Illegal car racing: danger to life and limb

If you take part in an illegal car race, it is a criminal offense punishable by at least a fine or imprisonment of up to 2 years. You can see in our table what consequences you can expect in detail and how many points are threatened in the case of illegal street racing.

Yes. If the driving license authority questions your fitness to drive due to participation in an illegal car race, an MPU can be ordered.

Here you can read whether participation in an illegal car race can also have civil consequences.

Illegal car racing: What punishment should speeders expect?

Despite high penalties, German roads are still the venue for illegal car racing

Despite high penalties, German roads are still the venue for illegal car races.

An illegal street race is an enormous risk for traffic safety. It is not uncommon for car racing to result in Crash resulting in significant property damage and personal injury. Legally, street racing has been banned in Germany for some time, with the possible Sanctions again and again aggravated become.

Originally, the prohibition resulted from § 29 Abs. 1 Road Traffic Act (StVO). This paragraph is however to 1. April 2013 omitted. Since then, persons who organize or participate in a prohibited car race are not merely committing a misdemeanor. Meanwhile, the prohibited motor vehicle races have received their own criminal offense in the Criminal Code (StGB). In § 315d Abs. 1 StGB states:

  1. organizes or conducts an unauthorized motor vehicle race,
  2. participates as a motor vehicle driver in an unauthorized motor vehicle race or
  3. Moving as a motor vehicle driver at an inappropriate speed and in a grossly irregular and reckless manner in order to achieve the highest possible speed,

Thus at least one imprisonment threatens up to two years or a fine. Furthermore, the Driving license to be revoked. In addition also three points in Flensburg to be expected. If it comes to endangering other road users, a prison sentence of up to five years, in the case of a Personal injury even from up to ten years will be imposed.

Illegal street racing – MPU can be ordered

Illegal car racing speeding

Breaking a lot of traffic rules during a car race.

The traffic law speaks a clear language and prohibits any participation and organization of road races. Even if not yet eight points have been reached, a Medical-psychological examination (MPU) be ordered, because the participation in an illegal street race cannot be negligent, but Only intentional take place. In this case, the motorist has lost his or her vehicle ( z. B. car or motorcycle) misappropriated and persons as well as material goods put in danger to a considerable extent. If the police learn that individuals want to drive an illegal race, they can to avert danger the corresponding vehicles seize.

Civil law consequences of motor vehicle races

An accident during illegal car racing can be expensive. In the event of personal injury or property damage between the opponents, there are often no possibility to settle the damage. Both speeders are left sitting on their costs, because a Mutual liability often ruled out.

The only option remains the Proof of grossly unsportsmanlike or irregular conduct in particularly dangerous sports. The injured party, however, is in the process in the Duty of proof. In an illegal car race this might be difficult to achieve.

Even with proof, it will be difficult to keep up with one’s claim to be enforced. especially when the other driver is not solvent. The Liability insurance is exempt from the obligation to pay benefits in this situation, because who participates in an illegal car race, according to common jurisprudence, agrees to a release from liability.

Illegal car racing – The Fast and the Furious in Germany

Illegal car racing on public roads poses an enormous risk to uninvolved road users

Illegal car racing on public roads poses an enormous risk to uninvolved road users.

Be like Sebastian Vettel for once. Feel the kick of adrenaline when accelerating the car and fully enjoy the moment of happiness after a victory. Not only since the U.S. movie “The Fast and the Furious” are illegal car racing in fashion.

The history for illegal street racing is enough over 100 years back. At the time, Erwin George Baker, who was also known as Cannonball Baker, was driving from the West Coast to the East Coast of the United States in the space of eleven days. The trend of racing illegally gained momentum in the 70s of the last century.

The engine of the car howls, the senses are sharpened, the tension rises. After the start, it’s all about horsepower and driving skills. Curves are cut, running red lights and braking avoided. Illegal car races make the headlines time and again in Germany as well. What means thrill for the racers, means for other road users a high risk to life and limb. It is not uncommon for such racing to involve serious accidents with deaths and injuries.

In recent years a vital scene has developed in Europe. So-called speedrunning is particularly popular, in which the aim is to cover a distance from A to B in a car in the shortest possible time. Especially the Fast and the Furious movies and racing games like Need for Speed have contributed to the formation of the European streetracing scene and transported a positive image for illegal racing.

But not all participants of an illegal car race are connected to the car racing scene. Sometimes it is also chance meetings at the traffic lights. The opponents spur each other on, let the engine roar, agree – whoever brakes loses. Police are now taking decisive action against illegal car racing. If possible, break planned events from or take vehicles into custody in advance. In the meantime, individual authorities purposeful and strategic before and form special units, to stop illegal car racing.

Gumball 3000

Since 1999 annually a car rally around the world organized, which is classified as an illegal car race in various countries. In 2006, this three stages. The first led across Europe, the second by Thailand and the third by USA. Also Germany is from time to time a venue for the Gumball 3000. Popular are the Freeways without speed limits. German authorities are not always able to prevent illegal car racing. Even the penalties deter the fewest mostly foreign speeders, because the entry fee alone for the Gumball 3000 is around 40.000 euros. 2007 the Gumball 3000 had ended prematurely as it came to a fatal accident with uninvolved road users. Some sponsors, including Adidas, subsequently distanced themselves from the illegal race.

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