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The heavy traffic makes in the Südoststeiermark among other things the municipality Mureck to create.

  • Heavy traffic in southeastern Styria is a problem for the municipality of Mureck, among others.
  • Photo: MEV
  • uploaded by Markus Kopcsandi

In the Landtag, the truck toll for state and municipal roads was recently discussed again. Mureck wants to solve heavy traffic problem with driving ban.

SOUTHEAST STYRIA/STYRIA. Heavy traffic was recently debated in the Styrian parliament. Specifically, it was about a motion for a resolution of the Greens, in which, according to Green transport spokesman LAbg. Lambert Schonleitner a commitment of the provincial parliament to the truck toll on state and municipal roads was demanded. The Greens refer u.a. to the situation with the Heavy traffic in Mureck.

Schonleitner criticizes that the motion of the SPo and oVP was rejected. “International examples show that through an expansion of the Truck toll on state and municipal roads fewer truck trips occur, empty runs are reduced and cleaner vehicles are used when tolls are staggered by age class. This increases the quality of life and traffic safety, and truck traffic contributes to the maintenance of the roads in a way that is fair to those who cause it”, he argues.

The heavy hummer rolls through the center of Mureck.

  • The heavy HGVs roll through the center of Mureck.
  • Photo: Municipality of Mureck
  • uploaded by Markus Kopcsandi

Styria’s traffic officer Anton Lang and LH Hermann Schutzenhofer point out in a statement that the transport ministry is basically in favor of a nationwide toll, but that there has been no unanimous decision in favor of the toll either in the past or in the previous year at the conference of state transport ministers. Because of the still different positions of the countries one would have refrained now from the support of the request of the Greens.

Driving ban as solution

“We are purely concerned with Transit traffic, what can go on the highway, should go on the highway”, says Mureck’s mayor Anton Vukan. A truck toll on state roads and municipal roads he does not want to achieve – this would burden the local economy too much. “I am concerned with a driving ban for vehicles over 7.5 tons – except for destination and source traffic”, emphasizes Vukan.

District administration is on it

After a number of written inquiries and a joint inspection with Police and representatives of the District Headquarters the matter is currently being dealt with by the district authorities. “There are already some examples in the district of Leibnitz, where the whole thing has been implemented, in our case, of course, there is the bilateral aspect with the Slovenian border”, explains Vukan.

Mureck Bürgermeister Anton Vukan.

  • Mureck’s mayor Anton Vukan.
  • Photo: Vukan
  • uploaded by Markus Kopcsandi

The concerns and worries of Mureck and also the discussion around the truck toll in the state parliament knows regional chairman LAbg. Franz Fartek (oVP)We have to pay attention to the people in the region and the quality of life – for the local population Toll evaders I have nothing left.”

Truck toll for state and municipal roads not easy to implement, Fartek says. That would be a hard blow for the local economy, which, according to Fartek, cannot be expected to do any more in the current challenging times. It is therefore all the more important to coordinate destination and source traffic well.”

3 questions to Anton Vukan

What bothers most about heavy traffic?
There are several narrow places where very dangerous situations for pedestrians and cyclists occur again and again.
Are there citizen complaints?
For years, rightly complain many citizens, but also tourists.
And the condition of the roads?
The heavy trucks leave deep ruts. Buildings on the main square, which are listed as historical monuments, are also affected by the vibrations.

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