whether you’re traveling as a family, partying or looking for complete tranquility, there’s a beach in Italy for everyone.

To make it easier for you to choose a beach, I have included in these Italy Tips five favorites listed. More detailed info can be found in this article about Italy’s most beautiful beaches.

Top 5 beaches in Italy

  • Cala Marioli, Sardinia
  • Lido de Jesolo, Venice
  • Cala del Gesso, Tuscany
  • Capo Vaticano, Calabria
  • San Vito Lo Capo, Sicily

Italian cuisine

Classic ingredients of Italian cuisine

Another plus point and a decisive argument for all gourmets is of course the Eat and drink. The Italian cuisine is undoubtedly one of the most popular and widespread cuisines in the world and is literally on everyone’s lips. Also in Germany you can get one on every corner Pizza, Tiramisu or Spaghetti Bolognese served. But let’s be completely honest:

What better way to taste the evergreens of Italian cuisine than in their homeland? Basically, it can be said that we are dealing with a very down-to-earth and simple cuisine.

Among the most used ingredients are pasta in every shape and color imaginable, as well as lots of fric vegetables, Olive oil and Cheese, preferably Parmesan cheese. In an Italian restaurant you will usually first be served a few Antipasti or Bruschetta served as an appetizer.

The main course may then be quiet a bit more carbohydrate and includes some kind of pasta or Gnocchi. This often in combination with meat, mostly beef. In the coastal areas or on the islands, fish and seafood are often on the plate. As dessert Tiramisu, panna cotta or also Zabaglione served. The latter is a kind of wine mousse, prepared by default with the liqueur wine Marsala.

Travel Hacks for Italy

Friends drinking wine in a bar, Italy

Friends drinking wine in a bar, Italy

At the end of this Italy Tips I would like to give you a few travel hacks along the way. Although Italy is only a stone’s throw away from us, some things are handled quite differently here. So that you can confidently avoid any pitfalls on vacation, I’ll explain the most important customs to you in a quick overview.


As soon as you open the menu in a restaurant, you’ll hear the term Coperto stand out. Translated, the word means “place setting”, but actually means the Tipping. More precisely, it is about a kind of service charge. This amounts to about one to two euros regardless of what you eat or drink.

These are not paid to the waiters. Since the wages in the catering industry in Italy are quite low, your waiter would be very happy if you leave him a tip. The usual price is about 10 – 15% of the price.

Eating Times

Even when it comes to mealtimes, the Italians tick a little differently than we do. Lunch is usually available between 1 and 3 p.m. The further you travel to the south of the country, the later there are dinners. Usually around 21 – 22 o’clock.

So if you expect to have dinner at 6pm, you may have to eat alone or you may not find a restaurant that is open at that time.


Although the best time to travel in Italy is from April to November, I would recommend you to avoid August. The reason for this is that August is official vacation month (ferragosto) in Italy. This means in plain language that the Italians make their own vacation.

And preferably in their own country. To the flood of foreign tourists are added the own compatriots. So you can imagine how crowded the beaches, hotels and monuments are in August, when the entire population leaves the cities for the sea.

In addition, the offer of hotels and restaurants is quite meager, because hardly anyone is working.

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