Car radio tests

Ensure the quality and functionality of car radios around the globe

It is extremely important that developers include all broadcast and interference signals for a comprehensive measurement scenario. With its portfolio of signal generators, Rohde& Black meet the requirements for generating scenarios that simulate complex interference between broadcast and mobile radio standards, indoor interference sources, and diversity reception of audio/video signals according to the latest broadcast standards.

The solutions from Rohde& Black ensure complex simulations of all “on-air” signals. This provides the developer not only with the signals from the local public networks, but also with those from other countries, which are needed for a worldwide scenario.

Ensure conformity

The EN 303 345 standard describes a series of mandatory test cases for radio receivers to ensure the highest quality and harmonization of car radio products sold in Europe. Typical EN 303 345 scenarios include adjacent channel selectivity and blocking tests with AM, FM, DAB/DAB+ (Digital Audio Broadcasting/DAB+) and DRM (Digital Radio Mondiale) signals.

With our measurement solutions, radio tuner chipset manufacturers, car radio manufacturers and OEMs can ensure full compliance with EN 303 345.

Advantages of our solutions

  • User-friendly: easy identification of sources of error
  • Realistic: comprehensive test scenario including all signals and sources of interference
  • Extremely versatile: simulation of a wide range of scenarios

Customers use our solutions for R&D and the validation phase.

Related products

R&S®SMCV100B vector signal generator

R&S®SMCV100B vector signal generator

A unique multi-standard platform for performing all broadcast, radio, navigation and automotive communication tests including 5G NR and Wi-Fi in real time. The software-defined, flexible solution was developed especially for efficient testing in R&D and final production inspections.


R&S®BTC Broadcast Test Center

The R&S®BTC Broadcast Test Center is a reference signal generator with analysis functions that supports automated tests for audio, video and multimedia applications. It is a unique combination of excellent technical features and a modular, flexible design to meet the most demanding requirements and the latest transmission technologies such as DVB-S2X.


R&S®SFE100 test transmitter

The R&S®SFE100 is a multistandard test transmitter that offers real-time coding for broadcast signals. It supports all common digital and analog TV standards as well as various radio standards.


R&S®ETL TV Analyzer

The R&S®ETL TV Analyzer stands for All-in-One. The R&S®ETL combines the functions of a TV and FM (radio) signal analyzer, a video and MPEG-TS analyzer and a spectrum analyzer in a single instrument. The R&S®ETL also has generators to produce analog video signals, audio signals and MPEG-2 transport streams.

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