How to charge your e-car with 100% free energy

Let’s face it – refueling is a total pain in the ass, isn’t it?? Most of the time the fuel light comes on exactly when you are in a hurry, and of course the fuel is extra expensive at that time. You have to take a detour to the gas station and there it is very crowded of all times. And the clock is ticking in your head. At least that’s how it is when you drive a vehicle with a conventional combustion engine. With an electric car the whole thing looks already different. This is because it can be “refueled” flexibly and adapted to your needs. And the really big plus: you can charge your electric car free of charge.

How exactly this works, what renewable energies have to do with it and where you can charge your electric car for free, you will find out in this article.

Shop once and charge, please

The idea of coming out of the supermarket after the weekly shopping and the battery of the electric car is already fully charged is a joy to behold. And the best thing is that exactly this is possible. A number of supermarkets, discounters and DIY stores in Germany have realized that offering customers free charging for their electric cars helps them to attract customers.

The principle is very simple: park your car at the appropriate charging station, plug it in and off you go. While the car owner is shopping, the electric car can charge for free. It takes between 30 and 60 minutes at a fast charging station until the battery of the vehicle is full again – exactly the time it takes to shop at the supermarket. And with a full battery, you can relax and head back to your home.

Charging the electric car for free – this is how it works at home

Keyword: Home. Here you also have the possibility to charge your electric car free of charge. And even with green electricity. All you need is a private charging station or wallbox, a photovoltaic system and a little solar energy. And in doing so, you not only do something good for yourself and your time management, but also reduce the burden on the environment. Because with energy from a PV system, the batteries of your e-vehicle are filled “green”, quickly and cheaply.

So how does it all work? This type of charging is also based on a simple principle. If your PV system produces more energy than is consumed in the household, the excess electricity generated can either be temporarily stored in the solar storage system – or sent directly to your charging station or to the grid. Transporting the wallbox. It then reaches your electric car via the charging cable. In this way, you can charge your electric car for free while using electricity produced in a sustainable as well as environmentally friendly way.

From waste product to valuable commodity

What’s more, not only do you charge your electric car for free, saving you money, but you also increase the value of the electricity you produce yourself at the same time. Because instead of the excess energy being left as a waste product, it becomes a valuable commodity that charges your vehicle as resource-saving green electricity. And the best thing about it is: the sun doesn’t send a bill! In other words, the amount of electricity consumed is secondary. After all, this is available anyway. More consumption does not necessarily mean more costs. On the contrary – the more electricity you use, the faster your own photovoltaic system pays for itself and the more electricity your photovoltaic system produces, the more electricity is available to you.

Therefore, if you consume more self-produced electricity, the profitability of the entire photovoltaic system increases. Why? Every kilowatt hour that you can use from your own electricity production does not have to be purchased from an external grid provider. For the inner thrifty person, this is pure happiness, because it allows you to charge your electric car for free. And in the event that there is still power left over at the end, you can simply feed it into the public grid.

Not yet convinced? These are further advantages of a PV system

Thanks to a PV system, however, it is not only possible to charge the electric car free of charge and be on the road in an extremely environmentally friendly way and completely free of CO2 emissions. Charging electric cars with solar energy also reduces transport distances for fossil fuels and at the same time conserves resources such as oil or natural gas. In addition, refueling with solar energy does not involve unnecessary waiting times – such as at the gas station. Because the power of the sun is freely available and thus enables you to have a power supply that is independent of any grid operator.
And what if the sun doesn’t shine?? No problem. Even when there is little sunshine, a PV system is able to produce electricity.

Find the right charging station and charge your electric car for free

It is certain that there are now many charging stations and wallboxes on the market of electrical technology. Finding the right model here can become a challenge. But it does not have to. Because there are charging stations, with the acquisition of which you acquire a real all-round carefree package. It is recommended to go for complete packages. These offer you both PV system and electricity storage as well as charging station resp. Wallbox and intelligent energy manager at the same time. The latter provides with smart settings for the fact that the current use in the entire household as well as at the vehicle is distributed optimally and adapted to your completely individual needs.

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