Electric cars 2020: these 25 e-cars you should know (overview)

  • Electric cars novelties 2019 2020

    Photos: Mini, Mercedes/Daimler, Tesla, Audi

  • Audi e-tron electric car

    © Audi AG

  • Electric car BMW i3 / BMW i3s

    Photo © BMW

  • Citroen e-Mehari

    Photo: WikimediaCommons

  • Electric car e.Go Life 20 40 60

    Photo © e.Go Mobile

  • Hyundai Ioniq electric car

    Photo © Hyundai

  • Image: Hyundai Kona Electric

  • Photo: Kia Motors

  • Electric car Kia Soul EV

    Photo © Kia Motors

  • MIcrolino 2019

    Photo: Micro Mobility

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  • Electric car leaderboard: Nissan e-NV200

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  • Nissan Leaf electric car (2017 model)

    Photo © Nissan

  • Nissan Leaf 2019

    Photo: Nissan

  • Electric car Opel Ampera-E

    Photo © Opel

  • Photo: Renault

  • Renault Zoe 2019

    Photo: Renault

  • Smart Fortwo ED Electric Drive

    Photo © Daimler AG

  • Tesla Model 3 black electric car

    © Tesla

  • Ranking the best electric cars: Tesla Model S

    © Tesla

  • Electric car Volkswagen VW E-Golf

    Photo © Volkswagen AG

  • Electric car Volkswagen VW E-Up

    Photo © Volkswagen

  • Mercedes EQC

    Photo: Mercedes/Daimler

  • Photo © BMW Group

  • Uniti-One

    Photo: Uniti

  • Solar car Sion | Electric car from Sono Motors

    © Sono Motors

  • Nobe 100 E-Cabrio electric car from Estonia

    Photo © Nobe Cars

  • VW electric car study Volkswagen ID I.D

    Photo: Volkswagen

  • Tesla Model 3

    Photo: Tesla

  • Final image

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Overview: All 2019 electric cars& 2020

2019 was the most important year yet for electromobility in Germany: manufacturers such as Tesla, Audi, Mercedes or Mini Brought out new e-cars. Other electric cars like the popular Nissan Leaf received important upgrades, which Range concern.

This photo gallery shows the electric cars Of all the major manufacturers currently on the market or coming in 2020 – from A like Audi e-tron to V like Volkswagen e-up!

Luxury electric car with a base price beyond 80.000 Euro we have left out.

A-F: Audi e-tron quattro

Ingolstadt-based company plans 20 e-cars and plug-in hybrids across all segments. In 2019, an SUV will make the start: the Audi e-tron quattro.

The top speed of the e-tron is limited to 200 km/h. Embarrassingly, even the Renault Zoe (see later) will soon have the same range but cost only a third.

  • Base price: ca. 80.000 Euro
  • Range: 415 km (WLTP)
  • Electric car premium: no, too expensive

A-F: BMW i3

The BMW i3 (since 2013) is already a modern classic and so far the most popular German-made electric car.

The small car (pictured in a sports variant) is 95% recyclable according to the manufacturer, also BMW has pushed some sustainability measures in recent years.

Since the end of 2018, the Variant 120 Ah Now has more powerful batteries, doubling the e-bummer’s range compared to previous models.

  • Base price: ca. 38.000 euros
  • Range: up to 300 km (WLTP), 260 km is realistic
  • Environmental bonus: ✓

A-F: Citroen e-Mehari

The Citroen e-Mehari is an open leisure electric car with a plastic body, the roof of the buggy can be closed with a tarpaulin cover. The e-Mehari reaches 110 km/h, and a full charge at a domestic socket takes about 13 hours. Although cheap, but due to the lack of windows for German weather conditions rather unsuitable.

  • Base price: ca. 25.300 euros
  • Range: 195 km (NEDC)
  • Electric car premium: ✓

A-F: e.Go Life 20/40/60

Finally, an affordable electric car from German production: a start-up promises to make its electric runabout e.Go Life soon to stir up our cities.

In April 2019, the first customers should be supplied in three variants, which bring between 120 and 180 km range (NEDC) on the road. Top speeds: between 116 and 150 km/h.

  • Base price: from approx. 15.900 euros
  • Range: up to 180 km (NEDC), realistically 150-160 km
  • Electric car premium: Presumably, not yet known

G-M: Hyundai Ioniq electric

The Hyundai Ioniq electric (since 2016) manages a top speed of 165 km/h and a range of 280 km (NEDC). The 443-liter trunk of the e-car offers space.

In its price class, the Korean is one of the range-strongest Stromer. We have the Hyundai Ioniq electric therefore tested extensively.

  • Base price: 33.300 euros
  • Range: 280 km (NEDC), more realistic 220 km
  • Electric car premium: ✓

G-M: Hyundai Kona Electric

With a promised range of 480 kilometers, the Hyundai Kona electric (since late 2018) currently the range competitor, the Tesla most feared. Top speed: 155 km/h, environmental values: excellent. If an SUV, then gladly this.

  • Base Price: 45.600 euros
  • Range: 480 km (WLTP)
  • Electric car premium: ✓

G-M: Kia e-Niro

Surprise, an SUV: The Kia e-Niro electric car (which was initially called the Niro EV) has been available to order since March 2019. Manufacturer Kia, which is part of Hyundai, promises a choice of 289 km (with 39.2-kWh battery) or 455 km range (64 kWh). The e-Niro is thus technically on a similar level as the Kona electric (see picture before), but cheaper.

Delivery time therefore also: currently 12 months.

  • Base price: As of 34.300 euros
  • Range: 289 km or 455 km (WLTP)
  • Electric car premium: ✓

G-M: Kia Soul EV

The angular Kia Soul EV was the first electric car of the Koreans. Thanks to current battery of 30 kWh brings the current model since 2017 to 250 km range. With 81.4 kW, it manages a maximum of 145 km/h. The plastics used are bioplastic.

  • Base price: ca. 29.500 euro
  • Range: 250 km (NEDC), realistically more like 200 km
  • Electric Car Premium: ✓

G-M: Microlino (mid-2019)

The Microlino Reminiscent of the iconic Isetta from BMW. But the electric car comes from Switzerland and swallows nothing but electricity. The two-seater (length: 2.4 m) is a cross between a motorcycle and an e-car: it’s supposed to do 90 km/h and go up to 200 km on one battery charge.

The production in eight pop colors has in the January 2019 Started, 10.000 Microlinos have already been reserved.

  • Price: The targeted base price is 12.000 euros
  • Status: Available for pre-order, first deliveries in Germany in mid-2019
  • Electric car premium: No, the Microlino is considered a quad, not an e-car

Utopia’s best lists

In the Utopia best lists you’ll find many alternatives to conventional products. Some examples:

  • Ranking: Electric cars in comparison
  • Private car sharing: renting a car from a private source
  • The best rides
  • The best eco-gas providers

G-M: Nissan e-NV200 Evalia

In the electric panel vans Nissan e-NV200 Evalia fit up to seven seats, if they are removed, the interior has a load volume of almost 3.000 liters. A practical electric van for (large) families and businesses with a good range (for its size). Charging takes 17 hours at the domestic socket.

  • Base price: ca. 43.500 euros
  • Range: 275 km (NEDC), so realistically approx. 230 km
  • Electric car premium: ✓

G-M: Nissan Leaf – the best-selling electric car

At nearly 250.000 units, the Japanese Nissan Leaf As the world’s best-selling electric car. The range of the old model was 200 kilometers (24 kWh battery), since 2017 thanks to new battery with 30 kWh, the range is 250 kilometers (NEDC).

April 2018 launches a new model with 40 kWh battery and 110 kW / 150 hp with an unknown range (probably more than 300 km).

  • Utopia means: recommended electric car
  • Price incl. Battery: 29+.690 euros (2017, 30 kWh) resp. new from 31.950 euros (2018, 40 kWh)
  • Electric Car Premium:

G-M: Nissan Leaf 3.Zero e+ (mid 2019)

The Nissan Leaf is one of the most successful electric cars ever and is now being produced in the second generation.

The New special model with the impossible name 3.Zero e+, The Zero e, which will be delivered in summer 2019, boasts more power: Thanks to a 62 kWh battery, it not only puts more horsepower on the road than its siblings, but above all, a range of up to 385 kilometers.

That’s almost three times the mileage of a first-generation Leaf (which is only available used, though).

  • Utopia thinks: Please deliver the range as standard in the future
  • Price: From 46.500 euros
  • Status: available for pre-order (if not sold out yet)
  • Environmental premium: Will probably do

O-R: Opel Ampera-e Plus

The first Opel Ampera-e Were already delivered in 2017, the new model Ampera-e Plus (since the end of 2018) scores with a Range of 520 kilometers (according to the manufacturer), with which Opel comes in just behind Tesla.

The Ampera-e Plus, which is actually a variant of the Chevrolet Bolt, accelerates to 100 km/h in 7.3 s and tops out at 150 km/h. Lithium-ion batteries with 60 kWh provide the necessary juice.

  • Utopia says: Nice to see Opel slowly getting off the ground. Rumored to be hard to get the Ampera-e though.
  • Price: ca. 43.000 Euro
  • Electric car premium:

O-R: Renault Twizy: The cool quad bike

Already a few years on the market, but still a good idea: Only 500 kg weight, two seats in a row and no heating: The Renault Twizy is fun, although it has a hard suspension. Doors cost extra and are open at the top; there are plug-in windows for the winter. Unfortunately, only “almost” an electric car: details in the article Renault Twizy.

  • Utopia says: Too bad it’s “only” a quad – but as a slightly different car replacement definitely check out!
  • Price: from 6.990 Euro plus. 30 €/month battery rental
  • Electric car premium: no&

O-R: Renault Zoe& Renault Zoe II

The current Renault Zoe (pictured) is Germany’s best-selling electric car.

The strengths of the friendly French woman (Zoe is a woman’s name): a great range in relation to the price.

Before the end of 2019, there will be a completely new version – the Zoe II – give, which is not only optical updates, but above all more range Will bring: from current around 310 km, Zoe should then manage 400 km range.

Perhaps this will also put an end to the annoying battery rental fee?

  • Utopia thinks: Recommendation! Read our Test of the Renault Zoe
  • Price: For Zoe II unknown, probably around 30.000 Euro (incl. Battery)
  • Electric car premium: For Zoe I already

O-R: Smart fortwo EQ

As early as 2007, Daimler experimented with an E-Smart, and legend has it that Nicolas Hayek, the idealistic father of the Smart and founder of the Swatch watch factory, always wanted it to have an electric drive.

Since 2017, there has been the version Smart EQ 4 with two (Smart fourtwo electric drive) or. four (Smart forfour ed) seats. According to rumors, Smart will become a pure electric car brand from 2020.

  • Price: 21+.940 euros
  • Electric car premium:

S-V: Tesla Model 3

The Tesla Model 3 can already be ordered, delivery will start from March 2019. The E-premium takes the alleged “people’s Tesla” price just so with.

Disappointed are all those who believed in the originally called price of 35.000 dollars – in Germany, the figure is almost 60.000 euros become.

In return, you get top values (in terms of range, acceleration and speed), a sporty design and pioneering functions for semi-autonomous driving.

  • Utopia says: A few months’ salary too expensive to be Musk for the masses
  • Price: From ca. 58.000 euros
  • Electric car premium: Surprisingly yes!

S-Z: Tesla Model S

In its latest version, the Tesla Model S sports sedan from California has up to 515 kW (700 hp) of power. Company founder Elon Musk rightly calls this “insane”. If you want to enjoy the full power, you have to think about it beforehand and then press the “insane” button (that’s really what it’s called). Sustainable automobility is different ..

  • price: From 105.500 euros (515 kW / 700 hp) or 70.700 euros (283 kW / 385 hp)
  • Electric car purchase premium: no

S-Z: Volkswagen e-Golf

Behind the conventional appearance of the Volkswagen e-Golf hides an excellently made electric car. And no, the drive was not adapted afterwards, but already taken into account during the development of the Volkswagen.

Europe’s best-selling car has hardly any weaknesses. Even the price is okay in view of the good features. It’s just stupid: With VW electric cars, you have to constantly block out the diesel affair in your mind..

  • Price: From 34.900 euros
  • Electric car premium: Yes

S-Z: Volkswagen e-up!

Most Up VWs are used as short-range cars. Actually, the ideal application for a battery-electric vehicle like the Volkswagen e-Up. It’s also much more powerful than conventional gasoline-powered Ups, by the way. Only the price of this VW electric car takes your breath away. The difference to the e-Golf is too small, that to the Standard-Up too high. Cheaper, please!

  • Price: from 26.900 euros
  • Electric car premium: yes

Z for Future: Mercedes EQC (fall 2019)

With the Mercedes EQC the Stuttgart company wants to lay the foundation for an entire electric fleet from Stuttgart.

In typical Daimler fashion, a mighty pile of sheet metal is coming our way: sprint time of 5.1 seconds, top speed governed at 180 km/h, 450 kilometer range thanks to 80 kWh battery.

Those who can afford the (at least) 70.000 euros can not afford, be reassured: the EQC should be sold out in 2019 and 2020 anyway ..

  • Price: 70.000 Euro and upwards
  • Availability: Fall 2019
  • Electric Car Premium: Too expensive

Z for future: Mini Eletric (end of 2019)

Ten years ago, BMW experimented with a small series of 600 electric minis, but lost interest again. Only in 2017 there was then again a Mini Electric In concept, this year the driving car battery will finally be on the road.

An exact date has not yet been set, but BMW wrote us, “It is certain that it will appear this year (2019).” Before autumn but probably hardly.

  • Utopia says: Too late, too little new. Rather look at the Microlino (see front), it is also small and poppy.
  • price: Not yet known, probably between 25.000 and 35.000 euros
  • status: Not yet available for order
  • Electric car premium: Premium expires before.

Z for future: Uniti One (end of 2019)

Competition for the e.Go Life (see front): The two-seater e-flitzer Uniti One from Sweden is said to have a battery size of 26 kWh up to 240 kilometers Bringing range to the road – and weighing less than a ton at the same time.

Electric motors will have a top speed of 130 km/h Deliver. Whether the Swedish road-going spaceship will be registered as a quad or as a “real” passenger car is still unknown.

And also whether the first giant irons will really be rolling along (German) roads as early as 2019. Rather not.

  • Utopia opines: Likeable concept, unappealing looks
  • Price: From 15.000 euros
  • status: Available for pre-order, delivery at the earliest by the end of 2019
  • Electric car premium: Expires before

End of 2019: Solar car Sion

The Solar car Sion has a Very special concept. Bzw. several of them!

Just three examples: 1. Solar cells instead of paint continuously charge the car. 2. Living moss (see picture), which is integrated into the dashboard, serves as a ventilation system. 3. Spare parts can be rebuilt license-free, as well as the workshop book.

The smart Stromer is being developed by the young Munich-based start-up Sono Motors, which is aiming for a range of 250 kilometers and a high fast-charging capacity in prospect. At present, almost 10.000 reservations ahead.

  • Utopia says: Revolutionary! Let’s hope the young automakers can deliver what they promise
  • Price: From 16.000 euros
  • status: Available for pre-order, delivery not expected before fall 2019
  • Electric Car Premium: Runs out before

More details in the article Solar car Sion and in the Picture gallery electric car Sion.

2020: Nobe – Spectacular retro exotic

Three wheels, three seats, cinematic retro design and sustainable construction: The Nobe from Estonia has the potential to become a cult car.

With two batteries, the retro exotic is expected to make up to 260 km far and will reach up to 130 km/h make. The acceleration performance would also be spectacular: from 0 to 100 km/h in 5.9 seconds – that’s almost Tesla level.

Mass production of the Nobe will reportedly begin in 2020, but whether (and how many) vehicles will ever be produced is not yet known.

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