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With PEUGEOT electric cars, you choose CO₂-free mobility. Our all-electric vehicles combine an innovative design with eco-friendly driving performance and state-of-the-art technologies. From compact cars to compact SUVs and functional station wagons – we have the right electric car for every need.

Discover our electric vehicles

The PEUGEOT e-208 compact car on the road

Our electric city car with a modern and expressive silhouette is the ideal companion for your everyday life. Discover the all-new PEUGEOT 3D i-Cockpit®, which gives you an exciting, immersive driving experience.

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New electric SUV PEUGEOT e-2008

Striking design, impressive power and sportiness, as well as an all-new PEUGEOT 3D i-Cockpit®: experience in our new compact electric SUV how exciting the driving experience in an electric car is.

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The electric high-roof station wagon PEUGEOT e-RIFTER

With its athletic and robust design, modern and comfortable interior, advanced technologies and impressive modularity, our electric high-roof station wagon is ready for any adventure.

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PEUGEOT e-Traveller electric van

Thanks to its comfort, spaciousness and extremely flexible interior, this 100% electric touring van lets you go big in comfort.

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Make your life easier:

  • Charging capacity: 80 % of the range (resp. 270 km) in approx. Recover 30 minutes*
  • Numerous charging solutions
  • Remote management of your trips and vehicle functions
  • Rent a vehicle with an internal combustion engine at any time and with complete flexibility
  • 8-year warranty: individual maintenance offer

* Charging time with DC direct current fast charging station according to CCS charging standard with 100 kW charging power. Charging time can vary and depends on the type of charging station, ambient temperature, outside temperature and battery temperature.

PEUGEOT CO2 emissions image

Electric cars are all about driving pleasure:

  • Up to 340 km range (according to WLTP**)
  • No compromises in design, comfort and driving performance
  • Smooth, quiet driving
  • From 0 to 100 km/h in 8.1 seconds***
  • Easy entry into designated low emission zones
  • 0 g CO2 for propulsion

** The values were determined according to the more realistic test procedure WLTP (Worldwide harmonized Light vehicles Test Procedure), which replaces the test procedure with reference to the NEDC (New European Driving Cycle). The consumption and range of a vehicle depend not only on the efficient use of energy by the vehicle, but are also influenced by driving behavior and other non-technical factors.

*** Data refer to the PEUGEOT e-208.

PEUGEOT picture to the savings

Here’s how to save with an electric vehicle from PEUGEOT:

  • Lower energy costs compared to fuel consumption
  • Lower operating costs due to reduced maintenance requirements


Discover the PEUGEOT e-208 electric car. Its modern, lively silhouette makes the small car with 100% electric drive the perfect everyday companion. Discover an intuitive and innovative driving experience with the new 3D i-Cockpit®*.

*Available by version.

Discover the compact electric SUV PEUGEOT e-2008. Experience a previously unknown kind of electric mobility thanks to its powerful, athletic design and the new PEUGEOT 3D i-Cockpit®*. With a range of up to 310 km according to WLTP**, the electric SUV is also perfect for long distances.

**The range indicated represents an average value for each model range. It may vary under everyday conditions and depends on various factors, z.B. Equipment, options, tires, outside temperature, personal driving style or route characteristics.


How to charge a PEUGEOT electric car?

PEUGEOT electric cars offer different convenient charging options. Common to all: charging a PEUGEOT electric car is quick, easy and intuitive!


Private charging means charging your electric car at home or at work. This charging option is particularly advantageous, as there are several practical and economic arguments in favor of it:

  • You can charge your electric car from a standard household socket (1.8 kW, 8A).
  • You can use a Green’Up reinforced socket (3.2 kW, 14A). This option is faster compared to charging at a standard household outlet.


There is a network of public charging stations for electric cars, just as there is a network of gas stations for vehicles with internal combustion engines. This important network is growing extremely fast: with Charge My Car*, an offer from Free2Move**, you have access to over 220.000 public charging stations in Europe.

At public fast charging stations with 100 kW, the battery can be charged in approx. Charge up to 80% in 30 minutes***.

* Paid service from Free2Move.

** Free2Move is a mobile app and onboard application that facilitates, in particular, the recharging of electric vehicles (find compatible charging stations, recharge with smart card or via the app, plan route by locating the charging stations and taking into account the charging time …).

*** Charging time may vary and depends on the type of charging station, ambient temperature, outside temperature and battery temperature.

How to manage the range of my vehicle?

The range of an electric car refers to the distance that can be traveled before the battery is completely discharged. Users want to be sure that the data provided by the manufacturer reflects the most realistic consumption possible before making a purchase. The WLTP protocol (Worldwide harmonized Light vehicle Test Procedure) is currently the most realistic representation of the consumption and range of an electric car.

How to optimize the range of my electric car?

How to use the range of your electric car efficiently:

– Keep an eye on the charging indicator in your electric car – the instrument cluster displays your vehicle’s energy consumption in real time.

– Use your smartphone: with the MyPEUGEOT app, you can control the charging of your electric car remotely at your convenience.

– With the MyPEUGEOT app, you can also pre-condition your electric car while charging it. This optimizes range by giving you more energy for driving later on.

– Choose energy-efficient driving modes such as eco or brake mode.

Tips for an energy-efficient driving style:

– Activate the brake mode: instead of stepping on the brake pedal, you can also use the engine brake to decelerate and brake. This increases the recuperation (energy recovery) of the battery and conserves range.

– Use Eco mode: in Eco mode, the car consumes less power because engine output is reduced to an energy-efficient level. This mode is best suited for the city.

– Air-condition the interior while charging: you can set the desired temperature via the MyPEUGEOT app. How to make perfect use of the charging time.

– Maintain your tires regularly: tread and tire pressure must be correct. This is particularly important for electric cars, as poor tire condition has a negative impact on range.

What are the advantages of an electric car?


Admittedly: Electric cars are usually more expensive to buy than a comparable model with an internal combustion engine. However, other factors also play a role in the total cost of a vehicle: fuel or fuel consumption. Energy costs, insurance and maintenance of the vehicle must also be considered. If you compare the total cost of ownership of electric cars with that of combustion engine vehicles (from a similar category), you will usually find that electric cars are far cheaper to maintain.

On average, an electric car will save you money (compared to vehicles with internal combustion engines) on fuel or fuel costs. 40% on electricity costs and 30% on maintenance costs.


With the green environmental badge, low-emission vehicles and electric cars can move freely in the city at any time.

Advantages for vehicle registration

Depending on where you live, you may be able to get partial or full exemption from vehicle registration fees when you purchase an electric vehicle.

Access to environmental zones in the city center

Drive in the city without worries – with your electric car you have unlimited access to environmental zones.

A lively and dynamic driving experience

On board your electric vehicle, you will enjoy an absolutely silent driving experience. Take full advantage of the direct response of the electric motor.

Is an electric car suitable for all routes?

PEUGEOT electric cars such as the PEUGEOT e-208 or the PEUGEOT e-2008 will inspire you with optimal road holding and excellent handling. They are quiet and can always be air-conditioned to a comfortable temperature. Due to their light weight, they emit less CO2 and offer an exhilarating driving experience.

The idea that an electric car has less power than a gasoline or diesel vehicle is simply wrong. Although they are equipped with low-noise engines, electric cars do not necessarily offer less power. They reach the same top speed as gasoline- or diesel-powered vehicles and offer driving pleasure on a whole new level, as they drive completely quietly and with extremely low vibrations. Moreover, electric cars accelerate and decelerate just as quickly as conventionally powered vehicles.

Thanks to the services offered by the MyPEUGEOT app and the Free2Move Services app, you also benefit from the following advantages:

  • Control and schedule the charging of your electric car with e-Remote Control via the MyPEUGEOT app directly from your smartphone. You can also set the interior temperature.
  • Plan your electric car journey with Charge My Car services. Whether you are driving in the city, on the highway or on a country road, you can reach your destination safely thanks to the large Free2Move network of charging stations.
  • You still need more independence? With the Mobility Pass, you can lease a gasoline or diesel vehicle at particularly attractive conditions.

What financing options does PEUGEOT offer for electric vehicles??

PEUGEOT offers several ways to finance your electric car. Simply choose the option that suits you best.

Leasing an electric car
Whether mileage or residual value leasing, with leasing the monthly installments remain particularly low and you simply return your electric car at the end of the term.

With kilometer leasing, you pay for the kilometers you actually drive and agree on a certain total mileage when you sign the contract. At the end of the contract, the agreed mileage is compared with the actual mileage.

Residual value leasing is the perfect alternative to mileage leasing if you do not want to commit to a total mileage when signing the contract. The pre-calculated residual value is disclosed when you sign the contract. At the end of the contract, the agreed and actual residual value are compared with each other.

Electric car leasing with purchase option
With the 3-way financing you have the choice and decide only at the end of the term whether you want to change to a new PEUGEOT or keep your leased electric car. In this case, you can conveniently choose follow-up financing or pay the final installment in full.

Financing an electric car
With classic financing, you can fulfill your desire for your own electric car immediately and conveniently. Thanks to a flexible financing period of up to 7 years, the monthly installment can be specifically adapted to your financial situation. And at the end of the term the car is then yours.

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