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Fogged car windows can be freed from the wetness with a simple trick

Car windows fog up quickly in winter. They can become a danger and damage the car. These tips will help you solve the problem in no time.

Kassel – When it gets colder outside and temperatures drop into the bibber range, motorists in particular do not have it easy. Black ice and frost quickly make driving a hazard.* And also another problem makes life difficult for many.

As soon as car is ready to start and rolls the first few feet away, it happens and visibility in car gets murkier. And this in spite of free-scratched windows, because this time the problem lies inside the car: The windows fog up. This can quickly become dangerous, because with limited visibility, obstacles or other road users can be overlooked. But with these tips, fogged-up windows in the car will be clear again in no time at all.

In the first moment, many drivers often make a mistake in view of the fogged windows. Try wiping the car window with a cloth or your sleeve. This procedure may seem obvious, but it can cause problems. If the cloth or the window is dirty, there are streaks and the view is hardly clearer than before.

Fogging up car windows: How to solve the problem

A trick ensures that the windows are cleared in no time at all. To do this, you should first turn up the heating and ventilation in your car to full blast. If the car is also equipped with air conditioning, it is also worthwhile to turn on this device additionally. Because this removes moisture from the air and gradually clears visibility. However, set the ventilation so that it blows against the windows and make sure that the ventilation is set so that air can flow in from the outside. Switch to fresh air instead of recirculated air for this purpose. But there are also tips on how to avoid fogging up the windows in the car from the outset.

Fogged up windows in the car: these tips will help you avoid the problem

To avoid getting stuck in the car with fogged windows in the first place, drivers should also follow other tips, as the ADAC points out:

  • Dirty car windows fog up faster: Clean the car therefore also regularly from the inside.
  • Avoid moisture in the car: Check windows and doors for leaks, clean clogged water drains
  • Do not store damp objects in the car: Sweaty or wet clothes are best stowed in the trunk and packed away well

Fogged-up windows in the car: How to get a clear view again

Moisture in the car should be avoided at all costs, and not only because of fogged windows. In the worst case it can also lead to rust or mold in the vehicle. Therefore, motorists should also make sure that moisture does not occur in the first place when it comes to interior design. Especially in the wet season, plastic floor mats are ideal for this purpose. Because moisture does not stay on this material as long as, for example, on fabric or other textiles.

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In addition, a dehumidifier can also help. Small boxes or bags with an appropriate filling are available in specialized trade. But also Amazon* has some products on offer. So there is from Hoomee a dehumidifier for the car (advertising link) in the double pack. In addition, the online giant also offers a combination of windscreen defroster spray and dehumidifier cushion (promotional link) for the car in its store.

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