Dispose of your car in essen

We come to pick up your car, recycle it and depending on the age and condition you still receive up to 600€ in cash!

free of charge

We offer you a fair price for your old car! Receive for your scrap car up to 600€ in cash from us – depending on price, age and condition.


non-binding inquiry

Car recycling Essen at no cost to you

We offer you a free scrapping of your car. However, the car should not be completely gutted or burnt out and should be located in NRW.

Free collection of your car in Essen

Of course we will pick up your car free of charge from the place you specify. We charge it professionally and bring it safely to disposal. We offer this service free of charge!

Certified car recycling Essen

As we are car recyclers who can issue a recycling certificate, we can guarantee professional and environmentally friendly car recycling.

You deregister your car, or we do it for you

Either you deregister your vehicle before we pick it up for recycling or we do this for you free of charge as well. Please let us know in advance which option you would like to have. In addition, you should have the vehicle registration document and vehicle license as well as your identity card at hand when collecting the vehicle.

Receive cash for car recycling

For the car recycling of your vehicle you will receive from us depending on model and condition up to 600€ cash. The employee who collects your car from you free of charge pays you the money in cash upon collection.

Dispose of your car - scrap car

Dispose of your car - scrap yard

Dispose of your car - free pickup

Dispose of your car - free pickup

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Car recycling Essen – fast, easy and free of charge

Dispose of your car - scrap car

A car stays on the road for an average of 12 years, according to the Federal Motor Transport Authority. But many cars do not end up at the car scrapping afterwards, but stand deregistered and unroadworthy partly up to 6 years on private properties, in garages o.a., until the last car owner decides to dispose of the car.

But instead of filling up your garage or your property with a useless vehicle, you can simply have it collected free of charge by us in Essen. There are no costs for you – neither for the collection nor for the scrapping. On the contrary: Due to frequently demanded car parts, your old car may still have a residual value – we check this and give you a fair price for it. Depending on the vehicle model, age and condition of your scrap car, we will pay you up to 600€ in cash.

Even vans, trucks, commercial or construction vehicles can be collected by us in Essen without any hidden costs. No matter if you want to scrap a car, van or truck. We offer free collection without hidden costs!have it picked up. The vehicles can have an engine or a total loss; they should only not be completely gutted or burnt out.

But we not only pick up your scrap car free of charge – we also dispose of it for you completely free of charge. We do this with technical expertise, a lot of know-how and professionalism, because our car scrapping is certified, so you can get a scrapping certificate from us. We are also authorized by the IHK Mittleres Ruhrgebiet according to § 4 of the Berufskraftfahrer-Qualifikation-Gesetzes (BKrFQG).

Take advantage of our free, fast and simple service here in the Ruhr area in Essen. Take advantage of our free car disposal service and finally part with your scrap car without any worries or complications.

We pay you up to 600€ in cash for your scrap car

Dispose of your car - cash

Your car has served you faithfully all these years, but it is foreseeable that it will not pass the next general inspection? Or does the engine no longer start and a repair is no longer worthwhile for the vehicle? If you are wondering what to do with your old and possibly no longer roadworthy vehicle, we have the answer for you: Let us pick up and scrap your vehicle free of charge!

Your car is already too old, too loved and used to be worth putting time and effort into a private sale? Take advantage of our offer: Since many vehicles still offer a residual value, we check for you free of charge what you would still receive for your old car. We pay you depending on model, condition and age of your car still up to 600€, which you even get directly cash from us.

Instead of scrapping the car, many still have it sitting around somewhere, because they are afraid of high costs for disposal. This leaves car components and also the raw material of the metal unused and weathered. Turn your scrap car into money and let us dispose of it for you!

We recycle your vehicle according to the legal requirements

In NRW, according to the End-of-Life Vehicles Act, only certified car recyclers are allowed to scrap cars. This is how it is regulated that the old cars are disposed of in an environmentally friendly and professional manner and do not harm nature. It is estimated that there are over two million cars to be scrapped each year, but in fact an estimated 50.000 scrap cars parked in the open countryside.

Since 1998, the End-of-Life Vehicle Ordinance has regulated the legal requirements for car scrapping in Germany in order to ensure that all cars to be scrapped are returned to an environmentally sound recovery process. What many do not know: The metal industry relies on scrap cars and waits up to 6 years for them to return to the raw material cycle.

The legal framework for the disposal of cars stipulates that the last vehicle owner or. Owner of a motor vehicle is obliged to provide a certificate of destruction. This is required by the registration office if it is unclear whether the scrap car was actually disposed of properly. Therefore, it is necessary that you make sure to have your car picked up by a recognized dismantling company like us at Entsorge-dein-Auto.de.

We scrap your car from Essen professionally and environmentally friendly and issue you with the recycling certificate free of charge. Namely, if you cannot present it to the registration office, you, as the last owner of the vehicle, may be subject to heavy fines.

Play it safe and hire us to collect and dispose of your car in Essen, Germany.

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