Electric cars: an overview

Anyone who buys an electric car usually plans carefully and over the long term; impulse purchases are rare outside the luxury class. We advise you on all the important aspects before you visit a car dealership. Here you will find an overview of the most popular models, everything about subsidies and the expected costs.

If you want to buy an electric car, you need to know your needs and should consider some other factors: What range do I really need and which model is suitable for me? An inexpensive electric car is more suitable for shorter distances in particular. Thanks to government subsidies for e-cars, individual models are already available for less than 20 euros.000 euros.

The top ten electric cars in Germany

The market for electric cars continues to grow. More and more drivers are switching to electric cars: In the first half of 2021 alone, the Federal Motor Transport Authority registered more than 148.000 newly registered all-electric passenger cars and almost 384.00 Hybrid models.

These are the ten most popular electric cars in the first half of 2021, listed by new registrations from January to July:

Model New registrations Vehicle category
VW e-up! 15.271 Subcompact cars
Tesla Model 3 13.719 Mid-size
VW ID 3 12.915 Compact class
Hyundai Kona electric 9.959 SUV
Smart Fortwo 9.322 subcompact cars
Renault Zoe 8.819 Small cars
VW ID 4 5.878 SUV
BMW i3 5.696 Small cars
Opel Corsa-e 5.597 Small cars
Mini Cooper SE 4.590 Small car

For an overview of current e-cars, see our article and the “Electric Cars 2021” image gallery.

What you should also consider before buying: Charge at home in the garage where your wallbox hangs, at constantly changing charging stations on the road and/or perhaps at your employer’s? In our guide section on the subject of “Charging electric cars we have summarized all the important aspects for you. Would you like to familiarize yourself with the technology first?? The electric motor has been technically mature for a long time, but the development of batteries and digital elements of future automobiles is making dramatic progress. We also give you an insight into the basics of electric car technology.

Arm with hand opens with car key electric car

Buying an electric car: What you should consider

Buy now, rather wait or defensively choose a hybrid model? Every decision has its advantages and disadvantages ..

Electric cars from VW: ID Buzz

New e-cars 2021

E-mobility gets rolling. We have picked out the most interesting newcomers of 2019 and 2020 for you. Curtain up!

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Subsidies for electric cars: What you need to know

The federal government has been promoting the purchase of pure e-mobiles and hybrid models since July 2016. We tell you how to get the subsidy.

What does an electric car cost?

At the moment, most electric vehicles are still somewhat more expensive to buy than gasoline or diesel models. This is mainly due to the higher development costs with lower unit numbers. Prices vary considerably – they are based not least on battery capacity and range. You can save quite a bit on the maintenance of e-cars, as our cost comparison shows.

What prospective buyers should be aware of: Some electric cars are available for purchase, but they have long delivery times. Your dealer should be able to give you a binding statement after a test drive. Also ask if you can test drive the car of your choice for a longer period of time, so that you are sure about it.

What does it cost to run a car – the “full cost”??

At the latest when you look at the “full costs – i.e. purchase and depreciation, fuel, workshop and other ancillary costs – it becomes clear: Appearances are deceptive. Cars with internal combustion engines must concede defeat to electric drive or incur comparable costs. We have provided you with an overview of the total costs for e-cars. In a comparison, the ADAC determines the costs of various vehicles per kilometer. The automobile club sets an annual mileage of 15.000 kilometers and a holding period of five years. In addition, the ADAC takes into account in the comparison government subsidies electric vehicles and a deduction of 15 percent of the list price for internal combustion vehicles.

Some examples:

39.4 cents per kilometer for the Renault Zoe R110 Z electric car.E. 40. The comparable gasoline engine – Renault Clio TCe 90 (67 kW) – costs 37.2 cents.

VW’s ID 3 Life (107 kW) with a 58 kWh battery has a price per kilometer of 43.7 cents. The price per kilometer for the equivalent internal combustion Golf 1.5 eTSI Life DSG (110 kW) is 45 cents.

The difference is clearer for BMW. The i3 electric model (125 kW) costs 48.6 cents per kilometer. The corresponding value for the diesel 111d (110 kW) is 55.7 cents.

Hard to estimate the resale value or. The depreciation of an electric car. Diesel vehicles are devalued by the threat of driving bans or by the obligation to retrofit them. With an electric car, you can be sure that they have hardly any wearing parts and are therefore less susceptible to repair – and the future belongs to this drive system . If you don’t want to invest in a new car, you can choose – in addition to renting, leasing and car sharing – to buy used electric cars, for example.

How does the promotion work?

Electric cars bring some economic advantages. In the first place: With electricity one drives more favorably than with gasoline. In addition, electric cars are exempt from vehicle tax until 2030, can drive, park and charge with privileges with E-plates. In addition, the federal government promotes electric cars with the environmental bonus. It is up to 6.000 Euro. In addition, up to 3.000 Euro from the manufacturers. So in total there is a maximum of 9.000 euros subsidy for the purchase of an all-electric vehicle.

For a hybrid vehicle that can be charged from the outside (plug-in hybrid), the maximum subsidy from the state is 6.750 euros. In addition, there are income tax advantages for electric cars and hybrid vehicles as company cars: Since 2020, the taxable “pecuniary advantage” amounts to 0.25 percent of the gross list price. Strong arguments for the next salary discussion with the employer!

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