Fun games in the car – how to keep the kids happy?

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Car games are useful to have with you. After only five kilometers of driving on the highway, your children start whining in the back seat and ask: “Are we there yet??” Children get bored quickly and then become discontented. To make the long car ride pleasant there are a lot of funny car games, so that you and your children arrive at your destination satisfied and relaxed.

Here you will find a practical list of tips, activities, vacation games and small games to make the journey pleasant. So you don’t have to be afraid of a travel weekend anymore, enjoy your vacation.

1. Play various small fun car games / vacation games in the car

Car games ? You can also participate in games as a car driver. For example you can ask questions and answer questions. Here we describe some of our most popular community games where there is no boredom on the back seat.

Car games – back seat bingo

Bingo is of course one of the most popular family games. But this car version should not be missing with you. Everyone in the car is handed a card and every time you see something on the card outside, you have won the card. Whoever has seen everything first wins the game.

We offer this game for free. Just send us an e-mail via our contact address (at the top of this page) and you will receive the game in your e-mail.

Free backseat bingo

Find license plate

In this game you can choose to search for different license plates. There are two different versions. You can choose the countries of Europe and look for foreign license plates such as license plates from Italy, Belgium or Germany. French license plates consist of 101 departments. The last two digits of the license plate determine the origin of the department.

If you spend your vacation on a camping site in France, play this game with your children. Roam the campsite in search of the different license plates. Our cards will help you, the found license plates can be checked off.

The children will surely enjoy this search and you can enjoy the well-deserved vacation rest.

But there are more funny car games.

How long is a kilometer ? – Car games

In this game, ask your children to close their eyes and only open them again when they think a mile gap has been driven. You yourself count ten green hectometer poles next to the roadway. The child who sits closest to the answer wins this game. The game is educational and of course also suitable for adults.

Sing the song

You listen to (well-known) music in the car. Then the song is turned off and children and passengers should continue singing the tekst. Funny games with music to keep you energized.

Car coloring points game

Coloring points car games

Everyone in the car chooses a (car) color. From the first five cars seen in the given color, the license plates are noted down. Of course, the passenger or a child writes down your license plates for you, which you keep your hands on the wheel. Each number and letter on the license plate gives a certain number of points.

The number on the license plate is copied accordingly. The letters are divided into consonants, which count for six points, and vowels, which count for four points. Whoever gets the most points with their found five cars wins the game. This popular party game is as popular with young people as with adults.

Hole alphabet

Hole alphabet

This game is suitable for players who know the alphabet. The first player says the whole alphabet. The second player also recites the alphabet, but leaves out every second letter. (a – c – e) The third game leaves out every third letter and so on. (a – b – d – e – g).

Whoever makes a mistake is eliminated, the game continues until a winner remains.

Car games – Where am I ?

Where am I ?

In this game, a player has to think of a place (a beach, a campsite, at work, in bed, on the playground…..). The other players ask questions that the first player can only answer with yes or no.

With this game the time in the car will pass like in a flash!

Pictionary on the car window

In the game “Pictionary” you have to draw a picture of the puzzle. This can be drawn with a whiteboard pen on the window pane in the car. At home, parents can write appropriate terms on small cards for the children to guess or draw in the car. A cloth to wipe everything out again should always be with you.

Car games – Who am I ?

This is the same game as “where am I”. Now the first player chooses a personality, which the other players have to guess. A variant is to train a famous personality.

Animals Polonaise
Animals Polonaise

Car games like the animal polonaise can’t be missing on the trip of course. One player names an animal. For example: Zebra. The next player names an animal with the last letter of the named animal, i.e. an animal with the first letter A etc. The game continues until no animal can be named.

The vacation alphabet

In this party game you tell a story together. The first player forms a sentence. For example: we get into the car and arrived at our destination only in the evening. The second player makes a sentence that starts with the last word of the first sentence. In this case, the new sentence must start with “an”, etc. All the sentences together make a funny story.

Car games – Machelen

In this game one player thinks of a verb (activity word, doing word). The other players guess this word and replace the verb in their questions with the word: machelen. Example questions: Can animals do machelen? Have I already made today? etc.

Unfortunately and Happily

Also in this game a story is told together. The first player makes a sentence that begins with “unfortunately”. The second player makes a new sentence that starts with “happily. And the next player again forms a sentence that starts with “unfortunately” and then again a sentence with “happily” is formed. Mostly quite funny sentences and a nice story emerge from it.

I go on a trip and take with me

This game is a classic party game. The first player starts with: I am going on a journey and I am taking (for example a suitcase) with me. The second player repeats the sentence said and adds an object. For example: I am going on a trip and I am taking a suitcase and a toothbrush with me. The next player repeats the whole sentence and again adds an object. etc. It is important to remember the previous sentences. Who can remember the most?

Where is the treasure ?

Car games - Where is the treasure ?

A player thinks of a hiding place for a treasure. The other players have to find out this hiding place. The players take turns asking questions that can be answered with yes or no.

Depending on the age of the children playing, you can limit the search area to only one room, one floor, the whole house or the neighborhood/school. But you can also consider hiding places in Germany or Europe.

Bananas – Car Games


Every time you see a yellow car or a yellow truck while traveling on the road, you call out: Banana! The first one to call “banana” ten times wins the banana game. Of course, the game can be extended to other car colors, for example, a red car “strawberry”, a blue car “grape” or a green car “apple”.

Remember also to take a break when driving a car. Always take some chalk or a ball with you. Run a lap with the kids, they need to lose their energy.

Looder songen

You can sing songs while driving in a funny way. Replacing all vowels with an o or an a or an e, for example.

Sing a book and guess the song

Have one person read a text from a brochure, for example. In doing so, the person hums the melody of a well-known song. The other travelers have to guess which song is sung.

Ssssssst… – car games

And then, of course, the most ingenious game to restore calm in the car. Who can be quiet the longest? Whoever makes noise first, loses.

Car games need little effort. Before you know it, you’ll be at your destination.

2. Make a route plan for the children – car games

Car games route map making

If you are driving from Hamburg to Lake Garda, for example, look at the route on Google Maps and make a note of all the places along the way, each five kilometers apart. Print out the list of places and give it to your children.

Any place the children see on the road signs can be checked off. This game is very educational and children can see by the list that you are getting closer and closer to the goal.

You can also print the route from Google Maps, the children can then paint the driven route.

3. The gift basket

Gift basket

Buy some small gifts (puzzle books, small games to play in the car, pens to mark, a brochure, vacation game for the vacation, and so on).

Put these games in a basket. Previously calculate the number of kilometers of the trip or the total driving time. Divide the number of gifts by, for example, the travel time. Then after about an hour, your child gets a gift and gets to unwrap it.

4. Other tips

There are a few other things you can do to make your children’s journey as pleasant as possible:

  • Buy DVD screens and make sure you have enough movie hours with you so the kids don’t get much of the actual trip.
  • Travel at night. The kids sleep for much of the trip and your journey is quiet and stress-free.
  • Use aluminum foil for crafts. The children can craft different things with this foil.

There are many fun car games for the trip that will make your kids (and you) travel more enjoyable. We wish you happy vacations and a good trip. Enjoy family car games while traveling.

Find a nice game for your vacation address? Are you with a large group ? At games groups, we provide all kinds of fun and affordable group games. I would like to know more.

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