Porsche taycan turbo s

Detail view for comparison

New car

Detailed view for comparison

New car

In our electric car comparison you will find many electric cars from numerous manufacturers. We have gathered technical data for you, such as the WLTP range, battery capacity or performance. The cars can also be compared against each other.

Here you will not only find all manufacturer specifications, but also practical values such as a realistic range or the real energy consumption of the cars. We want to make it easy for newcomers to find the right electric car for them.

Our comparison makes it easy to compare electric cars with each other. Use our search to quickly find an electric car that fits your criteria.

Electric car comparison.de is looking for reinforcement !

At electric car comparison.de is a website that was created out of the conviction to bring electromobility in Germany a bit further forward.

Started last year full of euphoria, we now unfortunately had to realize that the maintenance effort is much higher than thought. Apart from some other projects (with which we also earn our living), we unfortunately do not manage to keep this heart project up to date.

That’s why we are looking for someone who would like to work on this project by helping to keep our database up to date and, if necessary, to support us. is also ready to write an article or two.

Should you feel addressed, please feel free to contact us. You can find our contact information in the imprint. Everything else we can discuss in person.

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