induction milk frother

Electric induction milk frother for creamy milk froth that always succeeds.

Induction milk frother

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Extension set for induction milk frother

Extension set / spare parts set for induction milk frother from ABC lifestyle.

Extension set induction milk frother

Induction milk frother for automatic production of milk foam

Induction milk frother for the automatic production of creamy milk foam

Why an induction milk frother?

There are many ways to make milk foam.
Most of the time special skill and expensive high quality equipment is required. The cheap solutions usually do not provide a satisfactory result or are bad to clean and unhygienic.

Requirements for the induction milk frother

It should be possible to prepare milk foam cheaply, easily, quickly and with good results. In addition, all parts that come into contact with milk should be easy to clean and suitable for dishwashers.

Idea and concept of the induction milk frother

According to these requirements ABC-lifestyle has developed a completely new concept for the production of milk foam. The result is the induction milk frother. The patent on the induction milk frother was granted in 2009 by the German Patent Office and in 2012 by the European Patent Office and is protected by international patent law. (Source: German Patent Office)

The induction milk frother has two main features.
The milk is heated by an induction heating system.
The stirring elements of the induction milk frother are driven by an electric motor via a magnetic coupling.These two features make it possible that both the heating for heating the milk and the drive of the stirring elements, for making the milk foam, are located in the base unit, outside the milk foam container.
The milk foam container is inserted into the base unit. As a result, the lower part of the milk froth container is located inside the induction coil, which heats the milk. The induction milk frother from ABC-lifestyle heats the milk to a fixed preset temperature. The optimal temperature for the best possible production of milk foam with different types of milk was determined empirically.
A temperature sensor monitors the milk temperature.
The stirring element is inserted on a pin in the milk froth container and is connected to the electric drive in the base unit by a magnetic coupling.

With this principle, only the milk foam container and the inserted stirring element come into contact with milk.
Both parts, the milk froth container and the stirring elements are easy to clean and dishwasher safe. This ensures the highest level of cleanliness and hygiene.

Advantages of the induction milk frother

With the induction milk frother the milk foam is produced automatically.
The induction milk frother is operated simply by pressing a button.
The induction milk frother is easy to clean.
Two different stirring inserts are available for the induction milk frother. A cappuccino stirring element and a latte stirring element. This allows the production of milk foam of different consistencies.
No special skills are required to make milk foam with the induction milk frother.
With the induction milk frother, milk foam of consistent quality can be produced quickly and easily.
Both hot and cold milk foam can be prepared.

The induction milk frother is suitable for both domestic and commercial use. Particularly attractive for the commercial sector is the supplementary set, with which milk foam can be continuously prepared almost without interruption.

The patented induction milk frother is also offered as a licensed product by the companies Severin and Tchibo. However, we cannot say whether our extension set and the replacement stirring elements are suitable for their induction milk frother.

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