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Lidl takes action against charge scroungers: If you don’t buy, you can’t charge your e-car

31.01.2022 Updated: 04:45

Blue Tesla charging at a Lidl e-charging station

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  • Author Franziska Vystrcil

Until now, customers at Lidl could charge their e-cars free of charge. Because many took advantage of this offer without entering the discount store, the company is now taking measures.

Bad Wimpfen – With charging stations for e-cars in its parking lot, the discounter Lidl wanted to offer its customers an attractive service. While shopping, the e-car could be conveniently charged – for free. However, this offer was shamelessly exploited by many. Without a foot at all In the Lidl stores, cheeky charging scroungers use the charging points that are actually intended for customers.

Lidl now wants to take targeted action against this. However, the new measures will make charging e-cars a lot more inconvenient, even for customers of the discount grocer.

Charging stations at Lidl: Use for e-cars to be restricted

Lidl has the problem of the “charging scroungers” for a long time. A Lidl customer complained about a Tesla driver who blocked a charging station for hours. Not only Lidl has to deal with the brazen e-car drivers, also at competitor Aldi and furniture giant Ikea the charging stations are often occupied by non-customers. Schonofter was therefore the question in the room, whether the charging stations on the parking lots are abolished. However, Lidl will not go that far. The Discounter plans however measures, in order to put charge scroungers the handicraft.

Lidl has already introduced a step designed to make charging more difficult for charging station blockers. “Lidl currently enables its customers at more than 320 stores in Germany to charge their vehicles for one hour free of charge during opening hours,” the company website states. After about 15 kilowatt hours, the charging process is then automatically terminated. In addition, since the beginning of February, you have to register with the Lidl e-charge app in order to take advantage of the offer. To do this, customers must scan the QR code attached to the column with the eCharge app; only then does the charging process begin.

Lidl: E-car charging only via app and registration – other discounters follow suit

Such an app, or even a necessary customer registration to charge the e-car, is being introduced by more and more companies, including supermarket chain Kaufland, also reports fehmarn24*. While this makes charging more cumbersome for many customers than before, it also means that charging scroungers no longer stand a chance. The rules that apply in each case can be confusing for consumers.* clarifies the applicable rules for parking at charging stations.

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