Emilia gt: chic restomod at a stunning price

Emilia GT: Chic restomod at a breathtaking price

Oldtimerhandler is not quite saying goodbye to its roots, of course, and it and its partners are not the only ones to take credit for the model. The Emilia GT is based on the Alfa Giulia GT, which was introduced in 1963 and achieved fame and glory as the Alfa Bertone. Just as the U.S. manufacturer Singer does with Porsche models, Mechatronik with Mercedes and Memminger with Beetles, he wants to bring the old Alfa into the present day with modern technology and follows the trend toward high-tech classic cars, which are currently very popular as “restomods. Because they are not only restored, but also modernized at the same time – and ideally with the technology of the same manufacturer. (BMW M3 of the 80s relaunched – is this restomod better than a new car?)

An Emilia GT

Therefore Steinkuehler marries an old Alfa Bertone with a new Giulia QV and plants together with its development partner Velo performance from Berlin above all their powerful heart under the hood of the classical car. Where previously a maximum of 2.0 liters of displacement, four cylinders and 131 hp were available, now six pistons romp through 2.9 liters and hurl 510 hp and 600 Nm from the crankshaft. (Legend Automobiles Turbo 3: Renault 5 Turbo as a chic Restomod version)

Restomod Emilia GT: Axles and automatic from the Giulia

For the heart transplant to succeed, the Emilia GT will need a completely new front end, so there won’t be much left of the old bodywork from the windshield frontward. And to make the whole thing even halfway drivable, Steinkuehler also builds in the axles and the automatic from the Giulia and even takes over the paddle shifters on the steering wheel.

Although the wood is still used and the instruments are analog, there is also a lot of new technology: automatic air conditioning, power windows and modern infotainment are a must, as are the comfortable Recaros. The rear seat seems to be dispensable and is removed without further ado.

An Emilia GT

Restomod Emilia GT: “This will be mighty war vorangehen”

Yes, the drivetrain is up to date, but the driving experience is likely to be much more archaic than Alfisti are used to today. First, because Steinkuehler installs ABS and traction control, but at least denies himself ESP. And secondly, because the Emilia GT is only 1.weighs 250 kilograms and will not soon weigh two tons like the Giulia. Where already the series car creates 310 km/h, the Emilia GT should tear loosely at least the 300er mark and not as in former times with 200 km/h against a wall from wind drive. “It’s going to be a great success,” says Steinkuhler, who can hardly wait until the digital sketches on his desk finally turn into a tangible car in the garage and he can take off on his maiden voyage. (Grandiose restomod Porsche: 993 Speedster by Gunther Werks offers an unusual option)

For Steinkuhler, it was only logical that his first car had to be an Alfa, even if he did occasionally consider a Lancia, which he rejected because of the low numbers of current models and the corresponding lack of adequate donor vehicles. “After all, my first car was an Alfasud, says the father of the Emilia GT, who has not been able to get rid of this virus since then.

Restomod Emilia GT: classic car enthusiasts often disappointed by “real” classics

Unfortunately, this virulence has seriously diminished in recent years and not quite as many people are infected by his love for the old tin. “Clearly, many car fans still rave about the old forms and miss the emotions in modern cars,” Steinkuehler has observed among his customers. But whether they return from the test drive in a Ferrari Testarossa, a Lancia Delta Integrale or an Alfa Bertone, Steinkuehler often sees disappointment in their faces: “The performance is no longer up to date, the comfort is not up to date, and then also without air conditioning and power steering. Not to mention maintenance,” he says, summing up the criticism that ultimately led him to the costly organ transplantation.

View into the cockpit of the Emilia GT

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Restomod Emilia GT: Electric motor not emotional enough

Of course, Steinkuhler and his partners also took the opportunity to think about an electric motor, because it is trendy, opens up new customer groups and requires even less maintenance than a modern combustion engine. But it was precisely the triumphant advance of electric cars that prevented Steinkuhler from making the really big leap on the timeline. “Our car is supposed to be something special. Who commutes the week over between dwelling and office electrically, which may be pleased on weekend on the solid sound of a combustion engine and be on the way accordingly emotional.”

Restomod Emilia GT: that’s what one costs

While white Steinkuhler, that with this project he will antagonize some traditionalists, because an old car is sacred to them. Even if he speaks of 95 percent agreement in the circle of Alfisti. But first of all, he deliberately chose a model from mass production and not a rare Ferrari or Maserati. „After all, more than 220 Giulia GTs have been built in over ten years.000 units were built, so that 22 conversions can probably be ignored.“ And secondly, he would never have dared to sacrifice a well-preserved classic for the Emilia, the restomodder affirms. „We deliberately sought out donor vehicles that were no longer roadworthy anyway and are thus putting a few more Alfas back on the road.“ Just as impressive as the looks and technology of the Emilia GT restomod, however, is the price: between 400.000 and 500.000 euros buyers will probably have to invest. (Benjamin Bessinger/SP-X)

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