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Our child did not feel comfortable in most of the child seats even when we tried them out. A long and relaxed car ride in such a cramped situation? Hard to imagine. The first thing that convinces us about this child seat is the comparatively large amount of space it offers. With two family cars and only one seat, you’re also very grateful for the Versafix’s light weight in everyday use. In addition, the Top Tether provides even more stability.

Katharina Kunkel
Editor and mother

Advantages and disadvantages

  • Final score 1.9
  • Optional installation of ISOFIX, ISOFIX and Top Tether or 3-point harness system
  • deep, padded side bolsters
  • multiple adjustable seat positions
  • one-hand height adjustable headrest and shoulder straps

Product info

Group 1, weight: 9 to 18 kg, age: from ca. 9 months to 4 years

The Versafix offers a unique combination of style, safety and versatility. Eye-catching, innovative design. Modern side and front protection. Along with three installation options to ensure you can easily and securely fit the seat in any car – car belt, Isofix or Isofix and Top Tether systems.

    Installation in almost all cars – Isofix, Isofix and Top Tether or 3-point harness system
    Excellent protection – Top Tether provides additional stability (included)
    Comfort without compromise – deep, padded side bolsters, multiple adjustable seating positions
    Perfect fit – height-adjustable headrest and shoulder straps with one-hand adjustment
    lightweight – easy to switch between two cars
    Practical handling in the first place – quickly removable cover, no need to unthread and rethread the belts

    Indicators confirm that the Isofix hooks are engaged
    Indicators confirm that the top tether has been correctly fitted

    Our deep, softly padded side bolsters act like a protective cocoon, cushioning the force of a side impact. To minimize the risk of injury to your child
    Anti-tip system to reduce forward movement
    Special shoulder padding for reduced forward movement

    Multiple adjustable seat positions

    Installation: Forward facing installation 9 kg to 18 kg
    Dimensions (height x width x depth): 64 x 45 x 46 cm
    Weight: 10 kg

Test results

“More restraint for the child – 9 – 18 kg”

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14. August 2013

Yes it is worth it!

Until now we had in both cars also Romer child seats, however much older models, which have neither Isofix nor Top Tether.

What are isofix and top tether?

Since it might be the same for others, who have fixed their child seat with the normal seat belt, here is a short explanation of what Isofix and Top Tether are. Isofix is the name given to an internationally standardized system in vehicles for attaching child car seats. This anchoring technique minimizes installation errors and increases protection in case of an accident, the child seat is firmly attached to the car body. In this case, the metal hooks are usually passed through slots in the rear seat, and then clicked into place.

Top Tether is an additional anchoring system, another belt attached to the child seat is connected to the body, which provides further protection. Whether Isofix and Top Tether can be used, depends on your vehicle. Corresponding information can be found in the vehicle manual.

The first impression

When the Versafix arrived with us, we were totally thrilled. Compared to our older models has changed a lot. The seat is heavier, the seat shell can no longer be folded forward. He has Isofix and Top Tether. The cover seems very sturdy, and no longer requires extensive removal for cleaning, but can be unbuttoned. The seatbelt pads are much bigger and sturdier. The seat is also much more padded, and therefore certainly more comfortable for the children. The instructions for use are clearly and comprehensively written.

Until now we had Romer child seats, which we strapped with the normal belt. For this, the seat shell only had to be folded forward, insert the belt, buckle it and fold it closed. Duration if practiced ca. 1 minute. Fortunately, since I have a new car, we were actually able to secure the Versafix with Isofix and Top Tether now. It is essential to read the instructions for use. On the one hand because it should be ensured that the installation is done correctly, on the other hand it is not so easy. Before I could deal with the child seat, I studied the manual of my Peugeot 208 to find the Isofix hook and the Top Tether hook.

Included with the child seat are also so-called insertion aids, these make the attachment much easier. So I installed these plastic caps in my back seat so that the eyelets are easier to reach for the isofix hooks, and no fabric gets caught up. After the car was prepared so far, I followed the instructions step by step, because only in this way the installation is safe and properly executable. After a few attempts, the installation via Isofix worked very well. The removal is problem-free. So that the idea to have only one seat for all cars seems quite justified, with some practice an installation/removal is problem-free and fast.

In addition, the Versafix has a Top Tether belt. The installation was also the first time uncomplicated and fast. The belt is pre-set, passed the headrests, clicked into the provided hook and tightened to a special marker. Compared to the attachment of the child seat only via the normal seat belt, the attachment with Isofix and Top Tether, is much more stable.

However, the Versafix can still be attached using the normal seat belt. To do this, the belt is passed between the seat shell and the frame, threaded in and fastened in place. The variant is no longer as comfortable as our old seats, since the shell can no longer be folded forwards, but with a little practice it is also no problem.

We are totally thrilled with our new seat. So can the children, so unfortunately it always leads to some resentment as to who now gets to sit in the new one. The fact that the installation did not work right away and is not intuitive is not a problem at all, since it is a safety-relevant part. Better to look 2 times more in the instruction manual than to do something wrong. And if you have converted the seat a few times, it runs almost by itself. Otherwise, the seat is as you would expect from Romer in an excellent quality, cleanly finished, and visually appealing and well thought out. From us the seat gets 4 out of 5 stars, because for the price of approx. 330 euros one must deduct. Because for us with twins to buy 2 seats for 330 euros each would simply be too expensive, although of course we understand how much know-how and research goes into it. We would use the seat without restriction. recommend.

Almost perfect car seat

Great looks and workmanship. Lightweight seat. Can be quickly converted (isofix). Unfortunately, the head protection did not convince me. other seats of group 1 have a head protection integrated that prevents the head is moved too much sideways and backwards. Therefore I have exchanged him again.

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