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We are your cheap natural gas supplier in Swabia, Baden and nationwide – and all without bait offers and deceptive bonuses. As an independent family business with over 135 years of energy experience, we can act flexibly on the market and secure price advantages that we are happy to pass on to you.

Price calculator

Our price calculator shows you quickly and easily how much energy costs you can save with SCHARR WaRME. Let us calculate your personal offer for sustainable bio or conventional natural gas and order conveniently online with just a few clicks!

Natural gas – our service for you!

Natural gas types

Conventional natural gas or rather bio natural gas? Learn more about our natural gas types and order easily online.

Natural gas meter reading

The next meter reading is due and you’re tired of the detour to the post office? Then simply send us your meter reading online using our meter reading form!

This speaks for natural gas from SCHARR WaRME

Your advantages at a glance:

  • favorable natural gas prices
  • Environmentally friendly and climate-neutral thanks to CO2 exemption (at no extra cost)
  • competent customer service with a personal contact person
  • 12 or 24 months price guarantee
  • reliable and uncomplicated exchange service
  • on request with 10 % or 30 % biogas content

You have questions?

Give us a call, your personal contact will be happy to advise you!

Questions about switching suppliers

As a regional, independent energy supplier, we can act flexibly on the market and secure price advantages that we are happy to pass on to you.
our customers are mainly private households and small businesses. We guarantee you the highest security of supply and excellent customer service. At the same time, we are up to 25% cheaper than your basic supplier – without hidden costs and deceptive bait-and-switch offers. The best: Thanks to CO2 exemption you heat with us 100 % climate neutral. Of course without any additional costs, because we take care of them for you.

Switching has never been so easy: SCHARR WaRME offers all new gas customers a 100% switching service: We take care of all formalities for you, terminate your current gas supply contract and inform the responsible network operator. When you switch, you pay less and get more service. Everything else remains the same.

All you need to switch suppliers is the data from your last natural gas bill. Use our price calculator and change conveniently online. Or call our Free service hotline and we will take care of everything else for you: 0800 – 932 33 00

If you move within Germany, you can take your contract with SCHARR WaRME with you after consultation. Please inform us in time about the date of your move. We will then inform you immediately about the conditions at your new place of residence.

No matter whether basic supplier or alternative supplier: When you move, you should terminate the contract yourself. You can cancel your basic supply two weeks before moving out. This is set by law. If you have concluded a fixed-term contract with an alternative natural gas supplier, you should read the general terms and conditions again. Most suppliers grant a special right of termination in the event of a move.

If you switch to us, we will of course take care of the termination formalities for you. Only in these two exceptional cases should you cancel yourself:

1. If you wish to exercise a special right of termination due to a price increase.
2. If your term contract is about to expire. This means that you can avoid. are bound by contract with the old supplier for longer than you wish.

As a rule, you should reckon with about two weeks to change your meter.

No, no technical work on the meter is necessary to change the supplier. The meter continues to be maintained and read by the local network operator after a changeover.

You can submit your switch request to us up to one year in advance.

Don’t worry – during the changeover process, the energy supply continues to run without interruption. The so-called basic supply ordinance obliges your local basic supplier to supply households in the area with energy on a continuous basis. If your new contract does not directly connect to the old one, your basic supplier will step in. This guarantees an uninterrupted supply.

Every consumer with their own gas meter is free to choose their supplier and save money. Tenants with their own gas meter can also switch to SCHARRMANT GAS without any problems FREE switch. If you do not have your own meter, you can only switch by suggesting to your landlord or property manager that you switch to SCHARR WaRME – for example, because of SCHARR WaRME’s more favorable natural gas prices.

You will find the meter number on your annual bills or directly on your gas meter. This is located either in the apartment or in the basement rooms. The meter number is a fixed, non-changing number with four to 16 digits. It is usually written above or below a bar code.

You will find your customer number on the annual bills of your current supplier. It is often also referred to as the contract account number.

By entering your bank details, you can conveniently participate in the direct debit procedure. Annoying monthly transfers are no longer necessary, as we debit the contractually agreed amount from your account on time every month.


SCHARRMANT GAS FREE is qualitatively no better or worse than natural gas from other suppliers, but in many cases significantly cheaper.
In addition, thanks to CO2 exemption, you are guaranteed climate-neutral heating with us – without any additional costs, because we take care of them for you.

The natural gas price is made up of the costs for energy procurement, sales and network usage. In addition, there are government levies and taxes. As your energy supplier, we only have a direct influence on the non-state-mandated price components.

Depending on the tariff, we guarantee you our favorable natural gas price for 12 or 24 months. The price guarantee covers all costs that we can influence and the grid charges demanded by the grid operator. If taxes and government fees increase during the contract period, we may have to adjust the prices accordingly.

The amount of the discount is calculated by dividing the annual cost by the number of months. The annual costs in turn are calculated from the energy price per kilowatt hour consumed. We divide the calculation year by twelve months and round the reductions to smooth euro amounts.

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