Repair procedure

Convenient and uncomplicated – Repair processing at Endera Digitaltechnik. We offer our repairs at our premises or by shipment.

Repair by shipment:

  • />Diagnosis – read the error memory, remove the defective component.
  • />Repair order – conveniently and quickly place the repair order.
  • />Shipping – carefully pack the component to be repaired and send it to us.

Repair on site:

  • />Appointment – Make an appointment with us by phone.
  • />Visit – come with the vehicle to our workshop
  • />Ready – trouble-free driving after repair


If your speedometer is currently going crazy or all the symbols are flashing every now and then, the pointers are not moving or the speedometer light is flashing and flickering, then we offer you inexpensive and fast help in solving all these problems


A main computer of the vehicle is the engine control unit. The input information comes from the sensors to the ECU. If the control unit receives or detects faulty information, it sets an error. If the vehicle runs unsteadily, jerks, does not want to start or goes out again while driving



When the ABS control unit receives faulty or no information from the ABS sensor, it sets an error. This is signaled to the driver by the illumination of an error lamp in the instrument cluster. Unfortunately, the ABS control unit may also malfunction. In this case you have no other option


If the airbag control unit receives faulty or no information, it displays an error code. The instrument cluster signals this by lighting up an error lamp. Once an airbag has been deployed, the airbag control unit must be replaced. In many cases, it happens that the airbag error light comes on in the instrument cluster


But if the navigation system reports a reading error, then we cannot reach our destination. From a defective Navi we speak also if the CD or DVD ejection does not function any more, the display becomes black or white or flickers, the display of the Navi is completely failed and the route cannot be calculated correctly


We also offer repair service for many other car display instruments. In our offer you can also find services for the following devices

Our profile

Our company is a specialized automotive electronics company. We offer diagnostic, repair and assembly services of car electronics. The wide range of our services includes the repairs of:

  • Instrument cluster
  • Control units (engine control units, ABS/ESP control units, airbag control units, transmission control units, pump control units, etc.).)
  • Navigation systems
  • On-board computer
  • Various other car indicators

We attach great importance to precision and high quality of our work as well as individual customer service and fair, transparent prices.

Advantages that convince

We are proud of the fact that for years our company has been repeatedly chosen as one of the most popular brands among automotive electronics repair shops. Our service quality was rated with 5 stars – in Google Business.

There are good reasons to cooperate with us:

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