Kassel, Gottingen, Hersfeld-Rotenburg and Northeim

Attention, motorists! Here in the coming week in the region is speeding

Every week there will be speed cameras in the north of Hesse and in the south of Lower Saxony. An overview of the speed cameras from 31.01.2022 to 06.02.2022 you will find here.

  • In the article you can find an overview of speed controls in the north of Hesse and in the south of Lower Saxony.
  • Since 9. November 2021 the new fine catalog is valid in Germany – now it becomes really expensive for traffic sinners.
  • We show where the speed cameras are located in the regions of Kassel, Gottingen and Northeim.

Kassel – Every week, the city of Kassel, the district of Gottingen and the district of Northeim publish the locations of the mobile speed cameras in advance. The goal: The announcement is to reduce the number of accidents.

As always, if you get caught with a speed camera, you’ll have to dig deep into your pocket. Here motorists can find all speed camera locations in the region for the coming week.

Speed cameras in the Kassel region: Expensive photos are taken here

Employees of the public order office regularly check the speed on the streets in Kassel. In the period from 31.01.2022 until 06.02.In 2022, mobile speed cameras will be installed on the following roads:

  • Hohenkirchener Street
  • Hugo-Preub-Strasse
  • Sandershauser Street
  • Gahrenbergstrabe
  • Lilienthalstrabe

The city of Kassel has also set up stationary speed measurement systems on four main roads. The reason: there was permanently too fast driving. Permanent speed monitoring is intended to make motorists drive more slowly. This is where the speed cameras are located:

  • Wilhelmshoher Allee, at Sophienstrabe (measurement in both directions)
  • Bundesstrabe 83, height Lilienthalstrabe (measurement in both driving directions)
  • Frankfurter Strabe, height Horst-Dieter-Jordan-Strabe (measurement towards the city)
  • Steinweg, height Zwehrenturm (measurement in alternating directions)

Speed cameras in and around Gottingen: Where it can get expensive

Monday, 31.01.2022 Tuesday, 01.02.2022 Wednesday, 02.02.2022 Thursday 03.02.2022 Friday, 04.02.2022
Municipality of Rosdorf, City of Bad Sachsa, City of Bad Lauterberg im Harz, City of Osterode am Harz
Gieboldehausen joint municipality, Duderstadt city, Bad Grund (Harz) municipality, Osterode am Harz city
Flecken Bovenden, city Herzberg am Harz, municipality Walkenried
City of Hann. Munden, municipality of Bad Grund (Harz), city of Herzberg am Harz, city of Osterode am Harz
Dransfeld joint municipality, Herzberg am Harz city, Osterode am Harz city

In the entire district of Gottingen, motorists must expect controls (also by the police). In addition, an “enforcement trailer” will be used. On this one there is a speedometer that can be used around the clock (over several days). The location of the alarmed trailer can be changed at any time.

Speed cameras in the Northeim region: This is where the speed cameras are set up

The district of Northeim has also published the current speed camera locations for the period from 31.01.2022 until 07.02.2022 published.

Monday, 31.01.2022 Tuesday, 01.02.2022 Wednesday, 02.02.2022 Thursday, 03.02.2022 Friday, 04.02.2022
Moringen/Uslar area
Northeim/Norten-Hardenberg area
Bad Gandersheim/Einbeck area
Northeim/Kalefeld area
Northeim/Katlenburg-Lindau area

Watch out: In the district also comes the semi-stationary measuring system “Alice” to use. It is expected to be used from Monday to Thursday in the Moringen area and from Friday to probably Monday (07.02.2022) deployed in the Uslar area the following week. In addition, further checks (by permanently installed measuring systems and police) must be expected in the entire district area.

Speed cameras in the Hersfeld-Rotenburg region: Speed cameras here

The police of East Hesse also publishes weekly where speed cameras will be used in the coming week. In the period from 31.01.2022 until 04.02.In 2022, speed cameras will be installed on the following roads, among others:

Monday, 31.01.2022 Tuesday 01.02.2022 Wednesday, 02.02.2022 Thursday, 03.02.2022 Friday, 04.02.2022
A7 in the area of construction site/construction field before PP Steinborntal
L3251 Ronshausen
L3206 Neuhof/Giesel
B62 Friedewald
A7 between AS Homberg/Ohm and AS Hersfeld/West

The police in eastern Hesse are focusing in particular on speed checks on rural roads outside built-up areas and on highways. In addition to other types of speed cameras, a so-called “enforcement trailer “* is also used here.

Where is speeding? App tips on speed cameras

There are various applications for smartphones that display speed cameras. When using the apps, it is important* that they are not used by the driver while driving – otherwise there is a risk of a fine and worse. Simply having a speed camera app on your smartphone is allowed. Even with navigation app with speed camera feature, you should pay attention.

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