Disposal of a remote-controlled car – not everything is for the garbage

If the remote-controlled car is broken and the guarantee and warranty have expired, in many cases it is no longer worth repairing it. In such a case Buying a new remote control car The right solution. Another reason why you don’t want to have your remote controlled car anymore is because it is too slow. There are other reasons to consider buying a new RC car, such as a new design or switching from an internal combustion engine to an electric motor.

You have these options

Disposal of a remote control car - not everything is for the trash

An overview is provided by a test or comparison on new remote controlled cars. Also first experiences and opinions of other buyers help in the search for a new remote controlled car. There are good reasons why you should buy a defective remote-controlled car

  • no longer repair
  • and should buy a new one instead.

A few of them are in the same following Overview cited.

If one has decided to buy a new RC car, one can look around on the Internet for various offers at attractive prices. The advantage of the Internet is that you can find Online Shop can look around in peace. But what to do with the old remote control car? It is too bad for the garbage can, there are better, above all more reasonable solutions.

  • new models combine new design and new technology
  • in addition, new models are technically mature
  • Dealers offer two year warranty
  • you have to part with your old and often beloved RC car
  • You can prove your technical skills during a repair
  • repair can be more expensive
  • you do not know if the repair is successful

Old technology is too good for the old iron

You don’t have to put an old car in the garbage can just because it doesn’t go as fast as a new one. There may be someone who is looking for just such a model, for example an entry level. Many who are new to the world of remote control cars need to gain their first experience. For this, often nothing is better than a used remote controlled car at an attractive price.

Tip: Buyers and sellers meet on the internet at exchange markets. In this way, the old remote control car brings joy to someone and helps with the proceeds of the sale to finance the new RC car.

Cannibalize – the same way you do with the big cars

Genuine passenger cars that are beyond repair and cannot be sold because of their poor condition are often offered as spare parts donors. Following this example, you can also proceed with your old remote control car. There is always Hobby hobbyist, who are looking for one or the other spare part, which is no longer available in the trade for a long time. Old remote-controlled cars are ideal for recycling Spare parts donor to. Depending on the condition of the model you have to expect to get only a few symbolic euros for it. Nevertheless such a deal can be worthwhile. After all, you know someone who collects such models and has spare parts available. You never know if you might need a rare spare part one day.

Collection of raw materials – sorting and recycling is a service to the environment

Remote controlled cars contain different materials, such as metals and plastics. These are separated during reconditioning and sent for recycling depending on their condition. In this way one makes a small but nevertheless valuable contribution to the Waste prevention and recycling. In this case you are rewarded with the good feeling of having made a contribution to the protection of nature.


If you want to buy a new remote-controlled car, you can find many new models at electronics retailers like Conrad. Also in the specialized trade for model construction waits a large offer. The Internet probably offers the largest selection. In an online store you can look around at your leisure and compare the models with each other compare. A decision does not have to be made immediately. If you want to find out more about one or the other model, you can use a test or comparison of remote controlled cars. A price comparison helps you find a particularly good deal.

Before you order your new remote control car, you should check whether the shipping costs are included in the purchase price. Sometimes it can happen that an online store has the Shipping costs separately charged.

And what happens to the old RC car? You can keep it, sell it or give it away or you can give it for recycling. It is in any case too good for the residual waste.

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