Disposal of old tires: what are the costs??


If you drive a lot, your car tires often reach the end of their service life pretty quickly. Then the question often arises, where to take the old, worn winter tires for disposal, because you are not allowed to mount them anymore. In our interview, we asked the cost-check expert what disposal options are available for used tires and what the costs are.

Question: Where can you dispose of used tires and how expensive is it??

cost check expert: Car tires are so-called composite materials – they consist of many different materials, many of which can be recycled. A disposal must take place therefore in an appropriate specialized enterprise, which can prepare the tires for the later recycling also.

Disposal in household waste or even in the nearby forest is not possible at all. Depending on the number of tires and the illegal disposal site, the fine can range from 30 EUR to 25 EUR.000 EUR fine means.


possible is the disposal at:

  • Car repair shops
  • Building yards
  • Tire dealers
  • Scrap dealers

Used tires can be handed in at all of these places. They are then fed to the planned and regular recycling.

In many cases, the tires can be disposed of free of charge – at tire dealers, the old tires are often disposed of free of charge when a new tire is purchased. Also many building yards often offer a completely free disposal, if you bring the tires yourself by.

If fees should be incurred, they are usually in a very low range – some scrap dealers charge about 1 EUR per used tire, at others is with 2 – 3 EUR per tire to be calculated. This is how much it costs to dispose of used tires, even at the Berlin municipal cleaning service.

Commercial scrap tire disposal


If you run a garage or vehicle dealership yourself and therefore have to dispose of a lot of scrap tires on a regular basis, it’s best to rely on a specialized service provider. In these cases, the collection of the tires from a collection point on your own premises is usually included.

The costs depend on the offers of the individual service provider, the collection route and the quantity of tires available in each case.

Many waste management companies also offer waste tire disposal for commercial customers. In this case, you then often have to expect costs of about 300 EUR to 400 EUR per ton calculate, per piece often between 5 EUR and 15 EUR are required, depending on whether the tires with or without rim are to be disposed of. In this case, the tires often have to be delivered themselves.

Cost example from practice

We sold our car and now we want to get rid of the old tires that we didn’t sell with it and that don’t fit on our new car anymore. We take the old tires to the Berlin waste disposal companies, we take an old tractor tire, which we have previously used for winter sports, with us right away.

Item price
8 Disposing of car tires 20,80 EUR
Tractor tires 7,60 EUR
Total costs disposal BSR 28,40 EUR

These costs refer only to the disposal at the Berliner Stadtbetriebe. Other costs may also be charged for disposal at other recycling centers or elsewhere.

In some municipalities, disposal at the local waste disposal company may still be significantly more expensive, even as a private individual. In this case, it is advisable to switch to alternatives (garages, tire dealers).

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