gti design study: this golf costs more than four million euros

The VW Design Vision GTI looks very dynamic even when stationary

T his is by far the meanest Golf ever to leave Wolfsburg – even if there have been more powerful and faster examples before it. In the summer, the concept car was still celebrated by the fan community of the fastest Volkswagen at the traditional meeting at the Worthersee.

Now the study Design Vision GTI in razor blade design has an appearance at the Los Angeles Auto Show. Its creators granted it a short trip on the asphalt – albeit with throttled thrust.

When this V6 TSI starts up, the throaty roar from the two tailpipes leaves no doubt about the power that could be unleashed here, if you were allowed to. So the uber-GTI could only refer to its data sheet acoustically on the short stretch to the small pylon slalom.

As there is: a direct injection gasoline engine with double turbocharging, 503 hp output, the maximum torque of 560 Newton meters is at 4000 to 6000 rpm. The immense forward thrust is distributed to all four wheels via a dual-clutch gearbox (DSG). The price for the one-off is over four million euros.

Optical deception with the C-pillars

The fact that the speedometer needle is supposed to touch the number 300 is just as believable for the white-black projectile as the claim that it can go from 0 to 100 km/ in 3.9 seconds. The study’s 3.0-liter power plant not only has one liter more displacement, it also doubles the output of the current seventh-generation Golf GTI (220 hp) and adds a few more horses to it.

Every detail of this vision of a possible future for the next GTI must have been a source of great pleasure for the team led by Volkswagen’s head of design Klaus Bischoff. The concept looks as if it wants to peel off its skin even before take-off. An optical illusion, as the C-pillars and side skirts literally grow out of a plastic shell to capture the wider track of the special 20-inch tires with this sleek and elegant solution.

The Design Vision GTI is fitted with 235 tires at the front and 275 tires at the rear. The concept car, which is intended to be more than just a show car, is peppered with black panels. These “blades” (dt. Blades), as they are called at Volkswagen, flank the matte black grille at the front and are also used as a styling element at the rear.

The red brake calipers are the only effective color accent. Like a picture puzzle, the current GTI shimmers through again and again as a visual cue.

Cockpit like in motor sports

In the compact interior, the design vision wears a cool gray racing overall with bucket seats and a carbon look for the surfaces. The small, downward-flattened steering wheel is easy to grip and, as in motorsport, has a button for three chassis settings. The deep, wide engine hood, under which the transversely mounted six-cylinder engine is concealed, dips away from the driver’s seat as he looks forward.

What this car could do must remain a mystery, after all, it is a precious one-off. Of course, even GTI connoisseur Hans-Joachim Stuck couldn’t really be satisfied with the few meters, but they do inspire him. Volkswagen’s hybrid XL1, which looks like a space glider, was also available for a few test laps.

Fifty of the pre-production series have already been built, and the remaining 200 have almost been sold, as was heard. And if it should be a bit more in the future, there will always be a GTI.

The sports car that used to be an Audi Avant

560 hp should be enough for any occasion. Far from it: The tuning company Abt turns the Audi RS6 Avant into a 700 hp bullet. The “Welt” newspaper tested it on a closed-off track.

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