Iphone and ipad usb car charger from xcessory in test

xcessory car charger set in the package

Various third-party manufacturers offer car charger cables and USB cigarette lighter adapters. But hardly any of these chargers are also suitable for the Apple iPhone and iPad, mostly because of missing technical requirements. The car charging set from the German brand xcessory is completely different. Because this set of charging adapter and Lightning cable has been certified by Apple specifically for use with the iPhone, iPad and iPod. In our test report we therefore take a closer look at the xcessory car charging set.

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Problem-free charging thanks to Apple certification

Since modern smartphones and tablets are increasingly used for car navigation, it has become all the more important to use their Charging the battery on the road in the car to be able. There are dozens of different USB charging adapters on the German market for the 12-volt connection, colloquially known as the cigarette lighter. Unfortunately, there are at least as many technical pitfalls that can prevent successful charging, as we already described in our review of the Wicked Chili KZF charging adapter.

Each smartphone manufacturer defines its own specifications for the technical charging control, which unfortunately often makes charging with third-party accessories a gamble. Who wants to be on the safe side, therefore prefers to reach for a manufacturer-certified charging adapter. The xcessory car charging set for the iPhone, iPad and iPod is such a, specially licensed product certified by Apple for the cigarette lighter. The packaging is therefore also emblazoned with the “Made for iPod, iPhone and iPad” logo of the Apple MFi program, which is coveted by accessory manufacturers.

With which Apple devices does it work?

The xcessory car USB charging set consists of an adapter for the 12V socket and a separate, 1 meter long USB cable with Lightning connector port. Apple has been installing this since the iPhone 5, the iPad of the 4. Generation, the first iPad mini and the iPod touch 5 with all current versions since 2012, which means that the charging set can be used for a correspondingly large number of Apple devices. For older iPhones and iPads, which are still available via the 30-pin dock connector the original charging cable can be plugged into the xcessory adapter instead. Apple certification also ensures that the cigarette lighter adapter is compatible with all previous and future iOS versions.

Features and functions of the car charging set

The output power of the xcessory charging adapter is 2.1 amps, which is provided through a USB socket. Alternative adapters sometimes provide more power and distribute it to two USB jacks, but many of these have problems with Apple’s devices, which is related to their special charging controls. Either they are only charged in the slow USB mode, or if necessary, the charging doesn’t work at all. However, the 2.1 Amps of the xcessory car charging set are more than sufficiently dimensioned for a reliable and fast charging process, because an iPhone is already content with about 1.1 amps of power.

The xcessory charging adapter for iPhone, along with the USB Lightning cable, is certified by Apple as an official accessory, ensuring charging functionality with all compatible Apple iDevices

Technical data

xcessory car charger set for Apple iPod/iPhone/iPad
number of USB sockets 1
Input voltage 10.5 – 18.0 volts DC via car connector
Output voltage 5 volts DC voltage
Output current (maximum) 2.1 amps
Ready indicator blue LED
Scope of delivery Charging adapter, 1 meter long USB to Lightning connector charging cable
Dimensions 39.0 x 25.0 mm (length, width)
Weight 10.0 grams

Convincing workmanship and design?

The workmanship of the adapter and the 1 meter long Lightning charging cable makes a decent impression. A lot of plastic is used, but it gives the adapter a glossy look quite a valuable impression. The car USB adapter from xcessory is compactly built, so that it should fit almost flush in most 12V sockets. Thanks to the detachable, separate charging cable, the adapter can also be left in the cigarette lighter, if this is not needed for charging times. The Lightning cable included Has the same length as an original cable from Apple. The xcessory cable is a bit stiffer in direct comparison, but this should hardly make a difference in everyday use.

In terms of color and design, xcessory has oriented itself on the variants of the Apple iPhone and iPad, because the car charging set is available in plain glossy black and white, which do not differ from each other technically.

Experiences in everyday use

Due to the existing Apple certification of the xcessory car charging set, the result of our charging test is unsurprising: we were able to find a Apple iPhone 5 and iPhone 6 as well as an iPad Air 2 Successfully charge on the adapter with the included Lightning cable. In our tests, there were also none of the infamous iOS error messages about not being able to charge with third-party accessories. Therefore, there is really no need to worry about any incompatibilities. The iPhone 6 was still charged quickly even when Google Maps navigation was activated, which speaks for itself, that the adapter should still have sufficient reserves. However, it gets noticeably warm during charging, which did not affect the functionality.

We have tested the charging set in two different cars. Thanks to its grippy sides, the adapter is easy to hold plugs well into any cigarette lighter and also easy to pull out again. In the 12V socket of an Opel Astra GTC, however, the adapter does not sit completely tight, which we attribute to its slightly oval shape. In the socket of a Toyota Corolla the USB adapter sits tightly without wobbling. Unfortunately, therefore, no generally valid statement can be made for all cars. The charging function is nevertheless always given, even if the charging adapter should not always sit tightly in the socket, depending on the type of car.

A small LED strip on the top of the xcessory adapter lights up in subtle blue as soon as the USB adapter is supplied with power. This illumination can help you find the Lightning cable jack more easily in the dark

Also worth mentioning is the small LED bar that glows a discreet blue when power is supplied to the USB charging adapter in the 12V socket. This is inconspicuous enough to not be disturbing at night, but can be quite helpful in the dark to find the USB socket of the adapter.

Does the xcessory adapter interfere with radio reception??

There are a few Amazon reviews of the car charger set, in which a disturbance of the radio reception is reported. Reason enough to examine the xcessory adapter more closely from this point of view as well. For this it is important to know how such a car charger adapter works technically. This generates from the 12V voltage of the car electrical system a 5V DC voltage, which can then be used to charge a smartphone. This transformation is done by a high-frequency fragmentation of the output voltage, in order to generate an alternating voltage. This is then transformed down to the 5 volt target voltage and converted back to DC voltage. During this process High frequency fields, which can influence the reception of a car radio.

This principle of voltage transformation is ultimately followed by all USB car charging adapters, even those of other manufacturers. If now actually the radio reception is weakened, then this is mostly justified in an awkward position of the 12V connector. If the latter should sit in the immediate vicinity above or below the radio, the high-frequency field of such an adapter can affect the radio reception.

In our test with the xcessory adapter, we actually noticed a somewhat muffled radio reception, which was noticeable by a slightly audible crackling sound. However, in our case, the 12V socket was directly below the radio. Plugged into another 12V socket in the center console, there was no interference with the reception of the radio more. So as soon as there is a short distance between the car charger adapter and the radio, there are no problems at all with the reception of FM radio stations.

Direct comparison: xcessory or Wicked Chili car adapter?

Also the Wicked Chili car adapter tested by us can technically charge an Apple iPhone or iPad, which is why a direct comparison with the xcessory adapter tested here is possible. The most important difference is the Apple certification, which only the xcessory car charger set offers, whereas the Wicked Chili adapter does not. In terms of workmanship, both adapters are on about the same good level.

However, the Wicked Chili adapter is available in a dual version, which has two USB sockets at the same time. However, as soon as the purchase price is included in the comparison, the xcessory car charging set has clearly the better price-performance ratio. This is because the set comes with a 1-meter Lightning charging and sync cable in addition to the charging adapter, which would have to be purchased separately for the Wicked Chili adapter.


  • The car charging set works with every Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod
  • The car adapter and the Lightning cable are certified by Apple
  • The current strength of 2.1 amps ensures a speedy charging process
  • A separate 1 meter Lightning charging cable is already included in the set
  • Extremely small and compact design
  • Offers overall a very good price-performance ratio


  • The car adapter only offers a USB socket for charging, which is
  • Due to the oval design, the charging adapter in some 12V sockets may have some clearance, but this does not affect the charging function

Conclusion and recommendation

The existing Apple certification makes the xcessory car charging set the optimal companion in the car. No need to worry about possible compatibility problems, because the adapter works with any Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod. Price-wise, the xcessory set is also convincing, considering that a 1 meter long Lightning charging cable is included with the adapter. For this alone, Apple already charges more money in its store than the xcessory charging adapter including Lightning cable costs together. Due to the Apple certification, the decent workmanship and the good price, the xcessory car charging set therefore receives a clear buy recommendation from us.

Update: Anker PowerDrive 2 Elite car charger as an alternative

The xcessory car charger is now no longer available. With the 24-watt strong car USB charger Anker PowerDrive 2 there is however a recommendable alternative. Thanks to the manufacturer’s patented PowerIQ charging technology, this attractively priced adapter can be used universally for all iPhone models and Android smartphones. The PowerDrive 2 adapter offers two USB charging ports and can be handled optimally due to its compact design.

The large number of positive reviews on Amazon also speak for its good quality, so we can recommend the charging adapter from Anker without reservation. (Updated on 6. November 2021)

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