Clean and affordable energy for all!

Experience sonnen’s product diversity – electricity storage and flexible electricity tariffs for your home!

More and more people dream to get rid of rising electricity prices and big energy companies in the long run. Independence and the cost-effective and transparent procurement of renewable energies have long since ceased to be wishful thinking. With the sonnenBatterie, the intelligent electricity storage system from the Allgau region, a clean, fair and affordable energy supply for everyone is within reach – and 100% made in Germany. Become independent from your current electricity provider and be part of a new movement – with sonnen, the energy provider of the future.

The world of sonnen

Get to know the world of sonnen

Multiple awards – the intelligent products from one of the world’s leading manufacturers of electricity storage systems

sonnenBattery 10

Flexible and powerful – sonnen’s all-round talent.

  • Capacity up to 22 kWh
  • Power up to 4.6 kW
  • Guarantee 10 years

sonnenBattery 10 performance

The flagship among sonnen’s electricity storage systems with maximum performance and capacity.


The electricity contract with up to 0 € electricity costs without basic fee, cashback for electricity savers and profit sharing in the sonnenVPP.

Complete solutions for your clean energy future

Our packages combine sonnen’s smart products to get you started on a clean energy future. Whether you are looking for emergency power, e-mobility or extra power – we have the right energy solution for you. You are unsure which package is right for you? Then use our package finder.

energy Classic

Reduce electricity costs with your own energy.

  • Store and use your own solar power with the sonnenBatterie 10
  • 0 € electricity costs possible with sonnenFlat
  • Ideal for homeowners with medium energy needs

energy Pro

The powerful solution for high energy demand.

  • Store your own solar power with sonnenBatterie 10 performance
  • 0 € electricity costs possible with sonnenFlat
  • Ideal for large consumers such as z.B. Heat pumps

energy Complete

Convert your household and mobility completely to your own energy.

  • Store your own solar power with the sonnenBatterie 10 performance
  • 0 € electricity costs possible with sonnenFlat
  • Emergency power solution as full-home backup in case of power outages
  • Ideal for large consumers and backup against power outages

energy Charge

Clean e-mobility with your own electricity.

  • Store your own solar power with the sonnenBatterie 10 performance
  • Own and clean electricity to charge your e-car with the sonnenCharger
  • 0 € electricity costs possible with sonnenFlat
  • Ideal for homeowners with e-cars

“That’s when you’re not just exchanging solar energy”

We are the sonnenCommunity.

All sonnen customers form the sonnenCommunity. The sonnenCommunity is a community of people who together create a new energy system that grows bigger every day.

Instead of buying their electricity from large power plants, people in the sonnenCommunity use the electricity they produce themselves or the community produces. With sonnen’s intelligent products, members can store electricity, share it with each other or network with others to form a virtual power plant. For the first time, this puts people at the center of the energy system. Everyone gives what they can and gets what they need. The goal of all members worldwide is the same: clean and affordable energy for all.

The sonnenCommunity offers several ways to participate. Everyone can participate according to their own needs. The more of these options a member uses, the more he benefits himself, z.B. Through financial benefits. At the same time, it strengthens the sonnenCommunity and ensures a clean energy world. A real win-win situation: the individual benefits from the combined strength and advantages of everyone.

What sets us apart

sonnen GmbH, a young company, has already received several awards for its innovative products and rapid growth. We see this as the best proof that our vision of a future with clean and decentrally generated energy is the right way to go.

EuPD Research “Top Brand PV Storage” DACH 2021

Also in 2021 sonnen is one of the top PV brands in the category “storage technology”. The award is given annually by the market research company EuPD Research and is based on a survey of PV installers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Both the products on offer and the purchasing process are assessed on the basis of brand awareness, customers’ choice and distribution.

German Sustainability Award Design 2021

sonnen was awarded the 2021 German Sustainability Award for Design in the category “Pioneer” excellent. This award recognized exemplary examples of sustainable design in the categories of icons, pioneers and visions of the future. The winning products feature impressive variety and innovation.

pv magazine Gigawatt winner 2020

sonnen has won the “Highlight 2020” award with its innovative e-car subscription sonnenDrive for PV and storage customers obtain. The award is presented by a jury of experts at Energy Storage Europe.

Things to know about the energy transition

Are you thinking about buying an energy storage system, but are not yet sure whether this investment is right for you?? Then you can find out more about the sonnenBatterie and the need for renewable energies in our blog and knowledge area. We’ll give you an insight into the technology and operation of an electricity storage system, explain how you can easily contribute to the energy transition with the sonnenBatterie and how you can make your home smart-home-ready in no time with an electricity storage system. Find out now about the energy and electricity model of tomorrow, which you can build on today with sonnen.

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