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Italy car import export

Car Import / Export in Italy

Exporting a car to Italy is unfortunately not an easy process:

The vehicle import, the deregistration and return of the license plate, the translation of the Italian vehicle documents, the registration of the Italian license plates, the car insurance in Italy, … are a real challenge!

INSIDER TIPS reveals what to look out for when importing / exporting your car to Italy:

Italy car import – change license plate

In Italy you can continue to use your car with foreign license plates for up to 6 months (provided, of course, that the car insurance coverage from your home country for Italy still exists). After that you have to deregister the car abroad and re-register it in Italy – which involves an enormous bureaucratic procedure.

I have already gained some experience regarding car relocation to Italy: first I re-registered a car from Italy to Austria, then a car from Austria to Italy.

The former took 1 afternoon, but the latter took 3 weeks (the car was additionally without a license plate and therefore unusable!)

Car reregistration Italy: Car club ACI advice

Italy car import

Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider – Import from Italy

Get support for the import / export of your car to Italy in any case in a branch of the ACI Automobil Club Italia (analog ADAC, oAMTC,…)

If you open a club membership (costs approx. 70 EUR per year) they will certainly be happy to help you with the car re-registration.

The automobile club ACI can advise you on what papers you need to register the car at the vehicle registration office in Italy Motorizzazione civile (immatricolazione di veicoli in italia)

Car import to Italy: translation vehicle documents type certificate& Registration certificate

Before deregistering the car in the country of origin, you will need a court-certified Italian translation of the existing vehicle documents.

If you already know Italian very well, you are allowed to translate the documents – but in any case you have to be certified by the “Tribunale” to be checked and stamped.

The stamp cost in our case ca. 30 EUR – translation costs vary depending on provider and volume.

Translation of documents and vehicle papers “libretto auto” in Italian / German

If you need to translate important documents when importing / exporting a car to Italy, hire a professional German-Italian translator to translate your German documents into Italian, or to help you understand the bureaucratic Italian documents (libretto auto, …).

Professional Italian translations of documents, vehicle documents, libretto auto, insurance policies, sales contracts, … can be found here with us:
German Italian translator

Importing a car to Italy – Notary confirmation of ownership

Even if you are already listed as the owner in the vehicle documents, you have to go to the notary to have the car reconfirmed as your property.

In my experience, the ACI Club already has a selection of notaries you can contact. Do not forget the translated vehicle documents as well as the car purchase contract, since information such as purchase price and the already paid tax are needed!

The procedure at the notary is short: You hand over the documents, wait 5 minutes for the stamp – and pay ca. 50 EUR.

Italian car insurance – “preventivo” offer

You will certainly be shocked! The Italian motor vehicle liability and comprehensive insurances for Italy are extremely expensive, especially in the cities.

If your car was insured with Kasko in Germany or Austria, you will pay about the same in Italy only for the third party liability.

As a “fresh” expatriate you should already know the following technical terms in order to be able to obtain an insurance quote:

  • “R.C.A.” = motor vehicle third party liability (compulsory insurance)
  • “A.R.D. Auto Rischi Diversi” = car comprehensive insurance
  • “Incendio/Furto” = car fire/theft
  • “Assistenza stradale sicura” = Road assistance service (assistance)
  • “Targa” = license plate

Bonus Malus Italy: Confirmation from car insurance “attestato di rischio”

According to our experience, unfortunately there is no international system regarding bonus malus level. When reregistering a car in Italy you can (will?) the car insurance therefore does not take over your old Bonsus Malus level from the country of origin.

In my case, I was in Austria already several years in the bonus level zero, d.h. the best KFZ insurance class with the lowest insurance premium.

The Austrian insurance company confirmed this to me also in writing in English, because the Italian car insurance companies always ask for an “attestato di rischio” first for an offer – d.h. a confirmation of the last bonus / malus level.

However, despite confirmation, we did not find an Italian insurance company that would have taken us to the equivalent level. In the end we had to start in Italy with the Bonus Malus level 9.

Car insurance and motor tax costs

An average car, z.B. Alfa Romeo 147 with 77kW / 105 hp / petrol / 1598ccm / 3 years old costs at least 920 EUR p.a. of liability insurance.

In addition there are approx. 220 EUR motor tax (“bollo”) p.a. – in total 1140 EUR.

Saving tip: Compare several car insurance offers – for the same car we would have paid almost twice as much and would have been classified in bonus malus level 12 or even lower.

Deregister car abroad

Find out from your registration office abroad which documents are required for deregistration of the car.

Only when everything has been clarified regarding re-registration, send the old license plates and vehicle documents by registered mail for deregistration abroad. If your car is parked in a public area, don’t forget to put a note with the old number in/on the car.

Registering a car in Italy – “Libretto auto

Use the “Aci Club” – Automobile Club d’Italia. They will help you with the registration of the car, and as an emigrant you will save further complications with the road traffic office “Motorizzazione civile” when importing a car.

Once you have all the necessary documents, new Italian vehicle documents will be issued – the so called “Libretto auto” – at a cost of about 600 EUR.

Tip: Be careful, for now you will get a temporary permit that is only valid in Italy and not abroad! Only after approx. 1 week you get the final car documents.

Now you have to wait until the “Motorizzazione civile” gives the green light and you can pick up the Italian license plates for your car there.

Motor tax in Italy “Bollo auto”

In my experience, an average 77kW / 105hp / petrol / 1598cc car in Italy costs approx. 220 EUR motor tax per year.

Tip: The motor tax “Bollo” can be paid at the “Aci Club” – Automobile Club d’Italia.

Unfortunately, in Italy you don’t get any reminder sent to the car owner to pay the motor tax. However, if the car tax is not paid within the time limit, you will pay a 30% penalty fee.

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