disposal of old tires and recycling

Your tires are worn out, you need new ones and you ask yourself, what happens with the old tires?? Here you can find out which regulations apply in Germany to the disposal of tires. What forms of tire recycling there are and how you can dispose of the discarded tires inexpensively and simply properly without harming the environment.

How do I get rid of my old tires properly?

Scrap tire recycling is an important contribution to the raw materials recovery chain. © rezulteo

Proper waste tire recycling

In Germany tires are considered “waste in need of supervision”, which must not be disposed of in any way. The high-tech products consist of Rubber, Fillers like Soot, silica or carbon as well as from plasticizers and Strength carriers like steel and nylon. In addition, there are other chemicals such as sulfur. But even without the environmentally hazardous materials one thing is clear: rubber does not rot.

Tires can therefore be disposed of for Environment and the People cause great damage, they are simply disposed of in the environment. For this reason the Disposal of tires is strictly forbidden in nature and will be high fines penalized.

Where to put the old tires?

You are wondering how to dispose of your get rid of old tires? We have the tips to Scrap tire disposal summarized for you:

  • If you want to buy new car tires in addition to dropping off your old ones, the easiest thing to do is to use the To hand in old tires at the tire dealer. This accepts the tires usually free of charge or for a small surcharge.
  • Even if you don’t buy new tires, it’s a good idea to go to the tire dealer to get the scrap tires for a fee dispose of it in an environmentally friendly way.
  • Also the Recycling yard of your city or municipality takes car tires mostly subject to a fee contrary to.
  • If your tires have not yet reached the legal wear limit and are also otherwise as good as new? Then you can also advertise your tires as used tires on advertising portals.

How tire recycling works?

Scrap tire recycling is still a little known topic. In an almost unbroken recycling chain, every tire can be given a new purpose. The question that arises first: can the Tires recycled or must be disposed of. Numerous tires end up in the Retreading back into the sale. In this process, the rubber of the tire tread is reconditioned. The Recycled tires are subject to legal requirements and must meet an internationally valid minimum standard.

If a tire cannot be reused, it is sent to the Recyclable material recovery. This is done either by recycling used tires in shredded form as so-called Secondary fuel thermally recycled, or they are sent to the material recycling plant Scrap tire recycling fed to. For the most part, car tires are turned into fine Granulate crush. The Components rubber, steel and textile come at the end of this process various.

Some facts and figures

The annual Scrap tire volume in Germany amounts to around 600.000 pieces. To prevent the mountain of tires from growing over our heads, the dumping of tires has been prohibited by law in Germany since 2003 according to EU Directive 99/31/EC. Currently the Recycling rate of used tires in Germany at 95 percent.

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