Illegal car racing – a thrill with consequences

Here you can find the current fine catalog 2022 via illegal car racing:

What happened?Points?fine?Suspension of driving license?
You have organized an illegal car race or participated as a driver 3 points Imprisonment for up to 2 years or a fine yes
it came to endangerment 3 points imprisonment up to 5 years or fine yes
it came to personal injury 3 points Imprisonment from 1 to 10 years; in less serious cases from 6 months to 5 years yes

Fine calculator: Illegal car racing

Criminal offense car racing

Illegal car racing: If a crash occurs, it is not only expensive, human lives are often at stake

Illegal car racing: If a crash occurs, it not only becomes expensive, human lives are often at stake as well.

The scene around tuned cars and illegal street racing enjoys great popularity in Germany. This is due in no small part to the immense success of film series such as “The Fast and The Furious” and video games such as “Need for Speed”, which present the subject matter in a way that makes it attractive to a young audience. But the allure of shiny chrome and flashy neon lights is quickly forgotten when an accident occurs at top speeds.

Too often an illegal car race is the cause of fatalities – among speeders and innocent bystanders alike. Accordingly German law takes a hard line against the speeders by.

Participation in illegal car races is a criminal offense

Racing in itself is a sport and if under the right conditions and the necessary safety precautions, it is perfectly legal. However, anyone who drives an unannounced illegal race on open roads is liable to prosecution. Since 2017, the Rejurisdiction also tougher on illegal car racing in front of.

Were they previously a misdemeanor with fixed, moderate fines from 400€, they are now considered a criminal offense. The § 315c Abs. 1, 2 of the Criminal Code (StGB) regulates the elements of the offense here:

  1. […]
  2. grossly contrary to traffic regulations and recklessly
    a) does not respect the right of way,
    b) overtakes incorrectly or otherwise drives incorrectly when overtaking,
    c) drives the wrong way at crosswalks,
    d) drives too fast at blind spots, road crossings, road junctions or railroad crossings,
    e) does not keep to the right side of the lane at blind spots,
    f) turns around, reverses or drives against the direction of travel on freeways or freeways or attempts to do so, or
    g) does not make stopped or broken-down vehicles visible at a sufficient distance, although this is necessary for the safety of the traffic,
    and thereby endangers the life or limb of another person or property of significant value to others, is punishable by imprisonment for up to five years or a fine.

How high is the penalty?

The street racing scene enjoys great popularity. Since 2017, the law is cracking down harder

The street racing scene enjoys great popularity. Since 2017, the law has been tougher.

When the adrenaline is pumping through the veins, the foot seems rooted on the gas and braking is out of the question, it becomes difficult to pay attention to red lights and to consider road safety at all. If the reckless behavior on the road endangers the “life and limb” of other people, then this constitutes a “danger” a criminal offense and high fines or even imprisonment is to be expected. While administrative offenses are handled by administrative authorities, criminal offenses and their Penalty negotiated in court. A judge decides on a case-by-case basis whether there is a threat to life and limb for each illegal car race.

If a hazard drivers who drove the illegal car race and were caught by the police have an imprisonment of up to five years or a fine can be expected. If no endangerment is nevertheless punishable by a custodial sentence of up to two years or a somewhat milder fine to count on.

Car racing accident: Crash leads to penalty increase

Should it lead to personal injury If an illegal car race results in an accident and someone is injured or even killed, the penalties are increased again. Depending on the severity of the personal injury caused in the accident, the penalty may now be imprisonment up to ten years amount to. At least a custodial sentence of six months is to be served. In addition, it is possible for the authorities to confiscate the offence cars, i.e. the cars of the speeders.

The MPU is not only for drinking and driving, but sometimes also for participation in illegal street races

The MPU exists not only for drunk driving, but sometimes also for participation in illegal street racing.

Illegal street racing may result in an MPU

Normally, the so-called “idiot test”, the medical-psychological examination (MPU), is only ordered after eight points in Flensburg have been reached. For illegal car racing, however, German traffic law shows no tolerance and the investigation can also be ordered earlier. Anyone who organizes a race on a public road, possibly violating other traffic rules and endangering not only himself but also other human lives, calls into question his own ability to think and assess as well as his knowledge of traffic rules through this behavior – thus qualifying for the “idiot test”.

This can result in a lengthy and expensive process for the speeding driver as he now has to prove that he is not a danger for the road traffic in the long run. While an abstinence test can be ordered for an MPU after drinking and driving in order to provide this proof, this is much more difficult for illegal car races.

FAQ: Illegal car racing

Not only the participants have to expect a severe penalty, but also the organizers and those who run such a race.

The penalty range provides for a fine or imprisonment of up to two years. If other people are deliberately endangered in the process, you could even face five years in prison. If an accident results in death or serious injury, the criminal court can impose a prison sentence of one to ten years.

No, because in criminal law the prohibition of retroactivity applies. If the car race was not yet punishable at the time of committing the crime, the speeder cannot be punished for it afterwards. However, he can very well be charged with the administrative offense – with all the associated consequences.

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