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Our interest ratefairtalk

Our interest rates are calculated independently of creditworthiness – each customer receives the same fixed interest rate for the selected combination of term and loan amount. That is, with us you find out directly in the credit offer your actual, final interest rate. Without any additional costs.

Green expertise

We are the experts for green money and sustainable environmental projects.

Favorable fixed interest rate

Secure a creditworthiness-independent interest rate for your ecological project.

Very uncomplicated

Finance your wishes free of KfW requirements and other subsidy models.

Mobility without emissions

Classic internal combustion engines currently still dominate our roads. However, anyone who decides in favor of an electric car is already using the mobile mode of transport of the future today. Although the state subsidizes e-cars with a premium, the vehicles are still comparatively expensive. But don’t worry, we’ll support you on your way to a climate-friendly vehicle: Our sustainable UmweltWunschkredit is also designed for financing e-mobility.

In addition to cars and motorcycles you can of course also finance an electric vehicle with our favorable fixed-interest loan E-bike, pedelec or cargo bike. And you just add the money for the charging station on top of that. Calculate your interest rate now without obligation and apply for the loan easily online. We take care of everything else for you.

Everything you need to know about financing your e-mobility

Frequently asked questions about financing your electric vehicle

The loan is suitable for financing electric cars, motorcycles, bicycles as well as electric pedelecs and cargo bikes. All vehicles must be registered in Germany. You can also co-finance charging devices such as a wallbox, underground cables, electricity meters or fuse boxes. Note that the minimum loan amount is 10.000 Euro amounts.

A redemption or rescheduling of existing loans or leases is unfortunately not possible. Also a follow-up financing for an existing car financing (balloon loan) is not feasible with the UmweltWunschkredit.

Yes, you can also finance an e-bike with the UmweltWunschkredit. Electric pedelecs and cargo bikes can also be financed. However, the electric bike must be registered in Germany.

This is possible. The environmental bonus of the federal government applies independently of our financing. Even if you only receive the bonus after we have disbursed the loan to you, this is not a problem: you can deposit it with us as a free unscheduled repayment and thus reduce your remaining debt. You can also take advantage of other regional support programs in addition to the UmweltBank loan.

Unfortunately this is not possible. Follow-up financing, even in the form of a balloon loan, is not available with our electric mobility loan.

Yes, you can finance the required accessories with the UmweltWunschkredit. Simply increase your loan amount in the loan application accordingly by the costs incurred for this.

No, the dealer does not find out. You can act as a cash payer, because we transfer the money directly to your account.

No, you do not need to take out any other product with UmweltBank, neither insurance nor other accounts. The loan amount is transferred to your existing reference account.

Our interest ratefairspeak

Our interest rates are calculated independently of creditworthiness – each customer receives the same fixed interest rate for the selected combination of term and loan amount. That means, with us you find out your actual, final interest directly in the loan offer. Completely without further additional costs.

Your path to electromobility

How to apply for the loan

Calculate your desired loan online

You enter the desired loan amount and the repayment period in our online calculator and receive the corresponding loan conditions directly.

Send online application

With just a few clicks you send us your loan application and relevant documents. Please have current salary statements ready.

Review by UmweltBank

We will take a look at your loan request, discuss the further procedure with you by phone and send you an offer at short notice.

Conclusion of contract

You confirm your personal loan offer, send us an invoice or order confirmation as proof of use and receive the loan amount directly to your account.

Good reasons for choosing UmweltBank


We are happy to assist you!

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General questions about the loan

You can submit your application online with just a few clicks. You will then receive a loan offer from us by mail, which you only need to confirm in writing.

With the UmweltWunschkredit you can implement ecological projects in the following areas: ecological construction measures, Tiny Houses, photovoltaic systems and electromobility.

You determine the speed of your loan repayment. The repayment period for the UmweltWunschkredit can be freely selected in 12-month increments for up to 120 months.

If we have the signed loan agreement, your Post-Ident and an invoice/order confirmation for your project, the money is usually within 1-2 business days on your checking account.

The UmweltWunschkredit can be used for loans in the amount of 10.000 to 100.000 Euro can be applied for.

Of course, your data will be sent to us in encrypted form and we will comply with all the requirements of the German Data Protection Act (DSGVO).

The early repayment penalty is incurred if you as a borrower repay your loan early or terminate the loan agreement. The calculation is regulated by law and takes into account
– an interest rate level that has fallen in the meantime,
– the payment flows originally agreed for the loan
– the profit lost by UmweltBank,
– the risk and administrative costs saved as a result of the early repayment.

As a general rule, the early repayment fee charged may not exceed one percent of the remaining debt – i.e., the amount repaid early. If the remaining term of the loan is less than one year, the amount may not exceed half a percent of the remaining debt (§ 502 BGB).

In the contract for your UmweltWunschkredit, we grant you, in deviation from the statutory regulation, the free repayment of the current residual debt at any time.

The debit interest rate is based on your project and the desired repayment period and not on your creditworthiness – this is our Interest fair promise to you. For the UmweltWunschkredit only the ecological value of the project counts!

You can apply for several loans for several projects or for one loan for the same project. have. With each new application, however, we check your personal creditworthiness and the intended use again.

The statutory revocation periods/rights for general consumer loans and distance selling apply.

The debit interest rate and your selected monthly installment remain the same throughout the entire term of the loan.

For the UmweltWunschkredit, no additional loan collateral needs to be provided outside of the general terms and conditions liens.

As part of the credit check, your data will be retrieved and viewed by SCHUFA. You must give us express permission to do this when you apply for a loan.

If an installment cannot be redeemed, we will inform you of this in writing and ask for compensation. If you are no longer able to pay the installments in the long term, please contact us immediately and we will try to find an individual solution with you, such as a debt rescheduling or a term extension.

The reference bank account for the UmweltWunschkredit must be an account that receives wage and salary payments and is approved for payment transactions. Your UmweltFlex account can therefore not be used for this purpose.

Since for us as UmweltBank the ecological investment is in the foreground, the UmweltWunschkredit cannot be used to pay off existing loans. Even if the old loan was used to finance ecological projects, the investment has already been made.

After repayment of your UmweltWunschkredit, you will receive written confirmation and a final statement of account. The loan account will be closed in the course of this process. And with the funds that are now available again each month, you can take out an environmental savings plan or use a new environmental wish loan to implement a new wish project.

Unfortunately no. With the UmweltWunschkredit, however, almost any fully electric vehicle can be financed, from e-bikes, cargo bikes and e-motorcycles to e-cars.

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