Italy round trip – experience dolce vita, dream beaches and culture

Italy promises pure pleasure, fantastic beaches, the best wines, snow-covered peaks and much more.

Preferably you would like to have all that in one Italy Holiday experience, but most of the time you choose a specific resort or region.

But how to experience the Italian coast, the historical highlights and the unique wine landscape in Italy during a single trip?

The best way to do this is with a Italy round trip.

All that matters is:

To discover the most beautiful corners of Italy on a round trip, you need time.

If you have less time, it is worthwhile to discover only one region during a round trip.

We tell you which way is particularly worthwhile for such an Italy round trip, which Regions in Italy you should not miss and which highlights you should definitely see.

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Italy round trip with own car, bus or train?

There are different ways to discover Italy on a round trip.

On the one hand, you can set off in your own car, which is of course super flexible.

But also by bus or train you can experience the beautiful Italy and the famous Dolce Vita.

Italy round trip by car

Italy round trip car

Flexible – that’s what you are when you explore the beautiful Italy with your own or a rental car.

Stop where you like, stay as long as you like and leave when you like.

Decide for yourself which spot of Italy you would like to experience next and enjoy a round trip of Italy at your own pace.

Italy round trip by bus

You don’t need a driver’s license and can relax during the drives.

These are the advantages of an Italy round trip with the bus.

Besides, you will meet many new people who will travel with you and an experienced guide will take you to the most beautiful places in Italy.

You don’t have to worry about anything, just enjoy.

Italy round trip by train

Italy round trip train

Get on the train relaxed and go where you want to go.

An Italy round trip by train is more flexible than a bus tour, but even here you can relax during the rides and plan the next excursions.

However, you have to keep to certain departure times and not every small village is served by a train.

**The following routes have been compiled for a round trip in Italy by car.

Most of the places can be reached by train and most of them are also served by guided bus tours.

1. Italy round trip Tuscany: culture and pleasure in equal measure


Here you will find medieval towns in the interior, but also beautiful beaches that invite you to sunbathe and relax along the coast.

During a Tuscany round trip by car, the drive alone through the beautiful landscape along the winding roads is a highlight.

But you should not forget some other highlights that Tuscany has to offer.

Italy round trip Pisa

Best you start in Pisa, here you can easily reach by plane and start relaxed with the rental car.

Be sure to see the Leaning Tower of Pisa, because it’s a must-see.

From Pisa you can further to Florence and then drive to Lucca.

Lucca is best known for its historic buildings and is also fondly called the city of a hundred churches.

You should not miss a stop at the UNESCO World Heritage Site Cinque Terre, which is no longer in the region of Tuscany, but in Liguria and not far from Lucca.

These are 5 villages, right on the coast on a rugged cliff with colorful houses.

Italy round trip Tuscany Chianti area

Here you can go hiking or relax in one of the hidden bays at the waterfront.

Further on towards the Chianti area.

Here you will find the largest wine-growing area of Tuscany with numerous vineyards and country estates. Be sure to try a drop or two during a wine tour.

The region is also famous for its olive oil and sheep’s cheese.

At the end of the Tuscany round trip you drive to the Maremma, where you will find beautiful beaches where you can really relax.

Then it’s back to Pisa, where you can drop off your rental car again.

Highlights on an Italy round trip through Tuscany:

  • Leaning Tower of Pisa
  • Florence Cathedral
  • Cinque Terre
  • Chianti wine region
  • Beaches of the Maremma

How much time should you allow?

Of course, it depends on you and how long you want to stay at the individual stops.

But in general you can discover Tuscany in a week.

If you want to relax a few days on the beach, it is recommended to plan about 10 – 14 days.

Best time to visit Tuscany:

The climate in Tuscany is Mediterranean, but differs from the inland to the coast.

Summers are hot and dry everywhere, with an average annual temperature of 20 degrees.

For bathing are suitable the months May to September, for hiking on the other hand the Spring and autumn.

2. Italy round trip Puglia: UNESCO world heritage and dream beaches

Italy round trip Puglia

Vacation in Puglia? The region of Puglia is still quite unknown, but not less worth seeing and therefore ideal for your Italy vacation 2020.

It is located in the very south of Italy and forms the heel of the boot.

Because of the Location directly on the sea Water lovers and sports enthusiasts will enjoy their stay in Puglia.

But also the cities are worth a visit, which are especially historical highlights offer.

Italy round trip Puglia Bari

The beginning of the Apulia round trip in Puglia you make the best in the capital Bari.

Walking through the charming old town with its historical and imposing buildings as well as the narrow streets you experience the lively Italian life.

From Bari continuing south with a stop in Alberobello, where you should definitely visit the trulli houses.

These are part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

After that it offers Lecce, the baroque city to visit.

Here you will find unique architecture that will surely amaze you.

Often called the Florence of the south.

  • Let yourself be enchanted by other beautiful Cities in Italy for your round trip inspiration.

Italy round trip Puglia Vieste

After driving along the coast, your Puglia round trip now goes a bit inland, where you will find the medieval rock city of Matera Is located.

Then continue to the UNESCO World Heritage Site Castel del Monte, a 13th century castle. Amalfi, which is only one hour away from Matera.

After all these historical highlights you can then enjoy the rest of your Italy tour in Puglia by the sea.

In Vieste In addition to beautiful beaches and crystal clear waters, you will also find several sea caves that you can explore by boat.

Highlights during an Italy round trip through Puglia:

Italy round trip Puglia Trulli houses

  • Historical buildings and winding alleys in Bari
  • Trulli houses
  • Baroque city of Lecce
  • Castel del Monte
  • Beaches and caves in Vieste

How much time you should plan?

In order to discover Puglia, you should definitely one week time bring along.

If you want to relax a little longer on the beaches in Puglia, 10 days are also worthwhile.

Best time to visit Puglia:

To actively explore Puglia with all its historical highlights, the cooler months are ideal April to June or September and October.

July and August are quite hot, so they are ideal for a beach holiday.

3. Italy round trip Amalfi Coast: fishing villages and cliffs

Italy round trip Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast is one of the most popular vacation destinations in Italy and impresses with its 50 kilometers of beautiful coastline.

It is located on the west coast of Italy on the Sorrento peninsula in the Campania region.

In addition to small bays and beautiful beaches, you will find colorful fishing villages that attract many visitors every year.

An Italy tour along the Amalfi Coast is ideal to leave the daily routine behind and relax.

Because in the small fishing villages the clocks tick slower than in the rest of the country.

Italy round trip Amalfi Coast Naples

The easiest start, to explore the coast on your Amalfi Coast round trip is Naples.

On the first day you can explore the baroque city with its many church domes, villas and fortresses. Then it goes off in the direction of the coast.

On the way from Naples but you should go to Maiori one more stop.

Because here awaits the Vesuvius volcano and the ancient City of Pompeii, which was completely buried in 79 AD by a volcanic eruption.

After spending the first few days in Naples and inland, it’s time to go on a trip then finally to the coast.

Maiori The city of Naples has the longest stretch of uninterrupted beach, where you can enjoy the sun and the crystal clear water.

Italy round trip Amalfi Coast coastal road

In the next days you will drive along the coastal road Amalfitana, along which there are several small fishing villages, where you can of course stop anywhere you like.

It will also take you to Amalfi. The town gives its name to the coast and lies below impressive cliffs.

An absolute spectacle of nature.

One of the most beautiful sights here is the Piazza del Duomo with its magnificent St. Andrea from Amalfi.

The next stop Agerola is not located directly at the sea, rather inland.

Here all active vacationers get their money’s worth, because there are several hiking routes that lead through the breathtaking landscape.

Italy round trip Amalfi Coast Positano

Absolute highlight of the Amalfi Coast round trip the next stop is Positano, which welcomes you with absolute joy of life and coziness.

Children play carefree in the streets and the small restaurants in the narrow streets invite you to linger.

What you should definitely do is a hike along the path of the gods, which will give you a breathtaking panoramic view.

In summer it can get very crowded. Everyone wants to see the charming little fishing village with the colorful houses.

After you have enjoyed the decelerated life in Positano, you can back to Naples drive or else a detour to the island of Capri make.

Ferries to the island depart from Amalfi.

Highlights on an Italy tour along the Amalfi Coast:

Italy round trip Amalfi coast path of the gods

  • Baroque city of Naples
  • Volcano Vesuvius and Pompeii
  • Amalfi
  • Way of the Gods
  • Discover more beautiful places by the sea

How much time should you?

Since the clocks turn a little slower on the Amalfi Coast and the focus is on relaxation and enjoyment, you should make use of Sufficient time take for your Italy vacation 2020.

The Amalfi Coast is not long, so you’ll definitely manage the most important in seven days, but we would recommend around 10 days.

Best time to visit the Amalfi Coast:

April to November offer the best temperatures for an Italy round trip by car along the Amalfi Coast.

Be aware, however, that in the high season of July and August it can be not only very warm, but also very crowded.

4. Italy round trip around Lake Garda: pure nature and relaxation

Italy round trip Lake Garda

Lake Garda is an absolute dream for an Italy round trip.

Because what is better to go around than a lake?

In addition, Lake Garda is the largest lake in Italy and is located in three regions at once.

So there is a lot for you to discover.

You can reach Lake Garda from Germany with your own car and don’t have to rent one.

Italy round trip Lake Garda Riva del Garda

Since you’ll probably be coming from Germany, Switzerland or Austria, it makes sense to take the Italy round trip by car around Lake Garda in the north, i.e in Riva del Garda, to start.

It is an absolute Paradise for beach lovers and active vacationers equally.

It is also often used as a spa, which once belonged to Austria.

You can still feel the Tyrolean down-to-earthness and the Italian attitude towards life.

After that on to Tremosine sul Garde, what at first glance looks quite unimpressive, but numerous hiking trails and bathing beaches offers.

These also own Ideal for a family vacation.

Italy round trip Lake Garda sailing regatta

The next place on the route is also a highlight for nature lovers, but also for all sailing fans.

Because in Gargnano the most important sailing regatta in the whole of Europe is held here every year.

As far as the weather is concerned you are lucky, because of the location surrounded by mountains you will hardly find bad weather here.

What you not to be missed on your Italy round trip around Lake Garda should, is Sto Felice del Benaco.

Not only the town itself is beautiful, from here you can also go on a trip to Naples the largest island of Lake Garda:

the Isola del Garda.

This is where the Borghese Cavazza family is based, and it opens its doors during the summer months.

This gives visitors a chance to visit the imposing villa and its impressive garden.

But this is only possible with a guided tour.

Italy round trip Lake Garda Sirmione

Continue in Sirmione, one of the most famous places on Lake Garda.

It lies on a headland and is particularly suitable for relaxing and enjoying wellness.

The special thing here are the healing springs of the two spas, but also the bathing beaches land to linger.

Peschiera del Garda is simply picturesque and also worth a stop before continuing to Bardolino with its famous wine growing area.

A wine tour with a tasting should definitely be on your plan.

The penultimate stop is Brenzone, where you can enjoy mainly untouched nature and the 2.000 meter high Monte Balso can be found.

Tranquility is paramount here, which you can really enjoy before your last stop at Lake Garda.

Torbole is the last stop and with that you have circumnavigated Lake Garda once.

By the way:

Do you already know Glamping?

At Glamping in Italy you will be in the open air, just like camping, but the equipment of your tent will be a bit more luxurious.

For example, you have a comfortable bed and your own toilet.

As with all other Italy tours, you can always stop and enjoy the area when you feel like it.

To give you an overview of the places that are still available on Lake Garda, we have compiled here the most popular places around Lake Garda compiled.

At Lake Garda you can also camp in the best way.

So you don’t always have to book a hotel, especially as Campsites in Italy usually to go also quite at short notice to book.

If you are on the road in the high season, it can also be crowded on the campsites.

Highlights during an Italy round trip around Lake Garda:

Italy round trip Lake Garda Isola del Garda

  • Monte Brione
  • Sailing regatta Centomiglia
  • Isola del Garda
  • Gardaland
  • Monte Baldo

How much time should you plan?

Generally you can drive around Lake Garda within one day by car.

However, in order to enjoy the individual towns with their respective highlights, it is recommended to at least 8-10 days to plan.

Best time to go to Lake Garda:

On Lake Garda a sub-Mediterranean climate, which makes the lake a perfect destination at any time of the year.

In the north it is often a bit fresher because of the winds Peler and Ora, in the south you will find ideal temperatures for swimming.

The Average annual temperature is 13-15 degrees.

The warmest months are the June, July and August with 26 – 29 degrees.

  • Discover even more gorgeous lakes in Italy for your round trip

5. Italy round trip Sicily: White beaches and imposing volcanic mountains

Italy round trip Sicily

The largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, Sicily, attracts thousands of visitors every year and not without reason.

But most people focus on a place where they can lie on the beach and in the sun all day long.

Sicily has so much more to offer than dream beaches.

The best way to experience the multifaceted island is to take an Italy tour by car.

Italy round trip Sicily Palermo

To start the round trip, you first have to take the plane to the island.

Best to Palermo and from there you can then start your island adventure.

Take 1-2 days to visit the capital of the island and discover the centuries-old history of the city as well as the various traditional street markets.

After Palermo you can start in any direction, we start west to Marsala with a Stopover in San Vito Lo Carpo.

Because you can not miss the beach of San Vito Lo Capo.

Here you can expect pure South Seas feeling with long white sandy beaches, crystal clear water and a unique panorama.

By the way, it is also considered one of the most beautiful beaches in all of Italy.

Italy round trip Sicily Selinunte

After you have relaxed here in the sun and also explored the city a bit, it goes on to Marsala, which is known above all for the sweet wine.

The next Stopover is a little insider tip, because Selinunte has hardly been discovered by tourists, yet you can find some temples here that are still very well preserved.

Afterwards it goes on to Agrigento, which is also known for the Valley of the Temples.

Highlight here is the Scala die Turchi, a white limestone cliff where you can also go swimming.

An absolute highlight in Sicily is the city of Syracuse.

When you walk through the old town here, you’ll feel like you’re in the middle of the sea, because no matter where you walk, you’re guaranteed to hit the ocean at some point.

Also the ancient ruins, the narrow streets and the bright limestone houses give the city a very special charm.

Italy round trip Sicily Etna

Go to Syracuse to the port city of Catania, which are the ideal starting point to climb the imposing volcano Etna.

This is one of the few still active volcanoes and definitely worth seeing during your Italy round trip.

  • More active volcanoes you will also find on the Lipari Islands, which are located just outside Sicily.

For the perfect view then go to continue to the hill town of Taormina, which is built on a natural terrace.

From here you can enjoy once again a unique view of the previously climbed Etna.

From Taormina you can then continue on to your last stop, after Cefalú.

Here you will find one of the most beautiful beaches of Sicily, which will perfectly round off your round trip.

  • Discover more beautiful islands in Italy

Highlights on your Italy round trip in Sicily:

Italy round trip Sicily Scala dei Turchi

  • Market in Vucciria
  • Cathedral of Monreale
  • San Vito Lo Carpo
  • Scala dei Turchi
  • Valley of the temples
  • Etna

How much time you should plan?

Since Sicily has a lot to offer and you surely want to relax in between and not rush from one spot to the next, you should visit the at least 2 weeks for your round trip.

If you have only one week, it is recommended to explore only one part of the island and then the other part on a next vacation.

Best time to visit Sicily:

Sicily is also called the island of the sun, because here the sun is waiting for you. Would you like to Bathing vacation enjoy the months June to September ideal with temperatures up to 30 degrees.

April, May, October and November are a bit more pleasant with 18-23 degrees.

You should also note that it can get very cold inland and at high altitudes, for example on Mount Etna, which is why Etna is also called popular skiing area in Italy applies.

6. Italy round trip Lazio and Umbria: Pure history and culture

Italy round trip Lazio and Umbria

Lying on the beach all the time is not your thing?

You would rather learn about the history of Italy and discover historic sites?

Then an Italy round trip through Lazio and Umbria is just the right thing for you.

Discover the medieval cities of Rome and surroundings during your Italy round trip.

Italy round trip Lazio Rome

The best place to start is Rome, because here you can easily reach by plane.

A day in the Eternal City should be in any case, because here wait numerous Rome sights, such as:

  • Colosseum
  • Peter’s Cathedral
  • Roman Forum

After the hustle and bustle of the big city you go on to Frascati, where you can hike through the Alban Hills and relax at Lake Albano.

Before you go to the green heart of Italy, you should continue to the a stop in Tivoli because here waits the dreamlike Villa d`Este with its garden and the incomparable water games.

Italy round trip Lazio Assisi

On the way from Tivoli to Assisi it is recommended to visit another Stop for the Marmore waterfalls.

In Assisi Here you can visit the beautiful old town and the most popular place of pilgrimage, the Basilica San Francesco.

From here it is worth a day trip to the capital of Umbria, Perugia.

For all wine lovers the next stop is an absolute must.

In Orvieto there are numerous vineyards and you should definitely take a guided tour in one of the wine cellars followed by a tasting.

Then it’s back to Rome, where you can spend another day or two visiting the rest of the sights, depending on your mood.

Highlights on an Italy round trip through Lazio and Umbria:

Italy round trip Lazio and Umbria Villa D'Este

  • Colosseum
  • Alban Hills
  • Villa Barberini
  • Villa d’Este
  • Marmore waterfalls
  • Vineyards

How much time should you allow?

Since the city of Rome itself can take up a lot of time, you should definitely visit the following places 9 days schedule.

This way the whole trip won’t be too stressful and you can enjoy everything at leisure.

If you would like to experience Rome a little longer, you can add a few more days.

Best time to visit Rome and its surroundings:

You can visit Lazio and Umbria all year round.

Since a large part is sightseeing and it is not so much a beach vacation, the months are suitable April, May, September and October ideal.

Summer months get very hot, which makes sightseeing rather exhausting.

7. Big Italy round trip with all highlights

You want to get to know the whole of Italy and experience the Dolce Vita first hand?

No problem with an Italy round trip.

The only thing you need is time.

You can start your round trip anywhere in Italy.

The best cities to visit are Rome or Naples, where you can easily get there by plane.

And then your round trip across the dreamlike Landscapes of Italy nothing more in the way.

To plan an exact itinerary, you need to know exactly what preferences the individual has.

Therefore we give you here only a few tips, which cities, regions and sights you should not miss in any case:

Italy round trip

  • Rome
  • Syracuse
  • Amalfi Coast
  • Cinque Terre
  • Sicily
  • Tuscany
  • Leaning Tower of Pisa
  • Lake Garda
  • Villa Borghese
  • Pompeii
  • Dolomites
  • Gran Paradiso
  • Lecce
  • Etna

How much time you should plan?

In order to get to know and experience the most important highlights in all of Italy, it is worth at least three weeks, because the travel routes alone take up a lot of time.

Nevertheless it is absolutely worthwhile.

The best time to travel around Italy:

The best time to travel to Italy is clearly summer.

However, it also always depends on what you want to do during your Italy round trip.

If you are mainly traveling along the coast and jump into the cool water in between, June, July and August are ideal with up to 29/30 degrees.

If a large part of your round trip is sightseeing, it is recommended to travel in March, April, May, September or October.

Then the temperatures are between 15 and 22 degrees.

  • More information about the climate in Italy

Things to know for a round trip to Italy

If you are traveling by car in Italy, there are a few things to keep in mind so that your Italy round trip is relaxed and no surprises await you.

  • You must not forget: Driver’s license, vehicle documents, insurance card.
  • If you drive to Italy from Germany, Austria or Switzerland with your own car, you have to take into account that the entry is subject to tolls. This means extra costs for you.
  • Gasoline prices are in Italy about the same as in Germany.
  • Traffic rules are similar to those in Germany, only some colors are different.
  • In Italy you should make sure that your car is always locked when you are on the road. Nothing would be more annoying on a vacation if suddenly the car or the luggage is gone.

OtherwisePack your bags, get in the car and enjoy your Italy tour to the fullest.

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Hello, have recently seen the movie Call me by your name and am thrilled by the beautiful filming locations.

They have become an attraction for tourists. would be happy if a (bus)tour there (Crema etc) gives. Best July/August/September.

/>Karen Blomer says:

Hello Ming,
we can only agree, the filming locations of the movie in Italy are really dreamlike. In 2018, there was also a tour of an Italian tour operator to the filming locations, but currently there are no tours. But you can also visit the places best on your own.
For example, you can take Milan as the starting point of your round trip and drive from here to Crema, which is just under an hour away from Milan.
The next stop could be Cremona, which is about an hour away. From here you can continue to Bergamo, which is also about 1.5 hours from Cremona and from Bergamo you can drive to Sirmione on Lake Garda.
You can find accommodation in all places, but you should book in time, because especially July and August are popular travel months in Italy.
We wish you a nice trip.

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