Electric cars with towbar 2022: what are the models and what are the problems??

Never before have so many electric cars come onto the market at once as in recent months. Customers:inside have a wide choice, but once you ask for a trailer hitch, not many models remain. Why e-cars and trailers do not seem to go together?

The problem is once again the energy consumption and thus the decreasing range. It is not about the infrastructure at all, because enough charging stations can be found on the way to the vacation in any case. Maybe a plug-in hybrid is the better choice then? We explain what is really behind the small selection of e-cars with trailer operation and also have a selection of hybrids for you that can tow a trailer.

Which e-cars have a trailer hitch?

Many customers want an electric car or a plug-in hybrid, but also want to be able to tow loads if necessary. We have listed the e-car models and plug-in hybrids that can be ordered with a trailer hitch from the factory:

Current e-cars with trailer hitch
Model Surcharge max.
Towing capacity
BMW iX 1.200 € 2.500 kg Compare offers
Skoda Enyaq iV 890 € 1.000 kg Compare offers
VW ID.4 858 € 1.200 kg Compare offers
Hyundai Ioniq 5 k.A. 1.600 kg Compare offers
BMW i4 1.100 € 1.600 kg Compare offers
Audi Q4 e-tron 950 € 1.200 kg Compare offers
Audi e-tron 790 € 1.800 kg Compare offers
Ford Mustang Mach-E 572 € 750 kg Compare offers
Opel Combo-e Life 894 € 750 kg Compare offers
VW ID.4 GTX k.A. 1.400 kg Compare offers
Jaguar I-Pace 2.012 € 750 kg Compare offers
Mercedes EQC 1.142 € 1.800 kg Compare offers
BMW iX3 1.100 € 750 kg Compare offers
Polestar 2 1.100 € 1.500 kg Compare offers
Volvo XC40 Recharge
Pure Electric
k. A. 1.500 kg Compare offers
Citroen e-Berlingo 725 € 750 kg Compare offers
Peugeot e-Rifter 532 € 750 kg Compare offers
Tesla Model X none 2.250 kg Compare offers
Tesla Model 3 1.069 € 910 kg Compare offers
Tesla Model Y 1.050 € 1.600 kg Compare offers
Current plug-in hybrid cars
with trailer hitch
Model Surcharge max.
Towing capacity
Ford Kuga 868 € 1.200 kg Compare offers
VW Golf GTE 858 € 1.700 kg Compare offers
VW Tiguan e-Hybrid k.A. 1.200 kg Compare offers
Cupra Formentor e-Hybrid 840 € 1.500 kg Compare offers
Hyundai Tucson k. A. 1.350 kg Compare offers
Kia Sorento 690 € 1.500kg Compare offers
Toyota RAV4 890 € 1.650 kg Compare offers
Seat Tarraco e-Hybrid 205 € 2.000 kg Compare offers
Mercedes A-Class 928 € 1.600 kg Compare offers
Mercedes GLA 952 € 1.800 kg Compare offers
VW Passat GTE 619 € 1.900 kg Compare offers
KIA Niro 700 € 1.300 kg Compare offers
Skoda Octavia Combi iV k. A. 1.600 kg Compare offers
Seat Leon ST e-Hybrid 785 € 1.500 kg Compare offers
Seat Leon e-Hybrid 785 € 1.500 kg Compare offers
Renault Captur 1.120 € 750 kg Compare offers
Toyota RAV4 773 € 1.500 kg Compare offers
KIA Optima Sportswagon 682 € 1.500 kg Compare offers
Mitsubishi Outlander 570 € 1.500 kg Compare offers
BMW X5 1.170 € 2.700 kg Compare offers
BMW 3 Series Touring 925 € 1.500 kg Compare offers
BMW 5 series 1.170 € 1.700 kg Compare offers
BMW X1 780 € 750 kg Compare offers
Renault Captur 438 € 750 kg Compare offers
Audi A7 Sportback TFSI e 990 € 2.000 kg Compare offers
Ford Explorer 665 € 2.500 kg Compare offers
Mercedes E-Class 1.114 € 2.100 kg Compare offers
Mercedes E-Class T-Model 1.114 € 2.100 kg Compare offers
Volvo XC90 1.082 € 2.400 kg Compare offers
Volvo XC60 1.043 € 2.100 kg Compare offers
Volvo V90 1.082 € 2.100 kg Compare offers
Volvo V60 1.043 € 2.000 kg Compare offers
Volvo S90 1.082 € 2.100 kg Compare offers
Volvo S60 1.043 € 2.000 kg Compare offers
DS 7 Crossback E-Tense 877 € 1.250 kg Compare offers
Mercedes GLE 1.114 € 2.700 kg Compare offers
Porsche Cayenne E-Hybrid k. A. 3.500 kg Compare offers
Jeep Compass none 1.325 kg Compare offers

The surcharges refer to the preparation for a trailer hitch for most models. The clutch carrier and the installation often cause further costs. Contact your car dealer for this.

For some models there are retrofit kits for trailer couplings for sale, for example for the Renault Zoe. But be aware of the points mentioned, because if the manufacturer has not officially communicated a trailer or drawbar load, it is questionable whether the operating license of the vehicle is still valid if you install it yourself, or the warranty expires.

Can you tow a trailer with an electric car?

Many interested people want a trailer hitch for their e-car, especially the electric small cars are often desired with trailer hitch, because it’s not like everyone wants to pull a horse trailer with it right away. Often it is only a matter of taking garden waste to the recycling center or transporting objects over short distances. So, on the whole, it’s not a big deal, but customers have a hard time deciding in favor of an electric car when a trailer hitch is required.

The frustration of many potential buyers is understandable, because for most of them a towing capacity of 750 kilograms would be completely sufficient and feasible – even for small electric cars.

From the manufacturer’s point of view, however, electric cars and trailers don’t really go together, because only a few car brands release their electric cars for towing. This is a pity, because it means that customers who definitely need a car with a trailer option continue to opt for a conventional drive or a plug-in hybrid – here the choice is much greater. The reason given for many problems is – the battery.

Why electric cars can not pull trailers?

This is a good question, because if you look at the requirements that a car must meet to be able to tow a trailer, electric cars should have no problem with this. A car should weigh

  1. sufficient torque and
  2. have a sufficiently high weight.

If the car is sufficiently heavy, it cannot be pushed by the trailer when braking and with sufficient torque it gets well from the spot even with additional weight. So from torque and weight results the permissible towing capacity.

Electric cars meet both criteria in most cases. The weight of the vehicle increases because of the battery and e-cars do not lack torque either. Some models perform even better on the road than conventionally powered cars.

To put it in a nutshell: Actually, there should be no problem with a trailer. But once again the battery and the range are pushed forward. According to manufacturer:inside with a high additional weight the energy consumption of the accumulator rises enormously. This is theoretically correct, but as I said, the weight of the leaves from the garden should not be a problem for the battery at all.

The second argument, which is also only marginally comprehensible, is the sharply declining range. Of course, diesel or gasoline cars with trailers also consume more fuel, but they have more capacity. With an electric car, the range drops by up to 70 percent and is thus so short that longer distances would only be possible with frequent charging stops. Of course, there are also e-cars with a long range, but not all of them are allowed to pull trailers again.

The trip from one’s house to the community’s green-garden drop-off area or a short trip to the hardware store are probably 90% of the cases in which a trailer hitch is needed. Why many brands have considered not equipping their e-cars with a trailer coupling in the first place is a mystery to us. The possibility should be given in any case, because then the clientele can still decide for themselves how they want to use the e-car.

What solutions are there?

At the moment, unfortunately, not many, because either you opt for one of the models listed above and in some cases perhaps risk losing the manufacturer’s warranty, or you make a compromise and go for a plug-in hybrid. Here the choice of models with towing capacity is much larger. Let’s hope that car manufacturers will soon accept customers’ wishes for a trailer coupling.

You can also find further interesting information on topics relating to e-cars with us. Why you don’t have to worry about your electric car breaking down, what home charging options are available, or how long the delivery times for current e-cars are – we’ll be happy to tell you all about it and much more.

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