britax roemer first class plus test

Britax Romer First Class Plus

The Britax Romer First Class Plus in the test – you want to find a long-term solution when looking for a child seat? You don’t want to worry about whether the seat is still the right one every time your child has a growth spurt?

With a child car seat you want to offer your toddler lasting comfort and thus give him lasting satisfaction?

Then you are exactly right here.

The First Class Plus from Britax Romer is a seat that grows with the child, which can be installed against and with the direction of travel.

At first glance, this seems to be a tempting solution to eliminate many difficulties in finding the right child car seat with one purchase.

Even though this child seat has not yet been tested in German-speaking countries and therefore no test report exists, we would like to summarize the basic data on the child car seat for you.


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Britax Romer First Class Plus test report – For the little ones, for the big ones… The perennial favorite

Color 'Crown Blue'

To present the technical details of this seat, you need a little longer. Because the child car seat is a class 0+/1 seat with a tare weight of 8 kilograms. Consequently, this is a baby car seat that grows with the size of your child and thus “grows up” independently.

The child car seat is suitable for babies from birth to four years of age. Within this period, the seat can be loaded with a maximum of 18 kilograms.

The trick is to install the seat for your newborn child in your vehicle against the direction of travel. If, over time, your child eventually reaches a weight of approx. 13 kilograms, so you can easily rotate the seat and install it forward-facing, without sacrificing safety.

But why this change? The reason is obvious: for newborns, it has been statistically proven that the rearward-facing installation of infant car seats offers considerably more safety than the forward-facing installation. But the capacity of a seat eventually reaches its limits with this type of installation and the children outgrow these baby seats.

Often then a new seat must be made, which is suitable for mounting in the direction of travel. Not so with this child car seat! In the twinkling of an eye you save time and money and your child may continue to enjoy the usual comfort.

Installation, assembly and safety: optimal protection thanks to a spacer

Side view of the child seat

Side view of the child seat

The manufacturer often goes new ways to optimize the safety of their products. This child car seat also stands for innovation. The Ulm-based company has decided against ISOFIX attachment for this child seat and instead opted for installation with the standard 3-point harness system.

She child car seat consequently can not (!) to be installed in your vehicle with ISOFIX.

Instead, the manufacturer relies here on safety through spacing. The seat comes across very bulky at the first moment. This is due to the integrated spacer, which is located on the underside of the seat housing.

The spacer extends from the foot end of the seat to the rear wall and guarantees your child optimal protection in the event of a frontal or rear collision.

In the unfortunate event of such a crash, the spacer reduces the forward or backward movement of the seat by maintaining the distances to the front seat and the back seat with its housing.

This minimizes the vibrations for your child and it remains safe and secure in the child seat. Even in the event of a possible side collision, special shoulder pads further protect your little passenger.

A high level of seating comfort and an innovative safety strategy through a spacer make the child car seat a reliable companion for over four years.

High seating comfort: an oasis of well-being for your child

Summer cover for the child seat

Summer cover for the child seat

As soon as you put your child in the seat shell, he or she will feel comfortable from the very first moment. The child seat manufacturer has placed a high value on comfort here. The child car seat can come up with numerous extras and additions that make it especially comfortable for your little darling.

This starts with special shoulder belt holders that make putting in and taking out your child very easy.

The summer cover makes the journey in summer more bearable. An additional seat reducer lets every child – regardless of size – find a comfortable sitting position. Speaking of seating position:

Here you can choose between several seat and reclining positions. Whether your child wants to snooze, sleep or explore the world, he or she can do it all in a relaxed manner in this child seat.

roemer first class plus_colors

Instructions and color options

Color variant Chili Pepper

Color variant Chili Pepper

You can see the instruction manual on the manufacturer’s website.

The child seat is produced in different color combinations. The following variants are shown above:

  • Dark Grape
  • Crown Blue
  • Chili Pepper
  • Black Thunder

Defects? Heavy but solid..

The child seat plays due to its size with a weight of 8 kilograms in the top weight class with.

So attaching and transporting the seat can involve some effort. But this also means that the seat has a decent stability.

( + ) low rotations of the seat due to integrated spacers
( + ) rear-facing and forward-facing in one: long service life
( + ) High comfort in seating position

( ) very heavy seat
( ) no ISOFIX attachment

Conclusion? An investment in the future. Comfort and safety in the long run..

Britax Romer First Class Plus

No ISOFIX, yes. But the manufacturer has come up with an innovative strategy with the built-in spacer, which makes a purchase of the gestesten child seat absolutely worthwhile. You have a good feeling during every car ride with a purchase over four years and make a sustainable investment.

Once installed in their vehicle, the seat protects your child from all sides and also lets them find a very comfortable seating position.

The biggest problem with this seat might be that your child doesn’t want to leave the Britax Romer First Class Plus..

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