Air conditioning service at werkstattzentrum berngau / neumarkt

Car, truck, bus, van, motor home

Especially in summer heat happens what must happen:

The air conditioner in the car does not work. Here, of course, we can help – we are the air conditioning specialists for all types of vehicle air conditioning systems.

Come to us when your air conditioner is broken

Whether integrated in the vehicle or also stand air conditioners, with us all are cordially welcome.

In our workshop we repair everything around the air conditioning system:

  • already integrated vehicle air conditioners (car air conditioner, truck, bus, van, camper air conditioner and caravan air conditioner)
  • retrofitted air conditioners of all brands and makes
  • Roof air conditioner
  • Of course we also retrofit air conditioning systems, here you can find our partner companies

Professional repair of a car air conditioner

Simply refill refrigerant?

In no case!

Because this is forbidden by law and only causes unnecessary costs for you.

Refrigerant has become quite expensive. If there are leaks, the high-priced liquid simply disappears again and the environment is unnecessarily polluted.

Refrigerant does not disappear from the closed refrigeration circuit without a reason (except for natural shrinkage).

If there is a hole in a water barrel, constantly refilling it will not bring success either.

If the air conditioner does not cool, there is a reason for it

Often we are asked on the phone, what an air conditioning repair costs, because the system is not cooling.

Unfortunately, this cannot be answered as a general rule. First of all, it is necessary to determine why the air conditioner has stopped working. The following reasons come into question:

  • Loss of refrigerant or low filling level
  • No refrigerant in the system
  • Leaks in the system present
  • Air conditioning condenser defective
  • air conditioning compressor defective
  • Leaky lines
  • etc.

Only when these points have been checked and repaired, refrigerant may be added – by an expert with a certificate for handling refrigerants!

Should your air conditioner work? Just come to us right away!

We get to the bottom of the problem and check your air conditioning system. Anyone who specializes in air-conditioning systems knows that refilling the refrigerant alone is useless. With us you get a professional air conditioning repair.

Which refrigerants do we work with?

Certificate for handling refrigerants

We are of course certified to work with refrigerants.

Of course, we are also equipped with all the necessary tools.

In addition, years of experience from transport refrigeration.

We are the air conditioning professionals and work with the following refrigerants:

  • R134a
  • R404a
  • R452a

Dealing with refrigerants requires a lot of background knowledge, which is why we are constantly educating ourselves to keep up with all the latest innovations.

Why we do not serve systems with 1234yf?

Because it is a highly toxic, highly corrosive (hydrofluoric acid), highly flammable and unpredictable refrigerant!

Our team is too valuable to us – to expose it to such dangers.

We advise every vehicle owner to inform himself about the refrigerant. First responders and rescue workers are also affected.

Key data on the killer refrigerant

(Source: see fact sheet link).

  • 1234yf is a highly flammable, colorless gas with a faint inherent odor.
  • Autoignition temperature is 405°Celsius (and that in the engine compartment!)
  • In the event of fire, hydrogen fluoride (HF) is formed, which reacts with water to form the extremely dangerous and corrosive hydrofluoric acid.
  • A burn the size of a hand at 40 % hydrofluoric acid is usually fatal due to its resorptive poisonous effect.
  • all information under the following link: Fact sheet refrigerant 1234yf, Pro Klima, VCD, Deutsche Umwelthilfe

Air conditioning system disinfection in the NFZ workshop center Berngau

Does it smell unpleasant in your vehicle when the air conditioner is running? Then it is time for a disinfection.

Air conditioning system disinfection in the NFZ workshop center Berngau

Where does the musty smell come from??

Wherever hot and cold meet, condensation forms.

This moisture is optimal breeding ground for bacteria. Especially allergy sufferers should regularly pay attention to limit the growth of bacteria.

Do not let bacteria develop in the first place!

Have your air conditioner cleaned regularly by us. We offer optimal solutions – talk to us.

Even for non-allergy sufferers, you breathe the air in the car, in a confined space. Air and pollen filters also need to be renewed regularly. You wouldn’t believe what the filters look like in parts – no one wants to breathe that in.

Your workshop for air conditioning repair, in the district of Neumarkt i.d.OPf.

You will find us directly in the industrial area Ziegelhohe in Berngau, approach via Muhlweg 3, directly at the state road St. 2238.

  • Federal road B299, on St. 2238
  • B8 federal highway, on St. 2238, Neumarkt i.d. OPf. Direction Freystadt
  • Federal highway B8, Postbauer-Heng, direction Tyrolsberg to Berngau
  • Freeway A3, exit Nr. 92 – Neumarkt i.d.OPf.
  • Freeway A9, exit no. 56 – Hilpoltstein, district of Roth
  • Freeway A9, Exit Nr. 55 – Allersberg

You will find a detailed map under the button “Your way to us″, see end of page.

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