induction milk frother

Frothing milk with magnetic force: induction milk frother

Frothed milk is a delight: Delicately creamy on coffee or cocoa, it caresses the palate and tongue when drunk. Nothing comes close to the intense yet mild aroma of foamed milk. The perfect milk foam is a little firm and stable in the cup, does not collapse quickly and consists of uniformly fine and not too large air bubbles.

Induction milk frother at a glance.

Severin SM 9495 milk frother

The Severin SM 9495 milk frother has an attractive appearance and is designed to be small and space-saving. The container is made of stainless steel and comes without a cable.
For operation it is inserted into a holder. This is connected to the power cord. This facilitates the cleaning of the container.

Severin SM 9688 milk frother

As you would expect from Severin, the SM 9688 is also a truly top-notch milk frother.
The material used and the workmanship are very good and the design of the SM 9688 is also appealingly modern.
Together with the easy handling, easy cleaning and large capacity, this Severin milk frother is particularly suitable for families. Especially when the kids like to drink cocoa and the parents want to enjoy a delicious cappuccino with friends.

Severin 9685 milk frother

The SM 9685 consists of a bottom part in which a stainless steel can is placed and in which the actual frothing takes place. The jug can hold up to 700 ml of milk and can be placed on the bottom part from any direction.

Nespresso Aeroccino 3 milk frother

The Aeroccino 3 milk frother from Nespresso is the perfect complement to the coffee machine system of the same name. In addition to the high-quality materials and first-class workmanship, the modern design comes into its own here. All those who are looking for the perfect milk frother as well as the perfect milk frother will love the Aeroccino 3.

Severin SM 9683 milk frother

The Severin SM 9684 is a fully automatic induction milk frother with which you can conjure up fluffy milk foam from fresh milk in an instant. Thanks to induction technology, the SM 9684 can heat the milk before and during frothing to produce perfect milk foam. In this article, we would now like to introduce you to the Severin SM 9684 milk frother in a little more detail.

Advantage automatic milk frother with induction

Frothing milk by hand is tedious. It requires some skill, it takes a long time and it is power consuming. The mechanical milk frothers in stick form are no great relief: Many show only inadequate results, and they still have to be passed through the milk for quite a long time. The foam becomes reasonably stable, but also not always evenly. If you want to have stable, even milk foam quickly and easily, you are well advised to use an induction milk frother.

Induction milk frothers work automatically: the milk is simply poured in, the electric device is switched on, and after a short time the perfect milk froth is ready. The electric milk frothers also heat the milk at the same time, so that the milk froth does not have to be added cold to the hot drink.

Another advantage of the induction milk frother lies in the way it works. No other device manages to heat milk so evenly and quickly, while also working efficiently (i.e. saving electricity). Even electric milk frothers with an integrated heating plate require more energy and heat more unevenly. The secret lies in the way the induction device works: A magnetic field heats up the container and thus the milk. This does not happen simply from below, as is the case with a hot plate, but from all sides simultaneously. And while still heating, a foam spiral draws air under the milk so that fine bubbles form.

Milk froth is a question of chemistry

To make liquid milk pleasantly frothy and stable, you need heat and air. The air ensures that fat and protein molecules separate from each other and rearrange with air between them. But this does not just happen, because the molecules have a relatively stable form in the milk. It’s the heat from heating the milk that makes it frothy. The electric milk frother heats the milk and at the same time sets it in motion so that the molecular structures can be rearranged. The air that enters the milk during stirring is firmly trapped before the molecules bond again.

In its operation at the chemical level, the induction milk frother does not differ from other electric or manual milk frothers. The principle of operation is the same for all devices. However, induction milk frothers are much more convenient and easier to use.

Price disadvantage

Induction milk frothers are the most expensive devices on the market. Good devices cost 50 Euro or more, below that you should not take the offer seriously. There are less expensive devices, but they do not work with the desired quality, nor reliably. If you think an induction milk frother is too expensive, you’re probably better off with another option.

Important criteria when buying:

  • the capacity of the milk frother
  • the cleaning of the machine
  • the structure of the produced milk foam
  • The different temperature settings offered
  • the handling
  • the price

The structure of the milk foam is important because a somewhat more fluid and flowing foam is required for lattes, while in other cases a somewhat more compact foam is also required. What never works: large bubbles piled into solid cloud formations, resembling massive bath foam.

It is simpler in terms of capacity. The milk frothers on the market offer quite a lot, from a delicate 100 ml to almost 300 ml, everything is possible. Everyone chooses the device that suits the required amounts of milk foam. The important thing is to never fill the milk frother further than the specified marker. Because the milk doubles its volume when foamed. So better buy one size bigger, just in case.

The temperature settings are important, because many devices can also produce cold foam. Thanks to induction, it is possible to easily switch between two settings and see the result immediately. Because the magnet does not need a preheating period, nor does it radiate heat again after shutdown. No heat is stored. Cold milk froth is relatively unstable, but it is invariably good on cold coffee drinks, cocktails and the children’s cocoa.

Ease of use is always an advantage in a milk frother. The device should be firstly robust and secondly self-explanatory. For safety reasons, the handles should be insulated, the controls should be clearly labeled, and it’s nice if the machine doesn’t spill when pouring. Frothing should be fast and as quiet as possible.

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