Info: can a leased car actually be tuned??

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The Tuning of cars is becoming a bigger and bigger issue. More and more people would like to have their vehicle with something Individuality to set itself apart from the dreary uniformity. But what about the Tuning of a Leasing cars from? Can leased vehicles be modified or should lessees better leave tuning alone?

Basic facts about leasing

At Leasing it is basically a Transfer of use for a certain time against the payment of monthly installments. Thereby, with the Kilometer leasing and the Residual value leasing two forms that can be applied. In the case of kilometer leasing, there is always a certain number of kilometers driven agreed. Should the number of kilometers driven at the end of the agreed leasing period higher If the car is more expensive than agreed, an additional payment is due. The same principle is applied to the Residual value leasing to the effect, also here the lessee must pay for the Difference to the calculated Residual value pay if this is less than agreed.

Leasing car financing return info: Is a leasing car actually allowed to be tuned?

Normally, at the end of the lease period, a vehicle Returned. Is this the case can Tuning measures on the vehicle, such as on the engine lead to problems and additional payments. Moreover, since the car letter during the entire leasing period remain with the leasing company, it may be subject to acceptance and registration Changes to get into trouble at the car. Since for it the KFZ letter with the leasing enterprise would have to be requested.

With leased vehicles no Chiptuning is possible:

Leased vehicles must in no case be Chiptuning in the field of Engine power optimized become. If at all, then only in exceptional cases and directly from the manufacturer. Thereby a Chiptuning also prohibited, if you again reversed would make. From a judgement of the OLG Frankfurt of 4. December 2014 goes chiptuning as “non-contractual wear” hervor. The court based its decision on the fact that chiptuning could cause a seduced engine wear is given, which in turn negative on the further sale or. would affect the further leasing use of the vehicle. In addition, due to a Chiptuning also the manufacturer warranty be lifted, which in turn would be high costs would bring.

BMW ALPINA B5 Biturbo Touring Chiptuning 7 Info: Is a leased car actually allowed to be tuned?

Tuning measures on leased vehicles require approval

Besides chiptuning, there are many other popular Embellishment, which can be carried out on the vehicle. Among them the installation of Exhaust systems, a Lowering of the chassis or purely optical embellishments. Thereby applies to all measures, performed on a leased car, regardless of whether these are structural or only around purely optical Changes acts, the lessor must always be informed about it and the changes approve in writing. Only with written permission can the changes to the vehicle also be carried out without problems. In addition, the lessor is also authorized to certain specifications to order the work to be carried out, such as naming a specific garage where the work must be done. Only if you go this way, you can avoid unnecessary Trouble and possible costs avoid.

Tuning without permission possible?

Modifications that can be without residue can be removed, and that during use no influence The installation of a 3G WLAN router can have a negative effect on the vehicle’s technology without consultation can be made. However, these are usually only very superficial modifications, some of which can not even be Tuning be able to be designated. As an example, we see here the application of Stickers on the windows, the installation of a Rear view camera, only via the cigarette lighter, the installation of a dashcam or the installation of a Sun protection such as from the manufacturer Sonnyboy or Solarplexius. By the way, rims with suitable dimensions with regard to the series rims and corresponding tires (so a set of wheels that permit-free and without modifications to the vehicle can be installed) can be done during leasing used become. Only with the delivery of the vehicle it must be again in the original condition with the rims from the day of delivery. Other possibilities are:

  • Logo or lettering (if the foliation can be removed without residue)
  • Retrofitting an OEM trailer hitch or OEM parking heater, if the vehicles are already equipped with special preparations (agreement with leasing company better nevertheless obtain)

dashcam 1 Info: Is a leasing car actually allowed to be tuned?

Installment credit as an alternative for tuning fans

For tuning enthusiasts, a private lease is hardly advantageous, a Car loan would therefore be much more interesting. Because a car loan is often associated with fewer risks and unpredictable costs. In addition to great conditions of various credit banks, the term of the car loan can also be freely chosen. In most cases, the car title also remains directly in the possession of the borrower. In addition, there are usually no tuning restrictions as with a conventional lease.

With a car loan, however, the lender remains in possession of the vehicle until all debts are repaid. If the borrower encounters financial difficulties that lead to the sale of the vehicle, possible modifications to the vehicle can lead to a reduction of the selling price and possibly limit it to the group of prospective buyers. Our conclusion: In conclusion, we can state that tuning is always a dubious matter if the vehicle is not owned by the Tuning fans located.

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Car financing leasing difference info: Is a leasing car actually allowed to be tuned?

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