wheelchair accessible car hire in berlin

Rent wheelchair accessible vehicles. Handicap car for self-drivers.

The special car rental for wheelchair users – Rent a disabled van in Berlin

Wheelchair accessible rental vehicle – also for active drivers –

Lift rental vehicle for wheelchair users Berlin
VW Cady rental vehicle for wheelchair users

Rolli-in-motion is a Berlin car rental company especially for wheelchair users. Our handicapped accessible vehicles can be rented at good rates. Whether you need it for a day or a week. The converted VW Caddy Maxi z. B. Has enough space for one wheelchair user and five other people.

Renting a handicapped accessible car is lived inclusion at the car rental rolli-in-motion.

With us you can get various wheelchair accessible rental cars, where you as a wheelchair user drive directly into the car via a ramp or a lift without leaving the wheelchair. You only need a driver who has a class B driving license or a class A driving license. 3 owns. A passenger transport license (P-license) is not required.

Active drivers rent a VW Caddy Maxi with Veigel hand throttle and right brake. Even after a knee or hip operation, this can be the right rental car for you.

With our vehicles you make yourself independent from handicapped driving services. handicapped transport you can do it yourself with our vehicles. You want to rent a wheelchair accessible car and you do not have a driver? No problem, we can provide you with a reliable driver who will bring you safely to your vacation destination and pick you up as well. We will be happy to make you an offer. A disabled driving service in Berlin has very diverse tasks, but can by far not cover all areas of activity. For the different handicaps we have the perfect rental car, even large care wheelchairs or power wheelchairs can be taken along. In our wheelchair bus the caregiver can z. B. sit directly next to the ALS patient and take care of him or her during the trip. A 230 volt connection is also available for the safe operation of respirators and much more.

We make you mobile even with handicap.

We see ourselves as a service provider for the wheelchair user and advise you in detail; if necessary, we also come to your home to demonstrate our vehicle. Every handicap is different and also the wheelchairs are not the same, so that the exact space requirement is determined in the consultation.

The universal wheelchair restraint system will be explained to you in detail during the briefing.

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