Car insurance

Car insurance with as much flexibility as you need. Whether motor vehicle liability, partial or fully comprehensive insurance – with us you are safe on the road.

Why car insurance makes sense?

Your car is an important part of your daily life. It means mobility, comfort and freedom. Of course you pay attention to a safe driving style. A little carelessness can happen to anyone and there are also risks that can hit you through no fault of your own (hail, theft). Therefore, comprehensive protection is particularly important. Safely mobile means protection for you, your passengers, your vehicle and other road users. So that you are always covered on the road.

How is the insurance composed?

The flexible and personal combination of the appropriate safety modules creates your personal motor vehicle package.

Motor vehicle liability insurance (required by law)

10, 20 or 30 million euros

3 Kasko variants to choose from (voluntary)

Basic or super partial insurance, or full insurance

Useful additional modules (voluntary)

z.B. Once zero – always zero, driver accident protection

All Kasko variants at a glance

Compare the different options and find the one that suits you best.

Please also note the more detailed explanations on the product (in particular on the specific insurance benefits) in the general insurance conditions.

ERGO is excellent

As part of the “Industry Monitor 2020”, ERGO was named “Industry Champion 2020” in the “Motor Insurers” sector in the areas of customer service and customer satisfaction.

In addition, oGVS has once again announced for 2021 in cooperation with the magazine trend and the rate comparison portal Researched which insurer currently offers the best mix of price, performance and service, with ERGO achieving a top ranking.

It’s that easy to get started

Safe on the road. Just leave your worries at home.

Taking out motor insurance

Goes in 2-3 minutes – even online. For the conclusion you need the key data of your vehicle (model type, year of manufacture, performance etc.).)

Print insurance confirmation

After taking out your car insurance, you will receive all the necessary contractual documents – your insurance confirmation is important here.

Register the vehicle with the registration office

You want to register, deregister or re-register your vehicle in Austria? We’ve put together a checklist of all the documents you need to do this.

Your additional comprehensive insurance service

We offer you safety and perfect service in case of damage with our cooperation partners.

Motor vehicle patch

Our cooperation partner offers you services around the repair of your vehicle.

  • a two-year warranty on repairs carried out by a qualified Austrian master car repairer
  • less deductible
  • free transportation of your car
  • Free cleaning
  • Free loan car


Our cooperation partner takes over repair of all kinds of car glass. Quick and uncomplicated.

  • Duration of the windshield repair ca. 30 minutes
  • Duration for window replacement ca. 2 hours
  • Windscreen replacement even abroad
  • 100 euros less deductible for windshield replacement
  • free replacement of the annual toll sticker

In good hands with ERGO

If you want to shape your own life, you need someone at your side who offers sufficient security for this purpose. We at ERGO will help you to steer your way into safe waters.

  • Industry winner
  • Highest service quality
  • Top customer satisfaction
Service Champion seal

ERGO has already been voted industry winner in experienced customer service several times.


Additional insurance documents

The general and special conditions for your insurance can be found on the Insurance Conditions page.

Third party car insurance is a compulsory insurance in Austria.

Without proof of this insurance there is no official registration and no license plate.

Ask your ERGO advisor if you would like to change your existing motor insurance policy.

He will help you and support you with questions such as z.B. Cancellation. Or contact the ERGO Service Team if you would like to calculate and change your car insurance online.

In our motor vehicle checklist (insurance documents) you will find all information on registering, re-registering and deregistering your motor vehicle.

The bonus-malus system is inextricably linked to motor vehicle liability insurance.

Bonus-malus regulates a desired behavior via financial incentives or sanctions. What does this mean? If you stay accident-free for a long time, you fall down the ladder, the premium decreases and if you have a damage, you move up to a higher level, the premium becomes more expensive.

The basic level, in which every policyholder starts with his vehicle, is level 9. Exception: If you have a pre-contract, the bonus-malus stages from it are taken over. The car insurance levels range up to 17. With ERGO, it goes down even further after 0, to minus 2.

Your advantage with ERGO: Once bonus malus “zero” – always “zero” if your insurance includes this additional benefit.

Yes, if partial or comprehensive insurance has been purchased.

Damage to your own vehicle is not covered by a pure motor liability insurance policy.

In the event of an accident for which the policyholder is at fault, the motor vehicle liability insurance pays for property damage and personal injury suffered by the injured party in the accident.

Damage to your own vehicle in a self-inflicted accident is only paid for with comprehensive cover.

After a self-inflicted accident, I will be ranked 3 levels up towards malus in my motor liability insurance if the insurer has paid a benefit or built up a claims reserve (for benefits not yet paid).

The basic level in which each policyholder starts with his vehicle once is level 9.

The policyholder can transfer a previously acquired level to his new vehicle when changing vehicles.

In your car insurance (motor vehicle liability insurance) are insured:

  • the policyholder (=registration owner),
  • the authorized driver of the motor vehicle. This is the person who is driving the vehicle with the consent (with the will) of the vehicle owner at the time of a claim.
  • Persons acting with the will of the owner when using the motor vehicle,
  • Persons transported with the will of the owner (these are passengers in the motor vehicle; they are also referred to as occupants),
  • Persons who are the authorized driver or. instruct the authorized driver.

To explain: The Holder, is the one who has the power of disposal of a motor vehicle and pays for the running costs of the motor vehicle.

Comprehensive insurance makes sense if you are financially unable to buy an adequate replacement vehicle after a self-inflicted total loss (accident).

You should not do without it in case of a new car or in case of young, used cars.

In the leasing sector, fully comprehensive cover is often required by the lessor. Because if you have a total loss with your leased car, in the worst case you pay back money for a car you no longer even own or drive.

Our Tip: We recommend a fully comprehensive car insurance for a new car in the first 3 to 4 years.

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