Latest erlkonig photos of bmw’s upcoming ix1 electric suv released on the web


BMW has been offering two battery-powered SUVs, the iX and iX3, since last year. The i4, also launched in 2021, will be followed this year by another sedan, the i7. In addition to the i3 small car, which was launched back in 2013, another smaller electric car, the iX1 SUV, will also hit dealerships in 2022. The latest prototype photos of the iX1 have now appeared on the web.

In the pictures, the still extensively camouflaged model looks like a conventional SUV. This will remain largely the same, as BMW is building its new electric cars on platforms suitable for both internal combustion engines and electric cars. The electric iX1 is likely to differ visually from the gasoline and diesel variants, however. BMW distinguishes its electric cars from the combustion cars especially by a smoother front with a closed nose and optional blue applications. The iX1 is likely to take its cue here from the larger iX3, whose design was not refreshed until 2021.


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BMW has not yet revealed anything concrete about the technology of the battery version of the X1. According to insiders, the iX1 is sold in versions with 132 kW (180 hp) and 184 kW (250 hp). The basic model will be front-wheel drive, the more powerful one with a second electric motor in the rear and thus all-wheel drive. The range is likely to be less than that of the iX3 due to the tighter installation space in the vehicle floor. The larger SUV currently offers up to 451 kilometers according to the WLTP standard.

There is also nothing concrete to report about the price of the iX1. It is speculated that it will not be much more expensive than the one starting at 39.000 Euro, the i3 will be delivered in the near future. Conventionally powered, the X1 is available as a gasoline engine from 33.850 Euro.

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Excuse me, it’s not even supposed to have a frunk?

I don’t think so. It is now 2022 and the frunk was introduced as a secondary trunk by Tesla back in 2012 in the Model S.

But it is supposed to have a tunnel instead. What for?

And an oversized kidney?

When I have time I have to have a look at this…. Really fun..

Yes, VW has solved it so that the dashboard, behind front freely placed wiper water and 12V lead lumps, is empty, some close the air under the windshield wiper hood for customers completely, and others drive around half a meter of air under it, like here.

Thus, 20€ of frunk plastic per vehicle simply costs way too much money when converted to too many bonuses. And yes certainly, a family car can use the space. Not only if the 11kW city sightseeing cable is buried under a bag and the wheel.

So a Porsche Boxster has had a “frunk” as a secondary trunk since 1996 !
Really fun how little idea some have…

You could start even earlier.
Porsche 914 also has a trunk in the back and front.
Yes, I have also noticed.
Many only care about details on the car since Tesla and everything that ever existed before is unknown.

VW 1600, from Bj 1961, after all almost 3 million times built.
But of course, Tesla invented it..

The new grandpa-mobile? Looks really bad. I don’t like the BMW “SUV’s”, so old fashioned.

this is just unbelievable, why does the haufen still look like before, hello we are now 2022, bisl more fresh .. and no a FAT kidney is not fresh with the ELECTRIC CAR … Nix with Verpenner, needs no kidney. Wake up finally in Munich!

My goodness.
The kidney does exactly nothing worse.
If you find them ugly okay, it’s just your taste.
But there is nothing more to say.
The iX does a pretty good job, despite RIeSIgEr NiErE1!11!.
Likewise the iX3, which like the iX1 is based on internal combustion engines.
The i4 also seems to be decent in terms of consumption.
So where are now exactly your points against a kidney except your personal taste?

You’re right, it’s all a matter of taste. And if BMW would build smartphones, they would have big fake dials ..

Such a stupid comparison.
The kidney does not worsen the user experience of a driver at all.

If anything, it is more comparable to a notch or no notch on a smartphone.

The whole shape looks awful ..

The X1 is one of BMW’s best selling cars…it can’t be that bad.
And then it is your subjective taste and does not make the car worse.
If it should be bad at the end (high consumption etc.), then it is a good thing.) you can still complain.
But to get hung up on appearances again is just plain silly.

The joke, there are actually smartphones from BMW, are indeed from Vivo, but designed by BMW.
Kidney is not present.

Always exciting to read what “professionals” use to define a good, real BEV. Comfort, handling, quality and my own taste – it doesn’t matter, the main thing is a frunk and no tunnel, then the car is good – even if the rest around it would be junk. This is as ridiculous as it is absurd, and the best regulars’ table joke. If Tesla had invented the “Power of Choice” idea it would be mega; and BEV without tunnel no complete cars… Man man man

Nowadays they build tunnels only in the mountains. But not in cars anymore.

Not even steam engines need a tunnel. The time of tunnels for real BEVs is totally over.

Tunnel? Such a thing is nowadays completely useless in a car. But that’s what eMotors are for.

In England, the railroad company has now even managed to do without the tried and tested stoker in eLoks. It should not be too difficult to see that a tunnel in a BEV is absolutely obsolete and only takes up space and disturbs.

Tunnel in BEV = very funny

I don’t think BMW is still using tunnels these days. It is the year 2022 after all.

The iX3 has become amazingly good. If the iX1 will be as good and much cheaper, I could at least think about it.

Can’t imagine that BMW’s electrified combustion cars can be a success and keep up with the EVs designed for it. Sorry, but a car with a center tunnel and without a frunk is not an EV. Greetings

1. could you already look under the hood? The converted e-tron also has a frunk&
2. there are also customers who prefer a compact EV without frunk to a longer car.

to 2.So my BEV has a length of 3.5 mm.99 a usable frunk!

So the length has little to do with whether a frunk is installed,
it is only the will of the manufacturer to install one! ;-)

“it is only the will of the manufacturer to install one”
Exactly and thus not dependent on whether it is an internal combustion engine or BEV.

So far it was according to opinion of some commentators nevertheless always excluding the will of the consumers the counts,
When it comes to product design.
In this case it is the manufacturer who dictates everything?
So times are changing.
O tempora, o mores!

A frunk needs space. That is certainly not to be disputed. Maybe your car would be only 3,89 m long, if they didn’t provide space for the frunk.

I see you know your stuff ;-)

A frunk does not change the length of a car, unless you put it in front of the front bumper!

It depends on the arrangement of the components under the hood and the only question is whether a frunk was planned in the planning or not. There are also some vehicles that would have enough space, but due to lack of specifications have not got one.

I would not like to miss it!
Ideal for charging accessories and above all you can always reach it, even when driving with a full trunk.

The iX3 has become “best” car (ADAC), it is based on an internal combustion engine platform. Its efficiency is praised again and again. The i4 is so popular that it seems to be sold out this year. Delivery times until 2023 in has. Also a combustion platform. The standard customer is not interested in which platform it is about. In my opinion, at the beginning of e-mobility, the classic customer for an electric car was a “freak” who was concerned with all possible technical details. Now that e-cars are slowly reaching the masses, most customers are still deciding based on looks, image, price, etc.

Haha that was a good one, if it’s so great then why isn’t it selling accordingly?
The car is just there to say they have one too. Stupidly it stinks against the X3 so much that the typical X3 customer won’t buy the car and a non X3 customer won’t want the car.

looked at sales figures in Germany?
X3 24.157
iX3 2.983
Thus, the iX3 represents 11% of the sales of the X3.
For a car that no one wants to have that is really bad…true.

“without Frunk is now times no EV”

Always amazed at the mental acrobatics of some contemporaries,
– a car with frunk is NO ICE next ?!

Find the VW approach better less hood, more usable interior/trunk on same area.
And yes, an ID3/4 and derivatives is still a very passable BEV for me.

The ID.4 and its hood are not exactly dainty
The question is more, if the space is there, why not use it?
So the customer would have at least one more added value compared to the identical vehicle with Verpennungsmotor.

I find such a big front hood, which I have to open to get to the frunk, a disadvantage.
So in general as a concept.
Sure maybe you don’t have to do it that often and it would be better to have than not to have, but it is inconvenient.
Especially then for big SUVs with big hoods.

Egon Meier says

“without Frunk is now times no EV”
Sorry .. rarely read such nonsense …..

There are things that are advertised almost religiously and are – after a closer look – secondary, completely irrelevant or nonsense

OPD – I used it, sucks, runs better without it
Charge planning – I just pull off when the battery gets low and charge – charge planning is a solution to a non-existent problem. Was different in the past.
Frunk – I once considered important. Today I have a cable on the WB and on each HPC. Frunk is ONLY for AC chargers what. Well .. I never do or in the HJ ev. 1x. Unimportant.

So .. everyone may weight it differently but frunk is ONE factor but not very essential.
WHOLE different of course for the group of brand prophets .. everything is important what the car has and unimportant what it does not have (for example rear wiper on the Ioniq 5).. )

Or the turning circle. Was never an issue for years and now it is the killer feature in AMS and consorts. &&

That’s right. Turning circle was never measured or scored until recently. You are right.

At least once right. &

Or in the past, top speed, acceleration and cornering speed were always very important criteria, where Mercedes, BMW and Golf GTI were on top. Since Tesla is top in this area, this is only of interest in a summarized evaluation.

What also bothers me, are the often bad ratings for the UI of Tesla. Like if the legacy cars were “state of the art” in operation and had to be used as a benchmark. It is simply that here the old world with the buttons meets the new world with screen and touch control. If one had to learn new today, one would intuitively switch to touch operation, because it works so simply with the smartphone, tablet and often also laptops. The advantage is simply that the system is completely flexible, you can implement new buttons or explanations with pictures and video directly on the spot, while with the old system you would have to read the manual.

Laugh, Max has made fun of you, the turning circle has always been a criterion in the tests. Top Speed is no longer measured since 20J, there you take the manufacturer’s data. What you assume in your conspiracy theories is just ridiculous.
My personal opinion about the Tesla UI, it looks like Android 5.0, pretty old fashioned.

I’ll briefly write down the test criteria for you okay. Maybe you have never looked into an AMS and therefore don’t know any better:
category and, in parentheses, the subcategory with evaluation
Body (space, trunk volume, payload, variability/functionality, instruments/display, operation, all-round visibility, quality impression)
Safety (safety equipment./-assist, light, braking distance cold 100kmh, braking distance cold 130kmh, braking distance warm 100kmh, pedal feel, driving stability)
Comfort (suspension comfort, seats from, seats in the back, multimedia, comfort assistance systems, air conditioning, interior noise readings, noise impression.)
Drive (running culture, pulling power, charging time for 150km range, charging time full charge wallbox, recuperation variability, Beschl./maximum speed, test consumption, charging possibilities for battery, range)
Driving behavior (driving dynamics, handling/driving pleasure, steering, turning circle, traction/winter suitability, adaptive driving mode systems, straight-line driving/wind sensitivity).)
Environment (CO2 emission test consumption)
Costs (test car price, equipment, surcharge design, resale chances, fixed costs for 5 years, Wart./repair 100.000km, fuel costs 100.000km, warranty)

Just for your information

The i4 is threatened with an order stop because of too high demand. And that will not be different with the iX1 ..
So much for (non)success ..

Yes, the advantage of BMW’s platform strategy. You can react flexibly to fluctuations in demand. *rofl

Crap, now they have to come up with something new slowly, this doesn’t work anymore ;-)
Power of Sh..

I always knew it: the VW Beetle was a BEV.
So if a car with center tunnel and without frunk is not an EV – then a car without center tunnel and with frunk must be a BEV.
Do I see right ;-)
(the small tunnel for gear shifting does not count)
And what was my duck then – it had no center tunnel – but also no frunk?
Questions about questions…
And even worse – what is a Porsche Taycan then

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