electric mobility from 2030 no new registrations for gasoline and diesel cars?

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The states apparently do not want to allow cars with gasoline or diesel engines after 2030. This is reported by the news magazine “Der Spiegel” in its latest issue. The decision had been made in the recent meeting of the Federal Council.

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This would mean that both SPD- and Union-led states have agreed on the electric mobility resolution. However, it is not a direct decision for Germany, but follows indirectly from a demand made by the Bundesrat to the EU Commission.

Demand to the EU-Commission

According to Spiegel, the resolution calls on the EU Commission to “evaluate the effectiveness of the Member States’ existing tax and levy practices in terms of promoting zero-emission mobility [. The aim is to ensure that only zero-emission passenger cars are registered throughout the EU by 2030 at the latest”.

Background of the decision is the climate agreement. To meet targets, German CO2 emissions must fall sharply. In the transport sector, the key lies in the use of electric cars. But so far, Germany is lagging far behind the original goals here. Even a premium to stimulate the purchase of electric cars or cars with hybrid technology has so far not brought the hoped-for success.

The decision is all the more astonishing because the conference of transport ministers of the states has put off the introduction of a blue sticker to keep the air clean in inner cities.


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