Illegal car racing: consequences and backgrounds

They race with pimped cars on public roads and endanger themselves and others: the drivers of illegal car races. Consequences and backgrounds of this dangerous “hobby”:

On 7. January a young woman dies in a tragic accident in Ludwigshafen-Mundenheim. The police assumes that the driver of the accident spontaneous delivered a race with another car. (WE REPORTED)

Illegal car race: 22-year-old woman fatally injured

Mannheim also depends on Christmas Eve 2015 to a race of this kind. Two Pedestrians are engaged in a race, fortunately no one is injured.

Another incident in Karlsruhe shows that this fast-paced “hobby” is not only dangerous for the participants. Here, two Audi drivers are racing through the city – and crashing into two uninvolved drivers. Six people are injured.

Especially reckless Two drivers behave in Weinheim in October 2014: They race in the Saukopf tunnel – in the process, the opponents speed across the oncoming lane.

Speeding drivers without limits

Illegal car races occur again and again in the region and throughout Germany. Whether downtown, commercial area or highway Wettraser know no limits the public traffic area is your race track. Without consideration for losses, the participants race through the streets, disregard traffic signs and red lights- and endanger not only themselves, but also their families other road users.

Experts distinguish between two types of racing: On the one hand, there are organized Events where the start and finish locations are fixed in advance and usually even cash prizes are set. These races are often attended by spectators, who put themselves in additional danger along the track.

On the other hand there are spontaneous racing. In which two drivers- mostly in the night hours with their vehicles if they happen to meet each other.

Illegal races in the StVO

Paragraph 29 of the German Road Traffic Regulations (StVO) prohibits “excessive road use”. This also includes illegal car races.

Paragraph 1 of the article states unmistakably: „Races with motor vehicles are forbidden”. car races are therefore prohibited, no permits can be obtained for it, which would make an illegal race legal.

Who nevertheless speeds around the bet, that threatens serious consequences and hefty penalties. If the police catch someone in an illegal street race, a fine of 400 euros, two points in Flensburg and a driving ban of one month.

If you organize an illegal street race, you will also face a fine of 500 euros – even if you don’t drive yourself.

If an accident occurs during an illegal race, it is also possible that the Insurance deny any benefit. The culprit faces high claims for damages and pain and suffering. After an accident, in the worst case scenario, the racer still faces a Charge because of negligent bodily injury or even death, for which long prison sentences can also be imposed.

No statistics

It is impossible to say exactly how many people are injured or killed each year in illegal car racing in Germany. The police charges no separate numbers.

The sad record of fatalities, however, holds Cologne: In 2015, three people are victims of illegal car races, including a 49-year-old cab passenger, a 19-year-old female cyclist and a 26-year-old who is also on his bike.

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