Influencers stranded in mexico : after maskless party on plane – trudeau enraged over “eastern goths on vacation”

A group of influencers sparked outrage with a party on a flight from Montreal to Cancún. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau compared them to barbarians.

Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is incensed by influencer party on plane. (stock photo)

After a sensational party flight to Mexico without complying with Corona measures, a group of young Canadians are apparently stuck there. At least two Canadian airlines wanted to deny them the transportation back home because of the behavior during the outward flight for safety reasons, after another airline had canceled the return flight. Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau called them “idiots”.

Canada’s transport ministry tweeted Thursday it was investigating the case. Fines of up to 5000 Canadian dollars (just under 3500 euros) per offense could be imposed. Travelers who endangered the lives of others and caused harm could be punished with up to three years in prison and/or fines of up to $1 million, another government announcement said.

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Videos from the charter plane, which was flown on 30. December had flown from Montreal, Canada, to the Mexican resort of Cancún, had been circulated on social media. In it, young people can be seen partying exuberantly without wearing masks or keeping their distance from each other.

They are dancing and apparently drinking alcohol, a woman is smoking an e-cigarette. Media reports said it involved influencers and reality TV stars from the province of Quebec. Addressing the case, Trudeau said at a news conference Wednesday that the tour group’s irresponsible behavior was a slap in the face.

Airline cancels return flight

A 19-year-old student told the Canadian Press news agency she won entry to the trip on Instagram. In Mexico, she had tested positive for the coronavirus – as did an estimated 30 other members of the group. She did not know how to pay for the extended hotel stay. A man claiming to be the organizer of the trip said it was his private club’s first travel event. He had learned a lot.

Trudeau spoke of “unacceptable” behavior. “When a bunch of idiots decide to go on vacation like the Ostrogoths, it’s extremely frustrating, demoralizing,” he told reporters Wednesday. Canada is currently experiencing record numbers of infections with the coronavirus, and restrictions are again in place in several provinces: Among other things, schools are closed and private gatherings are prohibited.

In a statement to the news agency AFP, the airline Sunwing, which had organized the flight, assured that a group of passengers on the flight on 30. December 2021 had violated the hygiene regulations in force on board with its “unbridled” behavior.

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Travelers at the airport

The airline then canceled the return flight to Canada. Several of Sunwing’s competitors – including Canada’s largest airline, Air Canada – announced they would bar the influencers involved in the celebration from their flights. (dpa, AFP)

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